See-Through Roof! 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner

The 1954 Crestline Skyliner was a one-year model, replaced with the Crown Victoria Skyliner when the Fords were restyled in 1955. It was unique because of its tinted acrylic glass panel in the front section of the roof. The seller’s edition looks to have been recently repainted, but parts are missing and we’re told that some assembly is required. Also, no mention is made of the mechanical condition of the machine. These mysteries may be reflected in what appears to be a low price, at $3,750. Located in Barnhart, Oklahoma, the car is offered here on craigslist.

One of the shortcomings of the Skyliner’s interesting roof is that it made for a hot interior in certain climates at various times of the year. The tinting helped and we understand that an interior cover panel came later to help with that problem. It would prove to be popular with 13,144 copies produced in 1954, which was greater than the two years of its successor in 1955-56. In 1957, the Skyliner name would be applied to the new retractable hardtop. Mercury offered its version of the Skyliner in 1954 called the Monterrey Sun Valley, but it was sold in smaller numbers.

This auto has been on the market before as the seller says the $3,750 is a “new price.” Besides the car itself, the buyer will get a new glass top that’s still in the crate along with a replated bumper. All the side trim appears to have been removed for painting and is said to be present. But we don’t know if there was any rust encountered when painting the car or if any still exists on the undercarriage. There are no photos of the interior, so we don’t know what attention will be required there.

The seller says this car has a six-cylinder engine, which would make it a 223 cubic inch motor if original to the Ford. We’re told the transmission is a manual, which implies 3-on-the-tree shifting. The odometer is broken, so the true mileage of the automobile is unknown. But the title is clear, so hopefully no surprises there. The Skyliner should be worth more than the asking price, so I’d be prepared with a lengthy list of questions for the seller before pulling the trigger.


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  1. flmikey

    Looks like all the heavy lifting has been done…the top alone must be worth half of the selling price…but as we all know, looks can be deceiving…very nice find…

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Oklahoma doesn’t have a big problem with salt on roads in the winter. If that’s any indication then this car would be a great buy. My mother had a ’53 identical to this car with a flathead V8 and no glass top. Very nice cars. Hope this one doesn’t have any hidden problems and gets restored to it’s original condition. I would be tempted to put one of the overhead V8s in it as they were introduced in ’54. Even had a solid lifter Interceptor police engine available to anyone who ordered one.

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    • laver h. jensen

      Yes I owned 2, 54 fords, that was the year ford went to over head cam motors 239 ci.

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      • egads

        ??? Overhead cam in 54?? Never saw one. Any picture’s?

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    • egads

      All of the Ford V-8’s ( y- block’s ) in 54 had solid lifters.

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      • mrobin

        I’m guessing he ment OHV instead of flathead. Not OHC.
        My next door neighbor had one when I was in high school (60’s) with dual glasspacks…..what a sound it made.

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  3. BILL

    Barnhart, Oklahoma or Missouri

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    • John Deebank

      My 54 had a flathead 8cyl. No compression what so ever. Luckily there was a hill nearby and popped the clutch.

  4. tiger66

    “replaced with the Crown Victoria Skyliner when the Fords were restyled in 1955.”

    I’ve noted this before, but the ’55 “glasstop” was not called a Skyliner by Ford. There is no Skyliner badging anywhere on the car and the name was not used in the sales brochure, either. The ’56 used the name in the sales brochure, but with no Skyliner badging on the car.

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  5. John Geers

    I’m sure he means OHV, not cam.

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  6. BR

    Didn’t this model also have the “glass top” speedometer too?

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    • James Miller

      The ’54’s had a green plastic bubble above the speedometer, and even without the plastic roof, the speedometer pointer needle would get hot enough to droop slightly when the sun blasted through the windshield.
      I find this car very attractive; the only NEW car my father ever bought was a ’54 Ford, 4 door Customline, 6 cyl with auto. (I was in 1st grade) It was a real slug, but I like the styling of the ’54.

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    • Robert Leischer

      54@ 55 ford plus T bird only had that speedo T bird speedo went to 130 MPH happen to have a 54 need one?

    • Robert Leischer

      yes so did 54@ 55. have a 54 odomter need it?

  7. HC

    Interesting one year Ford model with acrylic top I remember reading a few years ago that they were unpopular because they got so hot inside. In warmer climates it must have felt like driving in a Dutch oven. Very interesting find guys.

    • BILL

      had one in Oklahoma in 1959, no problem with heat

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  8. Gene Whitner

    This was my first car , it was white with a blue top , was a V8 with over head valves . Mine had a vinyl zip on cover for the bubble top , which eliminated the heat problem from sun in the summer in the South. I have always regretted selling the car . . Great car. Gene

  9. d mccomas

    I bought a ’54 drop top after high school with a 239 v-8 terrible engine,swapped it out for a 312 t bird special and all was good…

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