Sweet Fleetside: 1964 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

This 1964 Chevrolet C10 Custom Cab pickup checks a few different boxes, including the Fleetside bed and short wheelbase configuration. Obviously, its overall condition is a selling point as well, but those options give it the eyeball appeal many collectors of vintage pickups are looking for. The seller notes it also wears a somewhat rare paint combo of Jet Black with white bed stripes, which still presents well today. The truck has been in Alabama since new and is described as belonging to an older owner who simply enjoyed using it around town. It’s now offered no reserve here on eBay where bidding is just about to hit $10,000.

What is it about short wheelbase trucks? They just look so damn right. While I get that the longer beds are necessitated by the need to haul more cargo, there’s no doubt the short boxes are infinitely more collectible. Even today, when I see a late-model Chevy or GMC pickup, the short bed designs truly stand out. This Chevy is super original, right down to the matching hubcaps and original bed gate, two items that are normally lost on a vehicle this age. Hubcaps get misplaced during tire changes and bed gate are damaged in accidents or from sloppy loading – but not this truck. Even the wood panels remain in the bed. The body looks incredibly straight, but the seller does note some issues.

Most importantly, the frame, cab mounts, cab supports and above the windshield and inside the cab above the sun visors are all rust-free. The seller notes the driver’s side front fender was removed to address rust in the bottom of the panel but the longtime owner fell ill and the work was never done. No other major areas of rot are disclosed, so hopefully, it’s just a patch panel at the bottom of the fender. The interior remains highly original, with the seller noting it hasn’t been modified from its original combination of fawn and white, which isn’t what I’d expect with a black exterior. The seat will need recovering and the factory radio is included.

The engine is a numbers-matching 283ci/195hp mill paired to a 3-speed manual transmission. The seller notes it runs and drives but should still be properly assessed for any mechanical needs. Although I know it’s typical of seller to mention a range of options for restoring this truck, such as bagging it or swapping in an LS engine, I hope none of the bidders take this seller’s advice on future alterations to this beautiful survivor. It should simply be tightened up mechanically and enjoyed, as they are rarely this honest and so ideally equipped. While the short box design is the preferred look for hot rod builders and performance shops, fingers crossed this one remains the exception to the rule.

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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice truck. There were a couple of near twins to this out west back in the day. One was a ’64 like this, and the other was a ’66. It’s kind of a minor detail but I’m somewhat skeptical of the engine being a numbers-matching unit. I thought that the stamped ‘Chevrolet’ on the valve covers was no longer used after ’62. The rated hp for the truck engine was 175 hp, not that your seat-of-the-pants impression would be all that noticeable. Maybe someone could clear that up? Just the same I’d like to have one just like this…

    • Roger

      I remember the name stamped valve covers in ’65 and ’66,my first brother in law owned a ’65 Impala and a ’67 Caprice and they both had them but think either ’68 or ’69 was when they changed to the plain ones.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        It could be as late as ’66. I worked for a GM dealer from the ’70s until ’84 and saw lots of Chevy valve covers. I do remember the offset bolt holes in the earlier ones but I don’t think that they corresponded with whether they had the names stamped in or not. I do remember when Chevy got rid of the cork gaskets and superseded them to a tube of very smelly RTV sealer. The second engine we used that on was an earlier type which also had a lower profile. We had to find some cork gaskets because we could see the covers flexing from the rockers hitting them…

  2. Joe

    This seller always has similar trucks that he offers, the hub caps are never included.

    • Steve R

      That’s because they are really expensive.

      Steve R

  3. Dougie

    I have 2 64 longbeds. I disagree with you on the shortbed. While it is more desirable, I think it looks stubby and out of proportion. yes, changing tires, suspension etc does improve to look.
    I bought one of mine from a 93 year old friend that bought new in 1963. It still has original paint with a legit great looking patina.
    i have bagged it and put a 454 4 speed plus posi rear end. with the small rear window. it looks cool as hell when it’s rolling. Totally slicked out. Different strokes for different folks.
    Btw, I have done nothing that cannot be reversed and kept all of the original parts.

  4. local_sheriff

    I agree short beds may look slightly better however I just couldn’t justify the difference in $ should I buy one myself. Just a question; is this how the factory would separate the colors on the doors when the interior had a different color than the exterior?

  5. Ian McLennan

    Short beds tend to make the truck look stubby and out of balance to my old eyes.
    Long bed fleetsides that have been lowered a bit and levelled really do it for me.
    That said, this is really a sweet old C10, deserving of a good home and left stock,

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    Long bed all day long. Although I do like this truck.

  7. Joe Haska

    WOW! This is awsome, I am just finishing a 53 Ford F-100, I tell everyone this is my last one. This truck would make a lier out of me in less than 30 seconds, if I could buy it!

  8. Ken Member

    If I want a short bed, I’ll get a stepside. My cousin had a ’63 Chevy stepside he used on his wheat farm. He had bought the place in 1977, and it came with a number of vehicles, all of which had been repainted an ugly shade of green. His son used to drive the pickup into town to school every day, and he hated it. I’d have taken it off his dad’s hands, but I was more interested in his ’56 S-120 4×4. He used it as a trap wagon, and wasn’t interested in selling it.

    I think the ’60 – ’63 models with the wraparound windshield are better looking trucks. They each had distinctive grilles, unlike the ’64-’66. I had a ’61 Apache 10 (final year before they became C10s) with a fleetside bed, but I’d have been perfectly happy with a stepside.

  9. bobhess Member

    Short bed, long bed, who cares? One of the best looking old trucks out there. A piece of brilliance on GM’s part.

  10. Del

    I care.

    Short Bed equals sport truck.

    Long Bed equals boring work truck.

    Short bed gets double the interest and double the price.

    Said and done. Crucify me.

    • Mike

      I’m not gonna “crucify” you. Everyone has their own tastes. Personally, I like all old trucks. I’m mainly into the square body GM pickups. I own 7 of them. The one that I USE as a truck the most is my 78 K-35. The one that I PLAY WITH the most is my 73 C-15. The 73 is a shorty with a built 250/swapped in 5 speed and 4.10 geared Ford 9″ rear. Even though it “only” has a 6 cylinder, it’s loads of fun and will embarrass most new trucks between red lights for a fraction of what they cost!

  11. Dougie

    We bow down to you, oh mighty king del. now take your ball and go home.

    • Del

      Truth is hard to accept.

      But drive the nails in .😁😂🤣

  12. Rex Kahrs Member

    Sport truck, what is that? A truck is a truck, and a sports car is a sports car. What is the point of hot-rodding around in a “truck” that can’t carry anything ? Twice now I’ve witnessed these jokers drop a full load of drywall or a cube of shingles right on the street when they sped off at the light, forgetting they had something in the back. The shortbed is a throwback to the Model T.

    Yes, I’m one of those boring guys who drives a longbed work truck because I make a living in the trades, and I don’t have anything to prove with my jacked-up coal-rolling poser shortbed.

  13. Jim in FL Member

    This guy doesn’t take a breath during the whole description, nary a period or new paragraph anywhere

    “Wheels/tires/caps shown not included as they belong on another truck I’m building. Truck will be sold with a set of aluminum wheels w/raised white letter radials.”

    What a lazy ass! Won’t even show you what you’re buying!
    This alone would kill the deal for me.
    Just sayin’…..

  14. Karl

    I hate to say it guys but my bet is this nice little pickup is destined to be a ROD of some sort, I could see the price going up to the point where they are the only folks bidding on it. It’s nice and pretty much ready to start tearing down and rebuilding in what? Looks like a fun project which ever way it goes!

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