20 Classic Cars – Variety of Makes and Models

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Here’s another of those situations where a seller has a variety of cars to sell, in this case, the oldest one is from 1927, and the newest is 2000. You pick the make and there’s a chance it’s in the mix. The seller provides a pricing list that totals at least $335,000 if you were to buy them all. We’re told they all run and drive, yet they’re packed inside a warehouse like sardines in a can. From Gilbert, South Carolina, this collection warrants a visit before placing any offers and the vehicles are available here on craigslist. Bravo, Chuck Foster, for finding this pick-and-choose assortment.

The seller would have better luck (I think) posting each of these cars separately with more photos and a description of each one. It’s history, mileage, original vs. restored, etc. And how they all came to be together in one place. A collector usually fancies a brand, type of car, and vintage, but we don’t see a common element with these machines. Except there are quite a few drop-tops. Ford, Dodge, Buick, Cadillac, Plymouth, Lincoln, Mercury, Austin, Studebaker, Volkswagen, Triumph, and Chevrolet – they’re all represented.

1920s through 1940s

1927 Ford Model A — $15,000

1932 Dodge — $30,000

1933 Buick — $30,000

1940 Buick (convertible) — $20,000

1941 Cadillac (convertible) — $45,000

1941 Plymouth (convertible) — $25,000

1948 Lincoln Continental V12 (convertible) — $20,000

1950s through 1960s

1951 Ford Woodie (wagon) — $30,000

1953 Mercury (convertible) — $55,000

1957 Ford (4-door) — $2,000

1960 Austin Bug Eye Sprite — $6,000

1963 Studebaker Avanti — $15,000

1963 Studebaker GT (4-speed) — $15,000

1970s through 2000s

1972 VW Beetle (convertible) — $10,000

1977 Avanti II — $15,000

1980 Triumph TR8 (convertible) — $12,000

1982 Chevrolet Camaro — $1,000

1985 Mercury Capri/McLaren (convertible) — $6,000

1993 Ford F350 (4-door — $8,000

2000 Plymouth Prowler (convertible) — $25,000

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Will Fox

    Nice lot of interesting cars, but their pricing is way out of line. Yes, the `53 Monterey cvt. looks solid from little I can see, but $55K? Considering what it needs, uh no.

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  2. Connecticut mark

    Beetle seems cheap, the ford f350 too if I could see a photo, how can you get into any of these vehicles? Way too close together.

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  3. Big C

    I wonder if the family will pull these things out of the barn? That’s the only way your going to see in they truly “run and drive.”

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  4. gippy

    It’s gonna like a giant game of Sudoku shuffling those cars around so a potential buyer can open the doors etc.

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  5. TheOldRanger

    I’m a bit confused about the “lumping” together and not really having much of a glimpse of any car. Seems to me (as others suggested) listing each car on its own merit. I would never buy a group of cars like this (even if I could afford the total price) because I don’t have any place I could store this things, so I would have to spend more money renting a large building so I could get at these to see what could done. Poor decision.

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  6. RallyAce

    When the name of the car is not spelled correctly I stop reading the post. ‘Camero’ tells me that this sale is a redneck ‘don’t low ball me, I know what I got’ sale.

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    • Bob P

      A little bit of elitist arrogance to that comment…

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    • Walter

      I don’t know. Typos happen (even when you have advanced degrees).

      Trust me on that one.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

      The spelling was corrected in the ad, The list may have been written down by someone else as another person called out the info, and what they heard was Camero. Anyone from the southeast US knows Camaro is often pronounced Camero. Just like the make’s name is pronounced “Chivrolet” at times.

      I suspect the person who put this collection together either has passed away or is quite ill, and the people charged with disposing of the cars is not very familiar with them, nor have they learned what it takes to sell off a vintage car collection.

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  7. Laurence Loffredo

    to repaint a 1950’s car alone can cost 15k

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  8. A.J.

    Until the cars are pulled out individually and photographed properly along with descriptions including their title status the chances of selling anything is near zero.

    And yes, from what little information provided those are optimistic prices.

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  9. MikeG.

    There was no 1927 Model A Ford…the first year was 1928.

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  10. Blake Young

    It’s either 1927 or a model A, can’t be both. Model A introduced 12-2-27 as a 1928 year model. It’s definitely an A in the picture and might be worth the money if it truly runs and drives. No picture of the $30,000 1932 Dodge. Horrible listing, barely worth the time to look and comment.

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  11. TomD

    That so called ’27 Model A looks to be one of those Shay reproductions. I agree with others that it is a poorly photographed and described listing and tend to ignore such nonsense.

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    • John

      Good eye. The hand written price list does state that it is a Shay.

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    • Enfield750

      You are correct, If you look at the Craigslist add the list shows a “1927 Shay Model A”

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  12. Phillip Anthony Cifuentes

    Plz.stop smoking that crack. You need to come down,back to earth.Get real,prices are way to high.

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  13. Big C

    This seems like a “we sold g-paw’s farm and have 2 weeks to vacate” sale.

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  14. 64 Bonneville

    if i had the time to travel there would be strongly interested in the pair of Avantis’ and the Gran Turismo Studebaker. I do have some interest in some of the others, but the McLaren Capri, also turns my crank. those cars actually handle really good on a road course. Biggest problem would be getting them home and a big enough climate controlled building to work on them.

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  15. George Birth

    The Ford F-350 4dr seems to be reasonably priced. However the lack of detailed information or photos will hurt this sale. Before I traveled to view them i’d want to see more photos and mileage and body cond. any rust etc. I don’t buy sight unseen.

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