Something Different: 1973 AMC Javelin

If you’re looking for something a little different, then this AMC Javelin may be perfect for you. It’s not as common as a Mustang or Camaro, but was still built in large enough quantities that you can find parts and support if needed. This one is claimed to have lived with the same family all its life and was just recently repainted. That may be a negative for some, but it does look like a quality job. It’s located in Bucyrus, Ohio and is listed here on eBay with the option to bid or buy it now.

AMC made many changes to the Javelin in ’73. Besides the negatives like bumper guards and emissions equipment, there were also some improvements too. New slimmer seats made it easier to sit in the back and the doors were strengthened up a bit. As you can see, this one still needs some cosmetic attention on the inside. A few of the seams have pulled loose and some of the plastic pieces have cracked. This thing came with an automatic, power steering, and air conditioning, so it should make for a comfortable cruiser.

Power was provided by this 360 V8. Although not the largest engine available in ’73, it definitely wasn’t the smallest either. There were a couple of six cylinders available and a 304 V8 so this one sat at the upper end of the option list. I’m not liking the amount of black spray paint that I’m seeing here, but the seller claims that the engine runs great and that it will light up the rear tires with ease.

The luggage rack looks very AMC for some reason and I love it! The distinctive curved haunches of the Javelin are what really make it standout in the sea of pony cars though. There were quite a few of these produced, but nothing in comparison to offerings from Ford and Chevy. It may not be as handsome or popular as the other guys, but sometimes it’s nice to go with the underdog. So, would any of you actually prefer this to the other options out there?

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  1. ShaunD

    Definitely a little different to the sea of Mustangs and Camaros out there. I’d love to own this!

  2. Matt

    For a BIN of almost 18k, you’d think they’d address the seat seams.

  3. geebee

    For me, fresh paint on a northern car immediately prior to sale throws up some red flags. I’d check the body carefully on this particular one.
    I like the style of this car okay; it’s on par with a ’73 Mustang, or Camaro in that department.

    • PaulG

      These cars rusted in the lower quarters (even here in the desert SW) due to the trunk seals leaking and the plugged drains (or lack thereof).
      Owned a ’74 Javelin AMX, 304-4speed and was always asked what it was…

      Like 1
  4. Jim S

    I just about bought a 73 AMX with a 401 and a 4 speed during my senior year of high school. Dad wasn’t ​against it until my brother mentioned the big motor, 4 speed and posi rear end. That changed his mind. He was assuming 6cyl and automatic. If this was a little more reasonable price I’d probably buy it. I like all the original paperwork with it.

  5. Howard A Member

    I agree, the price and current bids are a ways off. Very cool car, I just don’t think they bring that kind of money. Not yet anyway.

  6. JeffG

    Put the can of black spray paint down! lmao

  7. Terry Johnson

    I liked the first gen cars but personally never liked the looks of this generation. Kinda hard to argue with the SCAA Trans Am championship in 1971 and 1972 however. :-) Terry J

    • Mike McCloud

      There’s something for everyone-somewhere; I’d agree the body took some getting use too, but it kinda grows on ya. I didn’t like these for a long time, but I never rode in one, so I held my opinions-until (!) I did ride in one a friend had bought. What the exterior lacked, The interior made up for! Very modern & different approach to the driver’s environment. The whole interior was refreshing, the windows even lent completion. I was impressed & it’s still one of my favorite cars. Like some of the other Comments report, the Trans Am series was a great show of the car’s potential. And YES! It did haul ass!

  8. RicK

    I think the bumpers look just fine on this car (if its the little black square guards you have a problem with) and are especially tasteful when compared to giant front porch-like bumpers the Big Three put on most of their cars in ’73

  9. waynard

    Shame this guy slapped all that black paint on the engine and undersides with no effort made to clean up what he painted over or masking parts or even disassembling minor items before painting. Or so it looks to me. Smacks of a down ‘n dirty cosmetic “restoration”. I’d rather see the surface rust and dirt. What’s he hiding?
    BIN is way over value.
    Plus he seems to have an attitude problem.

    • Terry Johnson

      Needed a truck last year and saw a C/L ad for a late 70s ex Air Force Dodge Power Wagon actually being sold by a retired AF guy. Looked good in the pictures. In person, the paint job was awful. The retired guy told me that like most AF equipment, it was painted with a brush. He was often on such details he said, they’d roll out a bunch of equipment including trucks, and the painters with 5 gallon buckets of paint and brushes would go to work. I passed on it. :-) Terry J

    • Hank

      it is a shame, but we bought it that way, I would never have painted the car either. However it does not take away from the fact the car runs great and all the factory docs are there. The paint work under the hood is stupid but in this case you can fix stupid. By the way, there is nothing wrong with my attitude.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Hank, a heart felt Barn Finds apology. Many times, and I’m guilty of it as well, these comments turn into an “us ( armchair buyers) vs. them (sellers)”. Sometimes, we make comments without thinking the seller is on the line too.( although, I’ve learned my lesson there) I grew up in Milwaukee, and AMC was king. This car was, without question, the zenith of the brand. This was the coolest car AMC put out, and I’m sure, will be recognized as such in the future, if not already. Best of luck. It is a really sharp car.

  10. Paul

    I think these Javelins look downright onery! There is a 73 for sale close to where I live (304 v8) and I am considering a rescue. Can probably buy in the $1200-$1500 range but it needs complete restoration. Lots of work but a big block and 4-speed would be fun.

    • Jacob

      No such thing as a “big block” or “small block” in the world of AMCs but I hope you do rescue it. Getting one for 1500 and putting lots of time and a little bit more money into it is always better than buying a questionably restored one for 10x your potential cost of entry. You will get tons of support and an infinite wealth of knowledge/parts for sale on forums if you do commit to rescue one.

  11. glenn

    they were simple cars built like a tank and would go forever

  12. Moparman Member

    Personally, I absolutely DESPISE those silly luggage racks! To me, they ruin the looks of the car! Other than that, I LOVE the car. I always thought that these had the most “muscular” looks for a muscle car! :-)

  13. Neckhead

    Looks like a 69 Shelby in the front

  14. Arthur Brown

    This is the model Mark Donahue campaigned for Penske in the Trans Am series Also, this is the model the Alabama State Troupers outfitted as pursuit vehicles on the main highways of Alabama. Definitely no slouch.

  15. RJ

    I like it a lot. The red pin stripes would have to go.

  16. Nova Scotian

    I think I’d slap on some really wide mags on the bum then jack it up. Then regular mags up front along with a louvered rear window. Paint the whole thing gloss black. Not only would the chrome “pop”, so would the rear haunches be imposing. The luggage rack would stay. Just the way I remember seeing these wild machines in my youth! Very Mad Maxish. Add on some led tail lights and red Angel eyes….Killer cool ride.😎 Try and out do my ride!

  17. The Mrs.

    Love this car!


    This is a nice clean example that hasn’t been hacked up. I would venture to say this may have been a ladies car by the color and set up.

    it’s not a flashy car but that’s what makes it kinda cool. If it’s a no bondo car it may get near that price.

    • Howard A Member

      I agree, at the reunion, there were like, 10 like this, compared to 2 or 3 AMX’s. It was no secret that single secretary types wanted cool cars too. Remember early Mustang, “Six and the Single Girl”? Truth be known, there were far more Javelins equipped like this, than their tire smoking, neck snapping brethren. And quite frankly, I’d rather have one like this.


    What reunion are you referring to?

    • Howard A Member

      The AMC reunion in Kenosha. You’ve never been??? Next one, this July 25th-29th. Be there AND be square! :)

      • AMXSTEVE

        yes I was at the last one and had a booth at the swap meet, did pretty good. I will be there in July but no booth. I want to enjoy the festivities. I might be there all week.

        What kind of car(s) do you have?

      • AMXSTEVE

        Oh, you mean Kenosha Homecoming

      • jwinters

        I am planning to attend, but need a little help. what airport is closest to there? is it ORD?

      • Howard A Member

        That’s it. To jwinters, I’d fly into Milwaukee. Much easier, and It’s a straight shot down E I-94 to Kenosha.. I was at the last one in 2014, and had a wonderful time. I got there early, and got to see the cars drive in, that was cool. Not sure I can attend this year, I may be in Colorado by then, but if not, I’m going for sure, I’ll look for ya’. Sadly, I don’t have any classic’s now ( except a 1966 Suzuki K10) In the past, however, I’ve had probably 50 classics, from Renault 4CV to 359 Peterbilts, and everything in between.

      • jwinters

        Thank you Howard A for the help, see you there maybe

      • Howard A Member

        It’s AMC, Rambler, and they feature other Wisconsin cars, like Nash, and a pretty nice vendor area.( one person there had everything you’d need to make a SC/Rambler clone) The only thing I didn’t like, was the “oldies” music blasting, I could have done without that. But if AMC/Rambler made it, it’s probably there. Have fun.

  20. Hank

    we have added a picture of the car taken last fall before it was painted to our ebay auction. Rust free car, should have not been painted.


    So this is an SST Javelin, or was. Did you remove the SST emblems or someone else, do you have them?

    The SST stripe on the side needs to be put back and the emblems replaced for you to get close to the money you’re asking, otherwise you won’t.

    Oh and you would also need to fix those seats.

    • jwinters

      it doesn’t have to be an SST to have the stripe, mine had the same one on it. I also believe the SST was dropped in 73-74 in favor of the AMX package which was just a trim package in those years.

  22. Hank

    on the factory window sticker it states rally side stripes $37.80. No where does it say anything about sst that I see. We are selling the car just as we purchased it and as you see it. BTW we love all the feed back on the car, thanks.

  23. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I like seeing Javelins here. Moreso than the recent rash of Pintos, Vegas, and other econoboxes.

    Such a unique style, guaranteed to have everyone looking your way.
    This previously featured car is still available. I love it’s originality enough to forget that it is a column shift 6.

  24. Mitch Ross Member

    The original question was, would you buy a Javelin over a Camaro or Mustang? Since I would never, under any circumstances buy a Camaro or Mustang, yes. These are my favorite javelin body style, not because they are the most attractive, but because they represent the “out there” nature of AMC styling in the ’70s.

  25. 67rebelsst

    Nice car. Good luck to the seller. These AMC cars have been on the move up in value. BF thanks for sharing this car. I live in OH and I know how hard it is to find a car from that era that is not a rust bucket beyond saving. Shame it was repainted but it is done now. I have a 73 AMX that had already had the rust repaired and repainted. The guy I bought it from is the one who took the restoration loss. Mine has the Pierre Cardin interior. If you have not seen that interior you should google it. People are amazed when I take it out. Of course most people ask: “what is it?”


    There is a PC interior for sale now on feebay for $700. My wife loves these but I have a 71, tempting

  27. David Miraglia

    I would love to get my hands on the Javelin…

  28. joejavelin

    owned 2 1973 p code javelins in my life one in my youth and now one in middle age. you really have to own one to love them. orphan cars are on the rise in value.

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