Sagging Jag: 1969 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

Time and the elements can be kinder to some classics than to others, and neither of these factors has spared this 1969 Jaguar E-Type Roadster from their ravages. The sag in the middle indicates that all is less than well with this once beautiful British classic. Barn Finder Peter R referred this once magnificent car to us, so thank you for that Peter. The saggy Jag is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner hasn’t set some incredible or unrealistic price for the Jaguar but is open to offers.

Where do you start with this car? I agree with Enzo Ferrari when he said that the E-Type was the most beautiful car ever built, and there’s no doubt that this Signal Red example would have been at some point. Sadly, that point appears to have been many moons ago. When you open the trunk of an E-Type and run the risk of it slamming into the windshield, then there are probably some problems that need facing. It’s pretty obvious that the frame is rotted to the point where the car is ready to snap in half. The floors and inner rockers will almost certainly have suffered the same fate, while virtually every panel is suffering from severe rust damage. It’s probably a good thing that glass doesn’t rust because apart from some external trim pieces, lights, and possibly the wheels, that looks like all that could really be worth salvaging from the body and frame.

Powering the Jaguar is, or was, a 4.2-liter 6-cylinder engine, backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. There is no information on the condition of these components. However, the general level of decay across the rest of the vehicle doesn’t bode well for the engine. The transmission and rear end will both possibly be okay, but the engine would be a great unknown quantity. Similarly, the condition of the interior, which appears to be trimmed in a color called Biscuit Light Tan, is also a mystery. The lack of a top suggests that this has been exposed to either the elements or to the sort of dust and dirt that can accumulate over years of storage. There might be some hardware such as seat frames, window mechanisms, and other sundry parts that can be saved, but only a personal inspection will determine this.

A pristine 1969 Jaguar E-Type will achieve some pretty healthy prices, well into the 6-figure territory. This particular Jaguar could not be described as either pristine or healthy. If the rust issues were confined to the body and floors, there may be some justification for attempting a restoration. But the obvious frame issues mean that this is almost certainly a car that will be stripped of any useable parts, with the rest of the car being nothing but scrap. On a positive note, the next owner probably won’t need to send it to the crusher, because it is well on the way to dissolving back into the earth anyway.


  1. Dan

    The seller states that the car “has a lot of rot.” That appears to be like saying “the Pacific Ocean has a lot of water.” The car is probably beyond economical repair.

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  2. Jason

    Saguar E-Type.

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  3. g Wentzell

    A parts car. A sad, sad, sad parts car.

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  4. Danger Dan

    Come on I wish I had a jag to throw away

  5. Mark

    That left front shot on the trailer reminds me of how cars like this were depicted in cartoons and car ad illustration art back in the day.
    Hopefully someone can use the parts.

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    • Sam61

      Hey Nigel, not so tight with the ratchet strap!

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  6. Rodney - GSM


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  7. art

    Poor car. Not that it matters but unless this was not a US spec car, I see no side marker lights that should be on a 1969. I wonder if the wheels are salvageable?

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  8. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Proper tire inflation is everything !

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  9. James LaxMan Member

    Basically , you would just be buying a drivetrain. If I’m not mistaken, you can purchase a complete e-type monique body shell to install your drivetrain. What would it cost? I have no idea…..

    • Bruce

      You can buy all the sheet metal and a complete tub already welded and premiered. Not cheap but worth it for something like this. The font Tube structure if not damaged in a wreck is about the last thing to go. I suspect that with a new tub this would be a far easier restoration then most would expect.
      As for the front hood that item will need a lot of time and a few people to get it on properly. Even on one that has not be wrecked and you take the hood off to get the engine out to the point you can remove the starter ( yea you really do have to do that ) refitting the hood is a total pain in the butt.
      These Jag’s especially a early series roadster make economic to restore when other do not. Having driven a few and worked on many they are frustrating to get right but when you do magic happens and it is still one of the best head turners ever made.

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  10. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    In that color I thought it was an Oscar Meyer weinermobile.

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  11. Marc

    Nothing to see here please move on.
    The earth has already reclaimed this one.
    I have had 5 of these cars in the past and let two go due to far less rust. This is a series 2 as well and as such does not command six figures even when minty.

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  12. LARRY

    How did they get it on a rollback in one piece

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    • Solosolo UK ken tilly Member

      I think it broke while getting it onto the rollback.

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  13. Ben T Spanner

    Any more rust would have required two roll backs or one dumpster. Tetanus shots required. this is a parts car; bring a broom and a shovel to get all of the “parts”.

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  14. Jon

    I mean seriously, just seriously, how was this made to happen?!

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  15. Cobra Steve

    If I was to venture a guess, I say the sub-frame which is attached to the monocoque body tub at the firewall has had its bolts pull through due to effects of corrosion. One can only imagine the rear suspension is hanging on by a thread, too!

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  16. Don S.

    Looks like it sat submerged under salt water for 30 years.

  17. Bill

    Looks like the titanic, post ice berg

  18. Unobtanium Matt

    @Mark, Exactly what I was thinking! There was an XKE in Richard Scarry’s “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go” (which was my bible at age 6) that looked exactly like this. I think Dingo Dog drove the wheels off of it, quite literally.

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    • Marc

      I had that book! Remember all the fine images!

  19. CJC

    Just needs a good buffing!!

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  20. simon

    If only in the UK I would take it apart and nut and bolt rebuild it. it’s a labor of love !

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  21. the one


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  22. JagManBill

    Agree that most of if not all of this damage occurred getting it on the flatbed. That said, I would guess getting it off this one and on to mine would be that much more difficult since I’d bet my wench ain’t all that strong. Soo glad this is on the east coast and not anywhere near local. I could use the parts (rear body section above the bumper line) to turn my burned out 2+2 into a long wheelbase OTS.

    • RobertV

      JagManBill maybe she could steer and you could push?

  23. Hemidavey

    A cool car goes back to the soil from which it came…
    There is a guy about 30 minutes from me who has a Series 1 sitting behind his house, A tree grows through it… he will not sell nor will he let any parts go. He seems to relish the fact that he owns something everybody wants. Kinda weird to me, lots of people have approached him and he turns them all away. Has perfect headlamp covers on it!

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  24. plwindish

    Think it’ll buff out???

  25. Santa Fe Steve

    Saduar….so so sad. I stumbled across a twin cam Porsche 356 Carrera GT in this condition a few years ago in upstate New York. The owner would not even considering selling the car. It sat behind a barn next to a rotting John Deere tractor. What are these people thinking. More rust does not increase the value nor does it add to the patina.

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    • Johnny

      Its how alot of people go about asking. Some wanna look and come back at night to steal or catch your back turned. I found a way to handle that though. I got a couple of guard snakes. Ralph is about 4 feet long and has yellow diamonds on. Most people want it for nothing. Some want it on credits. Some people think you should give it to them. I,ve dealt with them . If they can,nt be respectful and show it. I,d let it rot to the ground too

  26. John Oliveri

    Like John Candy said in Planes Trains and Autombiles, that’ll buff rite out, no problem

  27. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Or Pescoli – “my dad’s a TV repair man and has an awesome set of tools – we can fix it ! “

  28. Danh

    Just shore it up with some wood & drywall screws, slap some bondo on it and send it down the road, nice 👍

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  29. canadainmarkseh

    Anyone ever herd of fabrication it done the world over by skilled tradesmen. So if the frame is rusted out and can’t be repaired fabricate a new one using the old frame as a template. The fact is this or any other frame for that matter do not rust out evenly one part will be bad while the rear remains rust free so I’m will to bet that this frame is repairable. All my adult life I’ve been taking other people’s cast offs and with minimal effort I’ve been able to refresh and repair. Almost every car I’ve has that history with me, and when I say it’s done it really is. This jag is no different, if I was to ever want one this what I’d have to start with simple because I couldn’t afford better. As a welder and mechanic I’d simple take this car body off the frame and refabricate the relive the parts of the frame. While the body is off I’d restore it too.

    • JagManBill

      Actually, its a unibody/frame combo. The front section is frame attached to a unibody rear (cowl-panel back). The frames are readily available, just not cheap. Every panel on this car is available from Martin Robey in GB. You may have $20k in sheet metal by the time its back together. You can also buy a complete tub for about $22k last time I checked, another $1,300 for the frame rails and just start attaching the rest of the parts…including your VIN plate…

  30. CJinSD

    This reminds me of when a guy I knew sent his truck and trailer to retrieve an XK120 from a Massachusetts junkyard. This was probably 1988 or 1989. He told me it looked good in pictures. When his rig arrived in Virginia, the Jaguar had been reduced to an engine and a battery. Everything else had crumbled.

  31. Del

    Lots if blather. Still junk tho 😉

  32. TimM

    It’s not sagging it had a butt lift!!

  33. bog

    Other things have made it through 1969 looking worse for wear. But not by much.

  34. Miles Chappell

    I hope I am the first to say this Jaguar is a Catastrophe

  35. Chuck

    It’s a crying shame to see a once beautiful car like this to be allowed to get in this condition to start with.

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