Solid: 1970 International Harvester Scout 800A


Original paint on a family car is one thing, original paint on a 46-year old truck is a whole’nother thing! This 1970 International Scout 800A does in fact wear its original paint, believe it or not. It no doubt helps that it’s in the beautiful capital city of Topeka, Kansas, an area known for having a dry climate and not burying its roads with salt during the winters. This solid 4×4 is listed on eBay with heavy bidding and a current bid price of $13,599 and there’s only one day left to get your bid in!


This thing is solid. That missing paint that you see by the rear wheel arch is just that, missing paint. It almost looks like the underside has been sprayed with a textured paint (I didn’t want to mention the trademark name for the paint that we all know), because it looks almost too good under there. The seller mentions that it’s the original undercoating, can it be? I guess, for a Kansas truck, it could very well be the case. The Scout 800A came in a few different configurations: a steel Travel-Top as seen here, or a canvas Travel-Top, as well as a cool model, the Sport-Top, which had a slanted top that came in either fiberglass or canvas. You can see that the factory mirrors are missing, I’m not sure what’s going on there, but the brackets come with the sale; just no mirrors.


But, talk about a great-looking, solid Scout! It’s in great condition and the seller mentions that it has a rust spot on the passenger side windshield frame, but there are no detail photos of it. I just looked at a 4×4 yesterday and it had a few rust spots lurking that the seller didn’t mention, hopefully that one spot is the only rust on this Scout. It sure looks fantastic to me, and that Lime Green Metallic paint is perfect! I’d take that over the classic IH Red color any day of the week. They made a special edition called The Aristocrat that came in blue and silver with a blue, vinyl interior and a chrome roof rack. No doubt a predecessor to the posh, showy, never-going-off-road-for-any-reason SUVs of today.


Man, this Scout is nice! Sorry to keep saying that, but you just don’t seen original vehicles from this vintage in this condition, especially if they were made to be driven hard like Scouts were. The interior is to die for. For any potential Scout owner to run across one in this condition will have to pony up on the price. That’s why the current bid price is over four times the original price of this truck. The 800A series Scout was made from 1968 through about mid-1970 and they were a little nicer, features-wise, than the previous Scout 800s. The interior looks really nice on this one, the seats are perfect as is the dash. It’s a true time machine in there. And, the rear compartment really shines, too, literally.


This is a V8, and I believe that it’s a 304 cubic-inch with 193 hp, but the seller doesn’t mention what it is. They do mention that this Scout has a new clutch and engine tune-up, and it sure looks tidy in there. New tires and two new “plastic” tanks, which I’m assuming are gas tanks, are also included. Are you a Scout fan? What do you think about this one, it sure looks great to me! I would hate to drive it on salty, snowy roads given its great condition, but that’s what they were made for. How would you use this one?


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  1. erikj

    That’s a very nice scout. Had one in the mid-80,s and as a 4×4 was great. I really liked it. didn’t have it long, but it was a lot of fun. Nowdays its this one being so nice and orig. that really stands out. Wish I could buy it-but I love lots of stuff!! Very nice though.

  2. JW

    OH if only the wife wouldn’t divorce me, I like the Scouts as much as the first generation Broncos. This one is only an hour from me…… this hurts, nice find with no reserve.

  3. Jay M

    These are cool little rigs. My neighbor has one with a snowplow and rotted out floors that I am looking at. Been sitting in a shed since 1985, engine is seized,too Still, I could probably sell the plow setup for what he wants for the whole thing($400) Not that I need another project…but it is dirt cheap and they don’t make them anymore…and I have a rolled ZR2 looking to donate it’s driveline.

    • Cassidy

      quit typing and go get it before it decomposes!

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice machine! I’d take this one and drive it–lots. Enjoy it to the max…..

  5. duke

    this is in amazing shape—-the next buyer had best be in the desert southwest in order to preserve this—-being a northeast snow belter—these were huge rust and rot magnets—good luck to mr or miss buyer

  6. Greg

    I need one up here in Canada like this I’d buy one if I could find one

  7. Dan

    I had one identical to this, but just a 4 banger….loved that thing…had 5 Scouts all total, wish they still made them….

  8. Ck

    I love these trucks ,and this one is in unbelievable shape.This is going to sound crazy.But i know where there are at least 5 of these scouts . All of them are within 5 or 6 miles from my house 2 of them have been on craigs list on and off for a few months now.1 is a beat up old plow truck that the guy still uses,he’s had it for ever. 1 I drive by every day on my way home from work that looks pretty nice ,and at the car lot around the corner from my house there are 1 maybe 2 of these.There are a few FJ40’S there also.But I heard the guy that owns the car lot is kind of shady . Evidently I must live in the International Scout capitol of the galaxy.

  9. Howard A Member

    Leave it to Scotty to post the coolest truck here yet. I’ve had just about every 4×4, but never a Scout. I know, we’ve beaten that IH V-8 thing to death, bottom line, some like them, some don’t. Personally, I’d rather have the tried and true AMC 6 cylinder. Just about everybody agrees they were good motors. The 800A was just more refined than the Jeep and the Scout ll was better yet. These, like Jeeps, used to be pretty common, but like any 4×4, they were used for plowing, and withered away. Clearly, as evidenced, prices for clean ones are through the roof, and rightly so, I can’t imagine how many are left like this. There’s a junkyard in N.Wis. not far from me, in Glen Flora off of Hy. 8 that has a field full of Scouts. I bet there has to be 30, or more, in all stages of disrepair. Certainly nothing like this. IH Built some of the best trucks, and this was no exception. Great find.

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice rigs, I drove one from Wisconsin to Utah years ago when I moved. A ton of fun in the desert. I had never heard of The Aristocrat, but that looks nice also. Nice work on all the back stories Scotty.

  11. Car Guy

    I liked the styling of these better than the small Bronco. The embossed hood was a cool look. Are those the “deluxe” door panels?

  12. Neil

    @ 14,400.00. Well worth the money if as presented. Sweet little rig !!

  13. Neal

    I am a huge fan of the second-generation Scouts/Travelers/Terras, but this is really nice looking for a first-gen Scout!

    I am living the Scout life vicariously these days because of constraints of time, money, and family. Looking forward to being a scout owner someday soon, though. I just haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’ve been tracking craigslist ads and ebay for more than a few years now. I’ll have to wait a few more to realize my dreams of keeping a Scout in this world, but I can always feel it just around the corner.

    I grew up in Philly with and learned to drive in my mom’s tahitian red (orange-brown metallic) ’79 Ralleye. It was a perfect color to match all the rust that was to come as a northeast daily driver. We were all so proud to own that truck! Never wheeled with it except in snow. Trailered our camper around Lancaster County with the 345/ 727.

    Parents kept it through ’92. I’d come home from college in the later years and pop rivet scales of roofer’s aluminum over all the new holes to keep her going. Loved it then and guess part of me still does. Anyway, someday I hope to have another of my own.

    As the license plate holder on my family’s Scout said through all those years: “Keep on Truckin” (Does that date us?!?).


  14. Chris Natchez

    I live in Topeka and I have a tan 79 Midas edition Traveler, the second Scout I have owned. Never seen this green one before, it’s great! Yes they do rust, I just redid mine and am getting it ready for paint and ongoing restoration. International made the best trucks, just wish I saw more of ’em out there, I know I love these trucks and talking about them with folks.

  15. Cargirl

    I have to stop reading this site. I want everything on it. I love the color.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha, I know the feeling, Cargirl! Thanks for being a Barn Finds fan!

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