Tennessee Barn Find: 1984 Lincoln Town Car

Don’t let this opening photo scare you, this 1984 Lincoln Town Car doesn’t look like a forgotten, dusty, disheveled barn dweller in the other photos, it looks extremely nice. It looks almost like new, in fact, and it should since it has fewer than 15,500 miles on it. This formerly-hidden jewel can be found here on eBay in Buford, Georgia, about a half-hour northeast of Atlanta. There is no reserve and the current bid price is just over $4,000 so bid to win on this beauty.

Wow, that’s quite a change, isn’t it? The seller says that they found this hidden gem in a barn in Chuckey, Tennessee a couple of years ago, buying it from the grandson who inherited the car from his grandmother. Having never inherited anything, ever, I can’t imagine inheriting a car. I can’t imagine having a relative who would have owned a Lincoln Town Car, either, come to think of it.

The bumpers do no justice to this car but that was the case for at least a decade or two since government regulations required bumpers to actually do some good in an accident. Now, vehicle bumpers look like bulbous, hydroformed plastic and are painted body color. Give me a big, battle ram chrome bumper any day. The first-generation Town Car (1981-1989) used Ford’s Panther platform and they were almost a foot shorter than the previous model was.

The interior isn’t sporting leather as you would expect in a modern luxury car, or almost any new vehicle above an economy car. Velour works just fine and as they say, it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter, pretty much the exact opposite of leather. The back seat doesn’t appear to be overly-coddling for a luxury car but I’m sure that seat is very comfortable. The trunk is big enough for a few golf bags, not that anyone who drives a Lincoln plays golf. Ha, just kidding, of course they do. This car has the factory CB radio option which is pretty cool and speaking of cool, the AC is ice-cold, but it only holds a charge for a couple of months at a time.

The engine is Ford’s 302 cubic-inch V8 and the seller put $2,000 into it right after finding the car in order to get it on the road again from sitting for what is an unknown period of time. They don’t say how long the car was in that barn in the opening photo, but it now has new brakes, new tires, the power antenna was repaired, the gas tank was cleaned, etc. The engine compartment could use a good detailing to bring it up to the visual quality of the rest of the car but this looks like a really nice one. Have any of you owned a Lincoln Town Car of this era?


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    They used to pull the car out of the barn and leave the dust on it. Now, they remove the car from the barn, shine it up, and pull it back into the barn for the “barn shot”.

    Either way, this looks like a nice car, if not the least bit sexy.

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  2. Pookie Jamie

    $1000 car all day. Have cash in hand.

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  3. brettucks

    Wow- that is a deal if it could be got for $4k. You dont see many of these around, and not in this nice of condition. Family friend had one just like this. When you rode in it you felt like royalty- nicest riding car Ive ever been in.

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  4. Stevieg

    When I had my used car lots, I used to buy as many of these as I could find at the auctions. They were generally treated well by long term original owners, were reliable, ran very well, got relatively decent fuel economy, and handled ok for being really floaty. Besides, this is what mafia bosses get killed in! What’s not to love?
    This is a nice car. Not a real high dollar car, but nice. A couple years newer & it would have fuel injection, which would make it even better. That variable venturi carb is not the best, to say the least lol. Currently bid to $5,800.00. I think that is a fair, reasonable offer if the miles are verifiable. If not, seller should take it and run!

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    • Rob

      I’m actually one that would love to have a fewMotocraft VV carbs laying around. If you know how to work on them, they get excellent fuel mileage, they are just slower to rev. Used to love renting these Lincoln’s when crossing Texas with my mom. The seats sucked, but they ate up the miles.

  5. John

    So if I park a car in a barn it becomes a barn find! Alright!!

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  6. Maestro1 Member

    i have a thing for big Lincolns and this is terrific. It’s also too far away and the price is too high. And I have no room.

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  7. gerry Member

    Nice Lincoln brings back memories
    Worked for Budget Rent a Car back in 1986-87 and w had these and the Continental with the bustle back I would always try to be the one to transfer them between locations which we did when another office needed a car we had.
    they were nice driving cars
    I’ve never seen one this color before too bad its on the wrong continent for it to be worthwhile.

  8. Bob Mck Member

    Nice car. I am anxious to see what it sells for.

  9. Sanityfactor@outlook.com

    Looks like a Cartier but no leather, had an 83, great cars….

  10. Kenn

    Jamie: To what are you comparing this??

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