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Shiny Gold: 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible

I’m not sure where to begin with this car – It’s not every day that we see a car in this color, and this one is in great seemingly-original condition. I’m a fan of the ’70-’72 Cutlasses, and this one listed here on eBay in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Let’s look a little closer…

As many of our readers may recall, the Cutlass was offered to the public from 1966 to 1997. In that time, it was offered in coupe, sedan, station wagon, and convertible, the Supreme being the top of the range. In the mid-1970s, it became Oldsmobile’s most popular car, and a best seller in the mid-size class.

As far as this car goes, its fender script says “Cutlass” and it bears what appears to be its original Baroque Gold paint, with Saddle interior and beige top. The seller tells us that it’s in really nice shape, with 60,000 original miles on its Rocket 350 V8 and automatic transmission. I’d have to see the Build Sheet to tell you whether or not the wheels came with the car originally. We can see in the pictures that it is an…interesting color combination, but in superb shape nonetheless. It looks as though the body has rarely ever seen moisture, let alone salt!

As I have mentioned before, I had a ’72 Hardtop Sedan as my first Classic. It was the same color, but with two more doors, two-tone interior, AM radio, clock, and “cooling-tower” hubcaps. It was the quintessential “garage find” and I drove it home on bias-ply tires that were older than me. I didn’t care for the color at the time, and to be perfectly honest, I still don’t, and not for what price the seller is asking. Not to “yuck” someone else’s “yum”, that’s just my opinion. Objectively speaking, though, it is a bit of a rare color and, given the car’s excellent overall condition, it could make an solid base for a full-custom treatment- or maybe a 442 clone? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. DRV

    I’d buy this before any new convertible!

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  2. karl

    Why on earth would you make a 442 clone or a full custom out of this ???? This is a great cruiser , and most likely all original – leave it alone and enjoy it !

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  3. TimM

    Beautiful car no need to clone it!! It’s a sleeper to most anything on the road today as it is!!!

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  4. brake dust

    So “Baroque Gold” is a green looking sort of color? It is a fairly era specific color. Today’s auto manufacturers tend to use a much more limited color palate (silver, white or black seem to be favorites).
    Full points to Olds for trying to give “a funky shade of green” a slightly pompous, “establishment” sounding name. However nice the car is (and it appears to be in really nice shape from what I can see) the color still puts me off.

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    • local_sheriff

      There are obviously divided opinions on that color – personally I love it! I’m tired of all the white,black or resale red classic cars, and such a color truly puts this Olds in the middle of the 72 model year fashion-wise.
      I think it’s the kind of color that grows on you -it’s not necessarily pretty, but some ‘ugly’ colors can be cool nevertheless.Highly similar to this #81 Moss Gold (solid)found on a 76 C5 for sale not long ago

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      • DRV

        I loved shooting that color. It is vey earthy and looks good on large panels.

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    • mach1joe

      Well sort of right. Silver, gray, gunmetal, off silver, light grey, dark gunmetal, metallic silver, metallic grey clearcoat, metallic gunmetal, dark silver, grey clearcoat, medium white, fantastic silver, bootlicker grey with metallic, optimum white with clearcoar, fuzzy grey and so on. All just generic, like the cars. . . . .

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  5. Rhett

    Great car, cool color, good options, terrific shape, optimistic price.

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    • Steve

      Yes, indeed, considering ‘muscle’ cars of various make trade for less sometimes.

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  6. Chevychase71 Member

    I recently acquired 1972 Monte 402 (previously featured on BF) the same color, or very close. In the 90s, my father owned a ’76 G10 Shorty van this color. I absolutely HATED it. And hated the van too. It was like a dark mustard or olive or something that I just couldnt look at for long. Weird what time does. Not only would I love to own a pre 77 g10 shorty now but the color has grown on me. Pictures dont do it justice. Its different, in a good way. Just a bit of a mess when I was at DMV and telling them its olive green. Their response was “No, its brown.” So Im now the owner of a BROWN ’72 Monte. As for the Cutlass, Id happily drive that thing around as it sits, all day, everyday. Nice car

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    I like it as it is. My favorite year Cutlass, ragtop, with A.C. yep I’m good. I agree the color would not be my first choice. I remember seeing it when new, but, that’s a beautiful car, in Oldsmobile’s heyday

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  8. Jack M.

    Wheels should never stop someone from purchasing a vehicle. Easiest thing in the world to correct.

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    • billy bob

      The wheels are correct known as SS1. The SS2 wheels were painted to match the body.

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      • George

        Actually SS2 wheels came standard painted silver/grey. Having them painted body color was an option.

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  9. H-Bomb

    I love everything about it. Enjoy it as is!

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  10. NotSure

    Color isn’t my dream color but if I had this beautiful car I’d start sleeping in my garage right next to it! Plus if I bought this car I might be sleeping there by someone else’s choice anyway…

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  11. Lance Platt

    I agree with the readers..gold is not my first color choice. A nice baby blue or sporty red exterior perhaps for me. This is a beautiful example of late 20th century smaller family car complete with Rocket V8 and nice wheel covers so leave it unmolested!

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  12. Rhett

    On the color, I can attest: I’ve got a 72 Grand Ville convertible that is the same color, that green/gold/brown. Not much to look at on film or in the sun, but in low light or dusk the color is very changeable, rich and interesting.

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    • Shermanator

      Beautiful car! My dad had the same color Catalina, but it was a hardtop with a white interior. What a beast!

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    • MikeB

      Nice Pontiac! A flashback to the car I learned to drive in, my Dad’s 72 Paisienne Brougham coupe, same colour, biege vinyl top and interior, factory painted gold pinstripes in 2 sections per side. Funny, I never saw green in the colour, a goldy brown metallic, different than another more copper brown metallic offered the same year.
      Today, it’s all about the toys… bland, limited colour choices.
      Interiors, for the most part black or grey, an occasional saddle, with few exceptions.
      Our neighbours had a 72 Cutlass convertible, metallic orange-ish colour with biege top. Think it was a darkish orange/rust vinyl interior. Beautiful car!

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  13. Woody

    Great looking classic drop-top,wouldn’t change anything!

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  14. Shermanator

    Beautiful car! My dad had the same color Catalina, but it was a hardtop with a white interior. What a beast!

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  15. Maestro1

    Thank you billybob, they are SS1 wheels, I have a set on a Cutlass Supreme I own. The color is unusual and fine, a good match with the interior, and, most importantly, it’s an Oldsmobile.
    I have no room. Somebody jump on this car. You won’t be disappointed. But put your hands on it first.

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  16. JOHN Member

    All I would do is install dual exhausts, ditch the whitewalls, and drive and enjoy it as is My first car i bought was a 69 442 convert while in the Army in 1973, and have had a long history of 442’s and Cutlass’s, mostly converts. Even had a 69 442 W-30 convert.

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  17. JP

    This is a gorgeous Cutlass & I hope whoever buys it doesn’t change a thing!

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  18. Steve

    I really like that body style – jaunty, athletic and sporty all at once.

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  19. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’m with most of the other posters: not my favorite color, but I would never change it, as it is a great example of a period-correct color.

    I’d like to see someone do research on why the new car buying public chooses only four colors (70% are black, white, silver, or gray). Typically a handful of other colors are available, usually attractive hues (blues are my favorite), but aren’t popular.

    I live near a Nissan plant and sometimes see assembled cars and trucks (hundreds, sometimes thousands) stored at local lots. I visually survey the vehicles to gauge what isn’t the four colors above. It isn’t many.

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  20. W9BAG

    I would sell a kidney for that Cutlass. Beautiful car !

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  21. Bob

    The wheels are off of a Pontiac. The pin stripe going down the side of it is an old trick used car dealers use to take away focus on icky body work.

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    • Rhett

      Both the wheels and stripes are Olds OEM and correct for this car.

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  22. Joe Haska

    I don’t know if its old age or what, but I love this car and I think it is worth the asking. Even being the old Hot Rodder I am ,I wouldn’t change it (MUCH) ! I would do cosmetics and some fun things ,but nothing terminal, it could always go back to exactly what it is.

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  23. TOM

    Absolutely would love to have this as a beautiful driver. My first car was a 1967 Granada gold Camaro convertible, 327, 4 speed, (“The one that got away”), and I am still looking for it. One question, why is the first photo of the odometer show 58,132 miles and the second photo shows 60,226 miles? Just asking.

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  24. Ron Ron

    That color was very popular when I was growing up. I love the way it looks on the Cutlass. Gives it a real rich look

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