Same Owner Since 1978: 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop

The owner describes this 1960 Pontiac Bonneville as a non-running project car that is in need of complete restoration. However, it is a very solid car, and it is only missing a few minor trim pieces. It has been owned by the same person since 1978, but the time has come for it to move on. Barn Finder local_sheriff spotted the Bonneville for us, so thank you so much for that. The Bonneville is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN price for the Pontiac has been set at $8,888, but the option is there to make an offer.

This Bonneville appears to be a fairly solid and honest vehicle. The car must have looked pretty special finished in its original Coronado Red paint, and while the march of time hasn’t been kind to this classic, it is certainly in a lot better shape than a lot of cars that we see of this age. Rust appears to be confined to a 2″ hole in the left rear wheel well, along with spots in both lower fenders. The owner says that the floors are solid, with no issues to report. The car wears the scars of battle quite openly, and the worst of the damage is to the driver’s side quarter panel. This could be fixed, while there is some minor damage to some of the exterior trim, and the hubcaps are missing.

When it was new, the interior of the Bonneville must have been nothing short of stunning. The tri-tone seat upholstery is one of my favorite Pontiac features and represents an adventurous approach to vehicle upholstery that we’ll never see again. While the rear seat looks like it might be in good condition, the front is going to require a new cover. There’s plenty of other work required inside the Bonneville, with the wheel sporting multiple cracks, the same with the dash pad, while both the carpet on the floors and the lower door trims is looking pretty tired. The Bonneville also features its original Wonderbar radio, along with a power bench seat. Once it has been restored, the end result will be an interior that should attract plenty of positive comments.

The news under the hood isn’t as good as it could be, with the original 389ci V8 not only not running, but the owner believes that it might be stuck. Hopefully, this can be freed, as it certainly would be nice to restore the Pontiac with the original engine under the hood. In addition to the 389, the Bonneville features a 4-speed Hydramatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. It looks like there might be a lot of work ahead before this old classic is able to move under its own power again.

With such an enormous glass area, the Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop was a car that felt light and airy when you sat inside. This one is going to need a complete restoration, but there is little doubt that it is solid enough and complete enough, to warrant the effort. While it is possible to find some pretty reasonable examples around for about $27,000, a good one can set you back prices of $40,000 or more. If this one is as solid as it would appear to be, there is no reason why a restoration couldn’t be undertaken, and still make sound financial sense.


  1. Will Fox

    I’m in Omaha, and now wish I had the spare sheckles for this peach!! I’ve seen much worse priced much higher. This is not only extremely attractive and saveable, but the best bodystyle and vintage IMHO!!! Replacement parts for these are available, and plenty of help is too from great members of the Pontiac-Oakland Club. OK; so no tri-power. Big deal. I would do a frame-off and install a set of correct 8-lugs. (I’m always broke when the diamonds show up!!)

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    • TimM

      This was one of the first cars I hid in the trunk to go to a drive in movie when I was in high school!! There was five of us in the trunk with lawn chairs too!! There wasn’t much room left!! We were laughing so hard it was a miracle we didn’t get caught!! Altogether we had 11 of us that saw that movie that night!! Six people in the car and five more in the trunk!!! Try that in one of today’s cars!!!

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Love a 60 poncho. This one seems really complete. Yank the mill and go over it. I would be concerned about “typical rust” and “unusual” rust in the roof. pics of the underbelly would have been nice. Look er over good like any serious buyer would. With the BIN of almost 9 large you might want to see what a finished 60 would bring. Most everything on this one seems straight except for the minor damage to the LR. Good luck to the new owner!!

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  3. Bob McK Member

    She could be beautiful again. But it will be a labor of love. I don’t believe a really nice one will fetch 40 K. But it isn’t all about the money.

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  4. Dan

    That trunk lid looks as if it could double as a helipad! This will be a great-looking car when done, but maybe not one that will give a sound return on investment.

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  5. JOHN Member

    I’m a Pontiac guy, but I would put the LS2 out of a 06 GTO I have in it, along with a 4L80 trans and drive it while I restore it. Do everything you can to save the original engine, get the trans rebuilt, 8 lugs, you would have a very impressive automobile!

  6. Tort Member

    Like the Old’s previous to this one beautiful car and though needs work is a great find. Well worth putting some time and money into it and getting it back on the road. When I see a 60 Pontiac 2 dr. ht. it reminds me of high school when a schoolmate drove one.

  7. local_sheriff

    9k for a project car is a lot of money. However it’s a cool 60s GM barge that’s more sensibly priced than a similar ‘pala. I prefer BIN listings over auctions, as they give you an idea of what seller have in mind $wise. I’d consider ‘tenderize’ seller abit, then drop him an offer and check the response…

  8. Gaspumpchas

    I agree with Local sheriff– with a BIN you know where you stand,, and if its within your budget. I would offer also. I have seen auctions where guys refuse to give their reserve, so you have no idea where he’s at price wise. Who knows, might be within your budget- can’t hurt to offer- again a great Poncho. Good luck!!!

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member


  10. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I know this will raise some comments but where you going to find a ‘bubble top’ in this condition today? IMO there were other GM’s other than Chevy that were bubble tops, and this is one.

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    • local_sheriff

      Those are excactly my thoughts – if you haven’t done already check out the 59 Impala featured here today . Go figure which is the best buy…?!

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