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Solid Project: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

Even though it has spent some time parked in a barn, this 1964 Galaxie is a car that runs and drives well. It appears to be an essentially solid car that is just begging for someone to restore it. Located in Caryville, Tennessee, it is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has currently reached $5,750, and with the reserve now met, the Galaxie looks like it will be headed to a new home.

What you can see here on the passenger side front floor looks to be the worst of the rust in the vehicle. The rest of the floors look good, as does the trunk. The rockers and lower quarter panels look nice and solid, while the rust-prone bottom corners of the doors also look pretty good. While the car is currently painted in a pretty ordinary shade of dark blue, it appears that it was originally finished in the very attractive Pagoda Green, which is a far nicer color. The owner also provides this YouTube video, which gives the viewer a good walk-around of the Galaxie, and demonstrates just how solid it actually is.

Looking around the interior and the word that springs to mind is “tired.”  Some of the cracks in the dash pad are big enough to rival the Grand Canyon, while the covers on the seats will need replacing. The good thing here is that with the exception of the carpet, everything appears to be present. Even the headliner looks like it might come up okay with a bit of careful cleaning.

Powering the Galaxie is what the owner believes to be a 390ci V8, but he isn’t completely sure about that. The Galaxie also features an automatic transmission and power steering. While it looks a bit dirty under the hood, there are some real positives here. The owner says that the engine runs and that the car drives really nicely with no smoke or odd noises. He provides this YouTube video of the engine starting and running, and it does sound really strong and clean.

In its current state, this 1964 Galaxie 500 XL doesn’t look to be anything special, but with a repaint in its original Pagoda Green, that would all change. Rust issues appear to be minimal, and it would be possible to get the car back up and onto the road, and then deal with the rust and cosmetic work as time allows. I do have a soft spot for the ’64 Galaxie, as we had one as a family car when I was but a lad, and I’d love to see this one returned to its best.


  1. Big_Fun Member

    Okay, so (almost) every time I see a 1964 Ford for sale here at BF, I always have ro watch this video:
    I have posted this on BF before, but wanted to put it again because the story and sweet sounds of the Ford…enjoy! Headphones are recommended! And I hope it inspires someone to buy this 1964 Ford Barn find!

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    • Jwinters

      It really hurts me to watch the guy not replace that crusty old air filter.

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  2. Troy s

    Solid lines, FE powered, as much as I like these original I can’t help but think of it sporting torque thrusts d mags and a hairy sounding big inch mill…going through the gears of a top loader 4 speed.
    Is that a 390.. maybe a 352? Great car.

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  3. Bob S

    I can’t be certain, but all the 390s I remember seeing, had the 390 badge just in front of the lower hinge on the front doors.
    I had a chance to trade one of my old vehicles for a convertible, but because I would prefer a HT, I turned it down. This would be the car I want. I really like the styling, and I have a 335 hp, 390, just waiting for a new home.
    Bob S

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  4. Pat

    Not an XL….and why do the valve covers say “Mercury”?

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    • Mike W H

      My theory is it’s an old ski boat motor

  5. Rube Goldberg Member

    I agree with Pat, not an XL. Guy across the alley from me as a kid had a brand new ’64 XL R code, and was a lot fancier than this. Besides, trim call outs would say so, and I doubt Galaxies came with Mercury motors, not that there was any difference, I don’t think. Lot of work for a plain Galaxie here. If it was indeed a XL, be a different story.

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  6. Keith

    As said not a XL. Those got buckets seats a console and different interior parts and some different outside trim/emblems. Also the valve covers are from a later model. 64 should still have te rounded covers. For a 390 they should say thunderbird. For a 352 it should say ford on the valve cover.

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    • Jwinters

      My dad has one with a 352 and it says Thunderbird on the valve covers. It was ordered with the 352 Thunderbird engine.

    • tje

      I had one with a 390 and yes, it said Thunderbird on the valve covers.

      Wish I still had it.

  7. Retired Stig

    Does the box of junk from China Freight on the passenger seat come with the car? Without it, no chance I will bid. Smirk.

  8. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I’ve owned several 64 Fords. The first one was a custom 500 4 dr sedan 289 a/t. 2nd was a Galaxie 500 2 dr hdtp 289 a/t. Next a Galaxie 500 XL 352 4 speed manual. And finally Galaxie 500xl 406 4 speed manual. These are nice cars, but watch the rear axles, they’re held in place by the outer axle bearing pressed onto the axle. I’ve experienced the axle sliding out leaving you with no brakes. Very scary situation.
    God bless America

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I don’t believe this is a 500 XL. I’m sure it’s a Galaxie 500 but not XL. I can’t make out the badges clear enough, but it appears to be a bench seat model. As I remember the XL trim had bucket seats with console. At least the ones I owned did, and I owned many from 63 through 65.
    God bless America

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  10. Tim murphy

    First thing went through my mind (valve covers) was a 360

  11. TimM

    I have a 64 4 door that I take my family out together when we get together!! I think the XL stands for x-tra large!! It’s s big car and they don’t make parking spaces like they use to!! It’s a bear to parallel park and takes up a space and a half!! Great car!!

  12. moosie moosie

    The seller should contact George Poteet from Tennessee also , maybe he wants it, he supposedly has a soft spot for these, remember reading that he had a fleet of these, dunno why, just that he likes them. He is a hot rod guy with a lot of top shelf hot rods along with being a Bonneville Salt Flats racer. Otherwise maybe a moonshiner would want it to haul some shine.

  13. Rustytech Member

    I think the 390 had more rounded valve covers. This looks like the more common 352 ci. While the bench seat was available on the XL, I agree this is not one, as it would say so both on the exterior trim and on the glove box. It will never have the stature and values of the XL, this should be restored, and would make a nice local show/cruise in candidate.

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  14. Bob S

    This car is not an XL but a Galaxie… the XL package was bucket seats and had special side trim on the rear fender in the shape of an oval that read XL the straight spear on the rear is the first clue. No bucket seats the second.One responder also mentioned the badging on the front fenders all Big blocks i.e.390 and 427 had an eagle with the engine size in the middle

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  15. ClassicCarFan

    From what I remember, Ford used the “Thunderbird” name for a particular option/spec engine – and confusingly enough it had absolutely nothing to do with the Ford Thunderbird car they were obviously selling at that same time. For many model years, the Ford Thunderbird car was not actually available with the “Thunderbird” engine. Confusing?….yes.

    This car has potential though a lot to be done. As a fan of the Galaxie (mine’s a 68 convertible) I think the 64 1/2 fastback style is the coolest looking year/model….I’d guess it is the most desirable/valuable variant especially if you can find one with the crazy hi-po motors that were available and a 4-speed, though in reality there were very few of those sold (compared to the many thousands of regular motor versions)

  16. PatrickM

    Listing ended. Sold for $5,250.00 I would have offered $5,400.00. I’d love to have this one. There is a ’74 Mercury Comet with a 302 that I would like to have, listed in this issue of BF. I sure hope it doesn’t get away from me. But, since I’m Irish….

    • Galaxy

      I have one for sale

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  17. James Tomlinson

    Growing up we had a 1964 Galaxy 500 XL 4 door in this color. I thought that it was going to be my car when I turned 16.
    My Father traded it for a dog. I ended up with the dog.

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