Trailer Queens: An Amazing Discovery!

The Trailers

From Jersey Joe – Please find the time to publish this so your readers might make things a little easier when showing a car for sale. I have a bit of a story here, but it should be worth the time. I put a few pictures together (in order?) of today’s experience, here goes: I finally made the time to go look at a alloy body XK120 Jaguar that a friend will be selling soon. I got in early, before it gets advertised. She’s kind of a mini “Holy Grail” car to me. Well, what a frustrating day. First we have to find what trailer she’s stored in.

The contents

Thank God, due to my friends failing memory, he had marked the inside door of each trailer as to what cars are in them and their position.

1951 MG TD

We found the correct trailer. To start, I have to climb over a MG T series car.

Ferrari California Spyder

Then there’s this California Spyder thing in the way…

Alloy Bodied XK120

OK, I get passed that and see the alloy 120.

Up Above

Wow!, Great, I’m there? But I can’t really check it out very well because he has a Jaguar SS100 stored on top of it! Talk about frustration. I’ll never know if it was worth the 5 or 6 grand he wanted…

Missing Trim Rings

It appeared that the wheel embellishers / trim rings were missing, and you know how hard they are to find…

I guess I will just keep selling old Jaguar parts until something good comes along.


WANTED 1972 Chevrolet K10 WTB Nice OEM Woodgrain Dash cluster Contact

WANTED 1965-1985 Chrysler Fullsize Roadtrip car for crazy swede Nice original fullsize US car, up for a 5000 mile trip. Max 10 k USD. Contact

WANTED 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle I am seeking an original 70 chevelle 454 block and heads in good condition Contact

WANTED 50s 55.56.57.quad cab looking for asamy as we can find Chevrolet 3100 Any gmc,gm,50s Quad cab Contact

WANTED 1970-1976 Pontiac Trans Am Must be 4 spd. Like big block. I can fix motor or tranny. Needs to be somewhat sound other than that Contact

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  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    I like your sense of humor…great pictures and story! When this one goes public let us know, it would be fun to write about!

  2. sunbeamdon

    ??Are you f-f-f-foolin’ with us?

    This is up there as the second OMG ever uttered!

  3. Blindmarc

    I’d give him $100 for that junkie old Ferrari!

    • CorvairJim

      $100? Heck, I’d go $125 and ditch work tomorrow and come on over to get it out of his way for him. No prob.

  4. jimbosidecar

    Yeah, me too. I hate it when that happens…

  5. randy

    Please do! Thanks for laughs. I’ll bet when it’s all said and done, you will kick yourself for not snapping it up right then. I know the feeling well.

  6. DaveB

    Wow! A California Spyder. Does anyone know what year it is? It’s probably worth millions.

  7. Mark E

    Zoiks! This is gonna be big when it hits the media! Well, not like the Ballion collection big but hey, how often do you find a Ferrari California, an alloy bodied Jag 120 -AND- a Jag SS100, all crammed into a semi trailer by some hoarder, er, um, I mean COLLECTOR??

    Hmm, did you check through the trailer enough to make sure there wasn’t a Mercedes 300 gullwing in there too?? ^_^

  8. Wiley Robinson

    Lemme guess, your friend lives in Portugul and all these trailers were just sitting on some property he bought with the doors welded shut.

  9. Pete

    I realllly want the TD. I’ve got 10$ Cash. And I can borrow a trailer to get it any day.

  10. Dolphin Member

    This is a fascinating but frustrating story—-assuming it’s real and not a fake with old photos.

    It’s just a bit difficult to believe that so many valuable cars (Ferrari California, a multi-million $ car even in the condition shown in the photos; tri-carb Healey; ’69 911; etc) have been left sitting in those containers, and that an alloy XK120 under an SS100 would have a $5-6K ask, and then that somebody called Jersey Joe would pass on it.

    • Jersey Joe

      Hi Dolphin, I meant to get back with you earlier. I know your familiar with a lot of cars from reading your comments on this site. These cars are true, the owner’s cool, the 5 or 6 grand for the alloy 120, well… I just threw that in for excitement. Many of these cars will be for sale soon. I would never pass on any of them, but when I was there the owner did not seem to be in the mood. Why push things and ruin a beautiful day. Who knows, I might end up with something. It won’t be that Ferrari though, I do not like jetting Webers, or maybe it could be that other thing that keeps us from buying car$? Regards, Joe

      • Shawn M

        Awesome cars! Any idea when and where we will see these cars for sale? They look like awesome projects.

  11. Adam T

    WOW!! What else is in there? Come on!! The suspense is killing me…
    Where’s the S2 XKE that the cylinder head in front of the TD is off of?
    And the 69 911… Oh and the Ghibli… Show me show me!!

    • Jersey Joe

      Here is a picture of a few cars in the shop. They have been up there for awhile. I seen 6 or 7 E-Type projects, Series I & II, mostly roadsters. About a half dozen big Healeys. Adam, let Dolphin know its real and so am I, a few people know me. By the way, there is a Daytona coupe project that someone cut the roof off in the shop, not sure if its in the picture. Regards, Joe

      • patrick

        Great find. Please let me know if these cars are ever for sale. I am in CA but would fly out if could be purchased.

  12. OhU8one2

    Funny how I was just sitting the other day pondering just what the heck am I going to do with all this free time on my hand’s,with this big ol’ empty shop,and a pocket full of chump change. I’ll bet the whole trailer load of scrap isn’t worth a thousand buck’s! Hell I’d be doing the owner a favor getting rid of some of that junk…….Cooter fire up the flatbed!

  13. Randy Forbes

    I wish I would’ve found that 250 GT sometime around the early to mid 70s, maybe around the time it was stuck in that trailer, worth somewhere between $2k $3k!

    The ’57 Healey I bought a few years later__in 1978__still holds pride of place in my garage today, but I wouldn’t mind having a ’58 Ferrari instead!

    • Tim

      *as well.

  14. TVC15

    Had to check my Calendar , No not April 1st

  15. bcavileer

    Hey there all, Jersey Joe has been doing this for ever. Most honest descriptions I have ever dealt with. He called me weeks before he went to this place. It is for real.
    And in the good old USA too! HAPPY 4TH. BTW, if any of you need something for your car, He usually has it or knows where it can be found. He has helped me and others countless times. Nice find!
    Hope to See ya soon Joe.

  16. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Hey Joe,
    Tell my long lost father his son Chuck is living in NW Florida, I’ve been looking for that awful man that gave me this car collecting disease. Tell him he needs a MG TF for his collection, and I’ll trade for a Healey.

  17. Olaf E

    “Thank God, due to my friends failing memory, he had marked the inside door of each trailer as to what cars are in them and their position.”

    Really, each trailer? I am wondering what surprises these other trailers store.

  18. jim s

    if all the vehicles in the photos are your friends to sell he is or is going to be a very rich person. great finds and please keep us updated. thanks.

  19. Tim

    I would love to see detailed pics of this collection.. That California is the holy grail.. And so are most of these cars.. I’d gladly help clean that old junk away

  20. Dennis M

    That 120 is far from unmolested. Boot latch and license plate plinth are missing and holes filled; steering wheel is wrong; grab bar on dash is wrong. Since I gave away my Jaguar library I cannot confirm it, but I do not think the alloy body cars had that dash plaque. BTW, boot lid, bonnet, and doors are alloy on all 120s.

    • Adam T

      I agree with most of what you said. I don’t think this is an alloy body car. Most if not all were built for racing and had knock off wheels along with beading in the spat groove which this car has neither. The steering wheel however is correct but missing its conical horn push. There is also signs of rust in front of the RR wheel which obviously isn’t possible on an alloy car. As cool as these are I think it’s just a 120 OTS. Now the SS100 might be a valuable piece if it’s a 3.5 liter… Let’s see more of that and the rest of the collection!!

    • Jersey Joe

      Hello Dennis, I did not use “unmolested” to describe any of these cars. Every one is a major project. He purchased all of these cars used, many years ago. They have been through some previous owners, who knows what was done to them? I was told years ago that he has a alloy body 120. I did not confirm that, it was very difficult to do anything in that trailer. Originally I wasn’t even going to take any pictures, but thought the car world might like to see the Ferrari. I believe the 120 to be correct though, the owner has no need to fabricate a false description. Maybe I misunderstood and there are more XK120’s on the property. I thought this was it because that is what I was interested in and we went hunting for her. Regards, Joe

      • Adam T

        Hi Joe, judging by some of the cars in the selection I wouldn’t be surprised to find an Alloy 120 but I don’t think that was the one. As Dennis said the stock 120 had alloy hood, doors and boot lid anyway. That’s another cool pic. Healey and a S1 E? Looks like an OTS? Would love to know more about what’s there, specifically the E’s, and what’s the plan for them??

  21. Jeff Staff

    Joe, thanks so much for sharing this find! Absolutely incredible. Please keep us posted on future finds.

    Regarding a post above – might you have any leads on OEM parts for late 80s BMWs?

    • randy

      Try Rhine West in San Antonio Tx. if they can’t get them, they can tell you where you can, talk to Jon. Tell’em Randy from dallas european sent you!

  22. Jersey Joe

    I am somewhat familiar with the 120’s having sold a couple of them over the last few years, but never a alloy body, (one was a early 1950 with the alloy features). I believe most of the alloy cars had the solid steel wheels, as opposed to the Dunlop racing wheels, probably all of the alloy 120’s that were exported to the US. The location of the grab handle appears correct, the dash plaque, probably added? I don’t believe the splash panels / mud shields, etc. were aluminum. Maybe someone can help with this? Remember this car was slapped together on a shortened MK V chassis to make that years London auto show. It was the “newer” twin ohc engine they wanted to introduce and needed something to put it in.
    Back to the inventory. I am going to start winding this down. I believe the owner wants to keep a couple Series I E-Type roadsters. Many of the other cars will be coming up for sale in the near future. He is putting things in place and already has some trusted help with that. He’s a good, old fashion, car guy that owned some incredible cars over the years. Now he’s cashing in some chips and he deserves to do well.
    As mentioned, my pictures are not that great and will only disappoint. I had one hell of a day there and felt privileged. Most of these cars need a lot of work, but I’ve sold much worse. We shouldn’t be bitching about a license plate light missing on a project car like this.
    I’ll check with the owner in a couple of weeks and see how things are going.
    Regards, Jersey Joe

    • Adam T

      Hi Joe, I have restored two alloy body cars over the years and built a third from just a chassis and photos. The ones I did were fully aluminum. Only steel parts were welded to the chassis. The entire body structure was aluminum and either bolted or riveted together. They were dimensionally the same as the stock 120 from the factory however the one we built we made with wider fenders for a bigger wheel and tire. All three were supplied from factory with wires per heritage info, and one had later been fitted with Dunlop mag wheels (same as lightweight E) and all spared the luxuries usually associated with Jaguars level of comfort.
      They were also all supplied with the larger 2″ Sand cast SU Carburetors which are now rare items them selves so often missing from these earlier cars.
      One last thing to look at is the roof mechanism, hinges and latches. The three I did were never supplied with a roof. Therefore all hardware was missing. I can’t see in the photos if this car still has hole in the rear scuttle where the roof clips were? It is however rather easy to add the roof parts so by no means definite but can be a good point of reference for picking these rare cars out.

  23. Blindmarc

    Great cars and a great find! Best of luck to your friend.

  24. Jeff Staff

    Can we see some pictures of the 911T and Maserati on your next visit? Pretty please?

  25. Jersey Joe

    Adam, Sounds like you’ve been having fun. Thanks for the information. I did not know about the 2″ sand cast SU’s. I’ve only recognized the tall top, dash pot type (for lack of a better description) carbs on the early 120’s. I figured that’s what the alloy cars left the factory with? Do you think the 120’s you restored were race cars? I did notice in another picture I have, the two top clips on the rear cowl section that a (rear) convertible top bar would slip into. I wanted to get up front and have a look at the grill to see if that was correct, but that wasn’t happening. I understand there are other differences, bonnet hinges, windshield side pillars, etc., but I could not confirm anything. I have not seen any of these alloy cars in person. Even than, many things get changed around over the years.
    Take Care, Joe

    • Adam T

      Hi Joe, yes lots of fun over the years, which has led me to starting a business specializing in these 50’s and 60’s Jaguars. All factory alloy cars were built with competition in mind. Whether or not the first owner actually used it for that reason was uncertain. Jaguar had a list of prioritized owners that continued through the C, D and early E types. All given priority with the promise the cars would be raced and further broadcast the Jaguar Brand. Sir Lyons was very brand smart even in those days. So I would have to say (without any data to back it up) that all the alloy cars would have been supplied with sand casts as the early pre weber C types were. Tall top or bottle top dash pots were generally found pre 51 on the chrome marker light cars. I have a 51 MK VII with A series engine (stud less cam covers) that has the normal looking H6 carbs not the bottle tops so I have to think they didn’t last long. Yes we had evidence that all three cars were used for racing at some point. One of the cars was actually used in place of a factory C type after it was damaged at an event.
      There were other differences, but over the years they are tough to pin point. The hinges on one of the cars were stock, another the same as stock but completely aluminum. The car we built ended up with the later. Most cars being built for racing came with aero screens or no screens. A lot now have chrome OTS screens so they can be driven and as I said the presence of roof latches doesn’t mean it’s not an alloy car but it’s less likely for sure. Next time you go back take a magnet and you will know for sure!! Over the years the alloy cars have evolved, some with louvres, straps, trunk less, large gas tanks, double spare wheels, quick remove panels, fins, driver cowls, disc brakes, etc. leaving these cars sometimes difficult to verify, but JDHT has so much info it should be easy to tell,once you can open the bonnet that is. Although I like to think of myself as an XK/E type expert I love hearing new stuff about these cars and by no means am I closed to new findings so keep them coming. We at Treasure Coast Classics are very knowledgeable on all 50’s, 60’s and 70’s European sports and luxury cars. Oh and don’t be afraid of the Ferraris Webers, it’s just a summer and winter set of jets ;)
      Good luck and give me a call if you wish to share any info or need any help ID’ing these cars.
      Adam T.

  26. Alexander

    Cool story!

    On one hand it’s great to these cars discovered liek this on the other sad because you know it’s gonna be bought by some rich dude as an investment (also sad i am not the one that open’t those doors:)

    How cool would it be if you would just make the Ferrari roadworthy and drive it like you stole it!

    • CorvairJim

      Ferrari California… Drive it like you stole it… Dude, you’re channeling Ferris Bueller now!

  27. Bill McCoskey

    About 15 years ago, I was on Maryland’s eastern shore, when someone saw me driving my 1957 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and told me about several similar cars sitting in sheds on an deserted estate. After talking a bit, he offered to take me there. We arrived at a large waterfront estate on the Chesapeake bay. He said the history of the place was it had been owned by a descendent of the Singer [sewing machine] family, and the prior property owner left the entire estate to the state of Maryland as a bird sanctuary.
    There were several vintage cars there, I was only able to see 3 cars at that time;
    A real alloy Jag 120 roadster, still with Brooklands windscreens. Car was stripped for painting, and was 100% alloy.
    Jag 120 coupe. I believe this car was also an all alloy body too, but not 100% sure.
    1950 Bentley MK6 saloon. I checked the chassis number with a factory numbers listing, and it was the first Mk6 with Left hand steering. Since Bentley didn’t make a RHD car before the war, I have a feeling it was the first Bentley to be LHD.

    Tried to find out who owned the cars, and about a month or 2 later I went back, all cars were gone. I have never seen them or heard anything about them again. Anyone knowing anything about these cars, please let me know. The state Department of Natural Resources said they knew nothing about the cars. I ran the chassis number of the Bentley thru MD MVA — no listing at all.

  28. Peter

    Please tell me these are in New Jersey?

    I’m 5 min. from New Jersey–maybe we could do a “Group Buy?” It’s the only way I could afford to participate in this madness–LOL. :-)

  29. TVC15

    Hey Jersey Joe

    Happy New Year !!!

    Any more news or photos of this amazing collection ?

  30. Jersey Joe

    Happy New Year to all of the Barn Finder’s !!! I have not spoke with the owner in awhile. He has been talking with a few prospects on a couple of the cars, the Ferrari being the hottest. I don’t believe any offers are in close to what he would like to get for the Spyder project. It was out of my reach from the get-go. He might be after a little too much the way I see it, but she sure is a special car!

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