Suzuki GSX-R600 Powered! 1975 Elcar Zagato

How many times have we heard, “Drop an SBC in it”, or “Drop a Hayabusa in it”. Well, that work has already been done on this uber-rare 1975 Elcar Zagato which is powered by a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R600. It’s located in Lansing, New York and can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $5,950. This is one cool little screamer. Thanks to Roger for submitting this great tip!

I remember seeing this car a few years ago when the gentleman built it and I can’t say that I’m not unbelievably bummed that this rare car has been modified, especially since I’ve been looking for one for a few years now. With only around 500 of them being made, there aren’t many left and the ones that are still around usually aren’t in the best condition. Maybe that’s why this one got modified in the first place – making lemonade out of a lemon? The seller says that this car “was professionally built in Texas in 2013-14. Custom chassis and driveline. Four wheel independent coilover shock suspension. Lowered and widened. Racing seats with 5 point harness. Full LED lighting. Utilizes the GSXR gauge unit so it has all appropriate gauges and lights. Glass in one headlight is cracked (from breaking the sound barrier…) but I have a new replacement. There is NO reverse gear, only forward power, but the car rolls easily when pushed.”

The famous Italian house of design, Zagato, sure threw a curveball at the world when they came out with the Zagato Zele. They were named the Elcar Zagato in the US for the two years that they were available here. Needless to say, they didn’t sell too well and as you can tell, they’re tiny. As in really tiny, as in 5′-4″ long! Yes, I had a plan on how to display it in our garage and/or living room and/or basement. I have to find one first. You can see the modified interior here, wow! The original interior wouldn’t have been quite as zoom-zoomy.

The Elcar Zagato was originally an EV and this one has been kicked up 20 notches in the power department. It went from a 5-hp electric motor and eight 6-volt batteries to a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R600 inline-four with over 100-hp, that’s quite an upgrade. Here is a YouTube video that they included; pretty amazing! At about the 2:40 mark he kicks it and look out! The Elcar had a 40 mph top speed, I wonder what this version has? I still need an original one of these things so let me know if you ever see one for sale, but this looks like a fun little conversion. Do you remember this internet sensation from a few years ago?

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    This guy did this little car justice, he made it into something that is actually useable. The only thing I noticed is his front wheels need more clearance. The tires rub when he hits a bump and his turning radius isn’t that good. Both of these problems are solvable. The other thing id do is paint it the brightest red I could get my hands on. You want to be seen in this thing so you don’t get killed. It looks like a fun little commuter car. By I think I’ll stick to my Goldwing with my custom sidecar. By the way Scotty aren’t you really tall, how would you even get in this thing.

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  2. J Paul Member

    Well, that looks absolutely terrifying.

    (but damn, I want to try it out)

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  3. mike Member

    that thing is so goofy looking it’s cool! part of the fun would be to see everyone pointing their fingers at it and laugh, personally I would be laughing right along with them. the only question I have is where is the rest of it? I can see it in the mountains, ring-dinging it thru the gears as it attempts to keep up with sportbike riders and going off the first sharp curve and cliff it came to… which brings me to another question… why do people scream as they go plunging to their deaths? at least on tv they do.

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    • Dave

      That scream is called a “Wilhelm scream” and is used quite often.

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  4. rod444

    I think you could make back the purchase price in one day at a state fair charging $20 to take it for a lap around a track.

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  5. Don H

    Nice gokart😀

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  6. Justin Morris

    My friends ex-father in law took one of these as payment for a job years ago. It has sat in a shipping container ever since. I asked if it was for sale when I first found it. I was told no because he might do something with it some day.

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  7. Al

    This spells „Death at any Speed“.

    I agree with canadainmarkseh, it should be painted the brightest luminous paint available.

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  8. michael h streuly

    I like it.

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  9. Ike Onick

    Looks like my garbage tote.Only uglier.

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  10. craZee

    need to cut the floor out so you can yabba dabba do for reverse

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  11. MetooM?

    Really nice. But take it off the quiet street to Wal-Mart and see how long the pickups and SUV’s let you stay alive.

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  12. chrlsful

    yeah, saw a guy put 4 Keihns or Mukunis on a car (Honda 600 spider?) too but couldn’t use it. I gotta daily whatever is here…

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  13. ron

    rather have the mini.

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  14. wuzjeepnowsaab

    This looks like it would be lying on its side in the first turn you took at any speed

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  15. Ramon Milano

    That would make my 1973 Civic look huge

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  16. Rex Rice

    I installed an 1800 cc Accord with a Weber in my ’78 Civic 1500S years ago; what FUN! Too bad that I rolled it.

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  17. Mike R in De

    This looks like it’s Very unstable with the engine weight High and in the back. Battery under the floor would have made for a Very low center of gravity, and I would think, harder to tip over. Just saying. Maybe put a Big wind-up on it somewhere, just for fun! Good luck to the new owner and seller.

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