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Samurpel? Opeluki? 1973 Opel GT Samurai Mash-Up

Some things are just unnatural. Tofurkey, for example. Nothing against tofu, or turkey – but why mold it in the shape of a Turkey? So, a 1973 Opel GT setting atop a Suzuki Samurai frame, like the one found here on craigslist thanks to reader Rocco B, is just that. Unnatural.

What makes this particular mash-up even more painful, for me, is the use (misuse?) of a perfectly good Opel GT. I always wanted one. The sporty little two-seaters from General Motor’s Opel division (GM sold it last year) had wonderful, flowing lines with an exaggerated snout and flaring fenders in the same vein as the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2, the early Lotus Elan’s, and even perhaps the Datsun 240Z. But the Opel had one thing over its styling family members – you could buy one cheap.

And you still can today. A driver can be had for under $5k, and a wonderful condition survivor can be had for about twice that. In that sense, this aberration is not too out of line at $3k, but then you have to really, really want a 4X4 version to justify taking on this project and plunking down 3-G’s to start it. My guess is the frame and GT are kind of just “stuck together” right now, since the seller says, “Car is on non-op, runs and drives needs TLC and to be finished up.”

The only guarantee is that you will have a very rare vehicle, in the same sense that Frankenstein was a rare “human”. Other Opel GT 4X4’s exist. In fact, another reddish/orange one was created using a 1978 Chevy Blazer donor truck. But I’ll leave you with the basic and singular question that still needs to be explored. “Why?”. Talk amongst yourselves.


  1. Classic Steel

    Ruined Opel

    Here is your award crafter😡


    May. Your double have 1000 mice

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  2. Chuck

    Will this madness ever end?

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    • wld

      I would say from looking at this site everyday that the answer is probably NO!

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  3. Ian C

    Ok, I will admit it… I like it. A Toyota straight axle frame would have been better though.

    A 150mph speedo was a little “ambitious”, even in stock form wasn’t it? lol

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    • TerryC

      May God have mercy on my soul but… I… I..
      Ah I’ll just say it…
      I like it too. 🍻

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  4. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    Doing this redneck crap to an interesting car, will it never end? These little Opel GTs were nice little cars with lots of potential. The body looks pretty good so why not put a small block or a hot rod V-6 in it and then get it to handle? This would be a great car for the twisty back roads. You’d be the only one around to have one and really stand out on cruise ‘nite.

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  5. PatrickM

    Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Interior is even in bad, bad shape! Please stop the bleeding!

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  6. Mike

    Um, how do you get into it without anything to grab onto?

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  7. JW

    I would have to take a close inspection before putting any money down but it is interesting, the one thing I would throw away would be that luggage rack since anything you strapped to it would block your rear vision.

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  8. Tirefriar
  9. Canadian Mark S. Eh!

    In this case what has been done could be undone. I’d dismantle it. I’d reinstall a aftermarket suspension and turn it back into a sports car. The Opel engine and trans are still there. So there is still potential here. You could end up with I nice little restomod sports car again if the price stays down. As for the samurai frame I’d sell it out for parts for someone restoring a samurai. Let’s look at its potential instead of gripping about it being ruined.

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  10. JustTheCaptain

    Some things should be left undone. It sort of worked with Jim Rogers Adventure Capitalist SLK, but that was all MB components.

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  11. Max

    The Molestation Never ends!!

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  12. ccrvtt

    I blame the mothers. Kids in America grow up with their mothers telling them that they’re special, that they can be anything they want to be. Or worse, that they can DO anything they want to.

    So some dumba$$ redneck comes up with this cockamamie idea and ruins two fairly honest, interesting vehicles in the name of “Hold my beer, you ain’t gonna believe this!”

    It’s probably not the worst abomination perpetrated by an automotive imbecile, just another in a string of them from the fertile minds of the below-90 IQs.

    It could be worse. They could have combined an Element with a Juke…

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  13. CanuckCarGuy

    Redneck starter kit…

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  14. Joe Howell

    The only thing missing is a camo paint job. I liked the Caddy Seville Redneckmobile but this one ruined a cool little car. I find the Jeep pickup more interesting.

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  15. Canadian Mark S. Eh!

    Again you guys need to look at this as an opportunity. If you can pick it up cheep. Who said it has to stay this way. I say convert it back, you still have the engine and trans here. Than part out the samurai stuff. I’m sure there are plenty of after market suspension parts that could be refitted to this once unibody car. Even a rear axle from just about any rear wheel drive small car could be fabed in. The cup is half full guys not half empty.

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  16. Rube Goldberg Member

    Oh, come on you guys, you are missing the point. The Opel was free, the Samurai was free,(which nobody wanted anyway) bunch of buds ( with or without refreshments) got together, and put this together. I think most of you are forgetting the spare time back yard mechanic,,,it’s just for the fun of it,,sheesh. I think it’s cool.

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  17. MSG Bob

    I have to go along with Rube on this one. Remember, the Opel GT was called a “mini Sting Ray” and laughed at for most of its production life (on these shores anyway). There are enough still around that “A driver can be had for under $5k, and a wonderful condition survivor can be had for about twice that.” Lighten up and see the fun!

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  18. BOP_GUY BOP Guy Member

    Warning: drink too much moonshine and this may happen !

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  19. Pete

    Might be time for a BF anniversary special and put a out an email with nothing but the 4 x 4 monstrosities that have been listed here. Having a BF award for the worst and best. Perhaps do another with Kit cars. Just trying to keep it interesting.

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  20. rustylink

    What makes this particular mash-up even more painful, for me, is the use (misuse?) of a perfectly good Opel GT -……..you must have never driven one. While it is a beautiful car – the Kadette underpinnings and drive train make it a lackadaisical performer at best.

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    • OpelGTOwner

      It’s true that the dumbed-down U.S. models were not very good in the drag racing department, especially the ones with the 1.1 liter engines and not the 1.9s. Also, thanks to the GM exec that thought Americans would prefer a “softer ride” and ordered that the anti-sway bars be removed from imported GTs, it’s even difficult to take advantage of the handling that blew away its contemporaries.

      That’s wy mine has a 2.3 liter engine, 5-speed GETRAG manual transmission, and yes, I had anti-sway bars installed, front and back. With a top speed of 132 mph, nobody can accuse my GT of being lackadaisical! ;-)

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  21. cidevco

    You guys have this all wrong. This is the cover for the calendar everyone wants. Thumbs up for Beers and Buds, I wonder what next?

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