Second Chance: 1966 Ford F-100 Short Bed

Classic Ford trucks have been steadily rising in value over the years. Even dull crusty trucks like this 1966 F100 are highly sought after. In fact, some people prefer the patina/weathered look like this truck wears. Being a short box, this truck is even better! It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $6,000. Located in Hicksville, New York, the seller is re-listing the truck due to a previous bidder not paying. If you missed it before, now is your chance!

There isn’t much information in the ad regarding the history of the truck. The interior is pretty typical of a decent driver-quality truck. No frills, but no major issues. The new owner could certainly upgrade the interior as they drive it.

The engine compartment looks like it has been driven regularly and maintenance has been done as needed. The engine is a 390 V8 mated to a manual transmission. If it matters to the bidder the fourth digit in the VIN indicates the 352 V8. Obviously, the air cleaner is aftermarket along with the battery. The coil looks like it has been replaced, so I would imagine the rotor, wires, and plugs have too.

Here you can see some straight pipes exiting under the rear bumper. I can hear this truck idling right now. If it was my truck I’d probably lower the suspension, change the wheels and tires, put some wax on the original patina and drive it. How about you?


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    One tidbit Montana re: your “no frills” comment about the interior. Actually, this example has the Custom Cab package, which includes items such as the upgraded instrument panel and the interior door trim. So for its day it was “frilly;” kind of hard to fathom given what we are used to in modern trucks.

    Looks like a decent truck, the new owner has choices where to head with it (refurbishment, restoration, heavy modification, etc.).

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    Looks like the seller is a dealer.
    Looks like it might have come from Montana,
    according to the plate.

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Looks like a nice truck with a lot going for it. Rust free, a powerful motor and it has the desirable six-foot bed. All the trim seems to be present and in decent shape as do the bumpers. I’d paint it and freshen up the interior as I don’t care for the worn-out beater look.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Again, I’m nothing special, but I DO want people to know my experiences no bull, and hopefully can save people some hard,,umm, gotten money. Before I bought the squarebody, I looked at a truck EXACTLY like this, only a 300, six, that I could barely hear run. Now, this was only a couple years back, the body was straight, blotchy paint, the motor was caked with oil, he wanted $1500, the squarebody, was $1400. I think a grand would have taken the Ford, but the GMC was a better deal. You know how they say, “when you drive a red Jeep, you see all the red Jeeps”,, almost daily, driving my truck I see a different vintage pickup, all being used, and most look just like this. Like I said on the last squarebody post, you want a vintage pickup, DON’T look for them at these sites,( Ebay, CL, etc) they already “found” theirs and want to make a killing, it’s the American way.
    FOR EXAMPLE, there’s a, ’69 GMC, long box, good body, bad paint, on a major highway for sale in my town. They have had $4,000, OBO, for MONTHS, it hasn’t moved, I don’t think anyone has even looked at it, so, that’s the basis for my thinking, don’t pay these outlandish prices for these. These folks think they have something nobody else could ever find, and maybe in Duluth, Minnesota, that may be true, but I’m telling you, here in central Colorado, you’d see, that just isn’t so, and a little “elbow grease”, ( actually getting off you arse and look for one), much better deals can be had, and you’ll have all that extra money for that tooth/kidney that been giving you trouble,,,

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  5. Cadmanls Member

    How can the top look so good and the underside look so crusty. I would be very cautious with this one. By the way there is no turn signal stalk. Should be three on the tree, where is the shifter?

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  6. Brad460 Member

    Cool pickup but one little not to pick. While the exhaust does appear to exit out the back. Typically to be called straight pipes that meant the absence of mufflers. You cant tell just by where the pipes exit what the status of the mufflers is.

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  7. Sam Shive

    Nice little truck. I restored a 64 and this looks to be a solid one to restore. It would look good between the 2002 and the 2019 parked outside.

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  8. Joe Haska

    As always I disagree with Howard, but most do agree, because Howard is very knowledgeable and from Colorado (so am I). I have just been doing trucks for the last couple of years, Why? Because, I like them and it seems allot of other people do too. The old supply and demand equation, good for the seller ,bad for the buyer.
    I do have a question Howard, if you don’t look on C/L,e-bay, Barn Finds, Bat, or any other social media site with cars for sale,where do you look? I guess like we use too, drive up and down alley’s (access roads behind houses,years ago) and the Sunday classifieds, ( for sale items in Newspapers, years ago). Or maybe from a friend that is selling one. The next best thing might be the obituary,s.
    Howard I don’t know if you have figured this out ,but with social media, everyone has become an expert on what things are worth, not because they are but because of what the perceive, from what they read on social media.
    Kind of sounds like what people do for current events too.

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