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Success Story: 1970.5 Ford Falcon Sedan

As some of you may recall, I have been helping a close friend sell off his collection of vehicles in northern Georgia, right on the Tennessee line. I haven’t posted in a while as the inventory was changing so quickly that many of the cars in question were already gone by the time I had the article posted; you can see my last update here on Barn Finds, but I’ll make a new one soon. In recent months, a nearby car enthusiast has become a friend to the property and recently documented his rescue and revival of one of our listed cars – a rare 1970 1/2 Ford Falcon sedan. Find Bill’s updates here on the Flat Broke Garage YouTube page.

Here’s Bill, everyone. Bill has a great sense of humor about how it goes when you rescue a derelict car as you’ll see in his video, as the plans to drive the Falcon home didn’t quite go as expected. Steve, the property owner, gave Bill a lift on the rollback to get the car home, but to Bill’s credit, he did have it running and did the usual assortment of must-do tasks when reviving a long-idled car, like sorting out the brakes and making sure the tires hold air. This isn’t his first rodeo, either, having revived an abandoned F150 just in time for the most recent Hot Rod Power Tour.

Now, since getting the Falcon home, Bill has been busy getting it sorted out. Why, you might ask? What’s the hurry? Well, Bill noted the old-school dealer badge still hanging onto the trunk lid and decided to reach out to Sunset Ford in Missouri. Turns out there are some real-deal enthusiasts there who went through the trouble of examining the archives to confirm many intricate details about this Falcon’s history, and they want Bill to drive the car out to the dealership for a place of honor in the showroom! As you can see, the paint cleaned up pretty nicely for a car that’s been parked for decades.

This is an odd duck of a car, as it looks all the world like a Torino but there really was a 1970 1/2 Falcon. It’s also likely fairly rare by today’s standards as while many of the two-doors likely were saved, four doors were hardly worth preserving. Bill has already gotten quite a bit done (and ironically, the thing fired right up after it was parked at his house) but there’s far more to do if he wants to get this to Sunset Ford in the near-term. I thank Bill for rescuing a car from our property and be sure to follow the updates on his channel.


  1. angliagt angliagt

    Nice rescue & great story.

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  2. Dan Cifalia

    Ask Bill how much for the Camaro in the Background

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  3. Terrry

    This is the first Torino-based Falcon I’ve seen that wasn’t brown or beige.

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  4. Jesse Stout

    I would like to enquire about a car on the property! I couldn’t find the form that you mentioned.

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  5. S

    It’s good this is getting saved. Apparently these were popular when they were new, but they are awfully rare now, because I really can’t recall ever seeing one in person. There was a similar Mercury Montego in Gone in 60 Seconds.

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  6. Doug Granata

    Way to go Bill!! I can’t wait to see where this one goes!

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  7. TJM

    Back in 1970 I was in high school in So California and working at Lucky supermarket. I was collecting shopping carts one evening and saw a new 1970 Falcon in the parking lot. I had not seen one before and remember thinking this is a base Torino. Back then being the car guy I was I knew almost every make, model, and year car out there. From then until now I have never seen another one.

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  8. Michelle Rand Staff

    Most excellent story!

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  9. Emel

    My sister and uncle had Falcons. That is no Falcon…which was a pos.
    That’s a Torino. Which was slightly better.

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    • Bolivar Shagnasty

      TOO BAD.. Emel.. This is a 70 1/2 Falcon as noted. Look on Wiki.. My dad had one w/ 429 -4spd when i was growing up. Got rid of it in 1972 to get a &2 Gran Torino Sport.. 351C 4v – 4 spd.. which became my 1st car in 1975.

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  10. DON

    Its in really nice shape for a car that was junked years ago ; these cars were known for rust , but this one seems to have held up well , and it even runs ! I wonder what caused the last owner to junk it ? .

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  11. Don Martin

    I have a 1970.5 ford Falcon-have owned since 1977-Factory 429SCJ Drag Pack car 4 speed 4.30 locker. Black on Black Super fun car–nobody believes its a Falcon

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