Restore Or Drive? 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Hiding under the cover in this shed is something just a bit special. It’s a 1964 Corvette Convertible, and it looks like it is quite a nice survivor. The owner has decided that the time has come to part with this classic, so has listed it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Pompano Beach, Florida, and with bidding now at $28,100, the reserve has not been met.

Finished in Tuxedo Black, the Corvette has apparently received a repaint at some point in its life. The owner says that it would be a great basis for a restoration project, or that it could be driven as it currently stands. We receive no information or photos to confirm the Corvette’s structural integrity, but the owner makes no mention of any rust issues, so we can be quietly cautious in that regard. The side-pipes as fitted to the car aren’t original, but everything else does appear to be. The external trim and chrome appears to be in good condition, while the car comes with both a soft and hard top. Having said that, the hardtop has been finished in vinyl, and that looks quite tired. Similarly, its headliner also looks quite shredded.

Under the hood are the numbers-matching 327ci V8 engine and Powerglide transmission. The Corvette also features power steering. With 250hp on tap, this represents the most basic engine in the Corvette range at this point. When you take into account the car’s relatively low weight, it still provided impressive performance. The owner says that the car drives nicely, meaning this is a survivor that is ready to be driven and enjoyed immediately.

The black and white interior trim of the Corvette is certainly of pretty decent driver-grade, but its condition would not suit a perfectionist. There is some wear on a few of the surfaces, along with some pitting of some of the plated trim items. The vast majority of the upholstered surfaces look to be quite good, while it doesn’t appear as though anything is missing. Even though the interior might not be perfect, it doesn’t look as though it will take a lot of either time or money to bring it up to a pretty high standard of presentation.

This 1964 Corvette Convertible offers its next owner a couple of different options. It certainly seems to be in the sort of condition that would justify a full restoration, and the end result would be a truly stunning car. Alternatively, it looks to be a clean survivor that could be driven and enjoyed immediately, with restoration taking place at some point well down the track. If you bought it, would you restore it immediately, or would you have some fun with it for a few years first?


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  1. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Rare color combo my uncle’s 64 coupe had it as well and was one of two ordered that way…he picked it up on the dealer lot new after a no show – where is it now ?

    Nice car……

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  2. 8banger Dave Member

    Looks pretty good. I’d store the wheels and get some snazzier ones and do something to lively up that mill – did it come with a 2bbl?

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  3. Jeremy

    I just couldn’t have fun being an automatic,which I’m guessing was a rare option back then, as most corvettes of this vintage seemed to be standards, and rightfully so

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    • ruxvette

      About 10% had powerglide.

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  4. 8banger Dave Member

    Never mind, it came with a 4bbl, and indeed Jeremy, I’d need a 4speed in this one for sure.

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  5. JerryDeeWrench Member

    Please oh Please drive it auto or not put it on the streets for public viewing. It’s a gem for all to enjoy.

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  6. Arthell64 Member

    If the frame isn’t rusted I would leave it alone and have fun driving it.

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  7. RedLamar

    I agree with Dave, I’d store the wheels & covers (and put turbine wheels on it). I like side pipes and appreciate that the owner dressed the vehicle up to make it cooler (heck, in the 70’s I put mags on a station wagon when I was 16 because that’s what I had) but don’t dig them on this black beauty so I’d store them as well.
    When I was a teenager I remember seeing a 63 with an automatic and thought it was an odd/bad thing. Now however, I appreciate the rarity of it and would enjoy the automatic & power steering on cruise night. It is, after all, a 250 hp model so you are not going to outrun anyone leaving a show.
    To the owner: impressive car, GLWTA. Cheers.

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  8. ruxvette

    Swap in a 5 spd (side pipes sound funny with an auto), put on a set of American Racing Torque Thrust wheels and drive the snot out of it.

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  9. Skorzeny

    When I first saw this posted, I wondered why someone would store a ’64 Corvette under a carport/lean to/carport…, covered in a tarp. Oh, right, its a base motor and a lame ass 2 speed automatic. I would buy this, and then dig a hole in my back yard and burn the whitewalls first, then hide those wheel covers in my attic. Next, an LS swap… Its a great car that was born poorly because someone didn’t have the money to option it properly. Now, it can live like it was supposed to!

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    • Frank Sumatra

      When I first saw this post I wondered why we have to get yet another blast at an owner who put up a lot of money in 1964 to order a car that he/she liked. Perhaps this car was “Optioned Properly” to the owner’s taste? Now please excuse me while I dig a hole in my back yard and burn another lame-a$$ post from another BF Know-It-All.

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  10. Camaro Joe

    I had the same drive train (250 HP 327, Powerglide) in a 62 Impala that I got in 1972 from the original owner. It doesn’t threaten high HP small blocks, but it will run pretty good. After 7 years I traded it for a 57 Bel Air but always said I’d either get it back or find a convertible with a 4 speed.

    The 62 Impala ended up with a family friend who never sells anything, so I built a 63 Impala convertible in 1991. It was the same drive train as the 62 and everything needed rebuilt, so I took a 350 HP hydraulic cam and the top end off a 69 Z/28 302 that I had laying around and made it into a 350 HP 327 that runs on pump gas. It worked great, but as I get older the 4 speed I swapped in doesn’t excite me as much as it did 28 years ago.

    I eventually bought back the 62 Impala in good shape. Now I still like the drive train in the 63 convertible but don’t mind the low HP 327/Powerglide at all, especially in town. If I was into Corvettes I could like changing this one into a 350 HP 327 or leaving it stock.

    One warning about changing it to a 4 speed – the factory didn’t always finish the pilot bushing hole in the end of the crankshaft since they knew it was going into a Powerglide car.. I had to grind down the OD of the pilot bushing to match the smaller hole in the end of the 63 Impala crank.

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  11. David C.

    I think he should keep the Vet. and sell the poor excuse of a 57 Thunderbird replica.

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    • Larry McGaw

      That “poor excuse of a 57 Thunderbird replica” will out-perform the seller’s Corvette, and it will do it more comfortably, more safely, more efficiently, and for a lot less money. But go ahead and cast dispersions.

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  12. Del

    4 different 327s in 64

    I guess this was the base one

    Hard to price without an inspection

    I would keep it as original as possible

    Sure is a ton of these popping up.

    Guess Boomers unloading

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  13. George Mattar

    4 speeds are mandatory with me but truth be told I had two Powerglide Chevys in the 70s up to 1999. Never a problem. Changed the fluid once a year and it took all of 20 minutes. Very reliable. Just drive it. But get rid of the N14. Sound stupid with a 2 speed automatic.

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  14. Jack Hammer

    Please forgive me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need a higher diff ratio if you change from auto to manual?

  15. TimM

    Beautiful car but any corvette with an automatic in it just ruins it for me!!!

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