Two For One! 1966 Ford Galaxies

A twofer! That’s right, get two 1966 Ford Galaxies for the price of one. Where? Ashtabula, Ohio and listed here on Facebook Marketplace for $4,000. I can’t tell you a lot about these Galaxies because there are only four images and little text to describe them. So, let’s take a shot at it.

Galaxie #1 is a two-door hardtop which originally had a 289 CI V8 engine. The seller claims, “which is out I was going to rebuild it decided not to don’t have time but I do have other engines more 390/429/460/352/400 modified and automatic transmission”. So no, it doesn’t run, you’ll have to come up with an engine and it sounds like a transmission too. There is no reference to the interior or the overall condition of the body, frame, suspension, etc. The three images show a body that actually looks to be in pretty good shape but sitting outside on grass and dirt is not going to help with the cause. This hardtop may have some further use in terms of roadability and being able to be brought back to life but it may be destined as a “parts only” candidate too. There is not enough information here to know for sure.

Galaxie #2 is a convertible which is equipped with a 390 CI V8. It’s really hard to tell exactly what it is as it is buried under a mountain of stuff. I actually spent more time looking at the stuff then I did the car because there is so little of the car visible. Generally, a 390 V8 equipped ’66 Galaxie convertible is going to be a collectible draw but not in this case. The way the seller has this convertible presented creates more of a, “Move along, nothing here to see” scenario than will it engender any real interest on the part of a potential buyer.

Domestic automobiles, regardless of brand, had the tiger by the tail in ’66 and the Ford Galaxie, in particular, was a really sharp looking car. They have not reached the desirability that their cross-town rival, Chevrolet, has attained with the Impala but they are still not cars to be trivialized. And that draw spread throughout the GM hierarchy as well as over at Mopar too. The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966, which spawned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 1970, had not yet been enacted when the ’66 models were designed and built, so they were pretty much a blank canvas of what the automakers wanted to do; and do it, they did. There could be value here with this forlorn pair but who knows, the promotion is very poorly constructed. So, is there a pony at the bottom of this pile or is this a case of where all you need is a bumper sticker that states, “My other car is a piece of you-know-what too”?

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  1. Ryan Hilkemann

    Wow, I love the first galaxie as much as the second one. Which do you choose as the runner?

    • Classic Steel

      I usually choose drop tops if the clutter removed shows a decent builder. They usually sell higher and quickly after one has fun in the sun😎

      One might be able to only swap out needed items and sell the hardtop after harvest

  2. art

    For me, the 1966 Galaxie 500, XL, and LTD line of two door hardtops had Fords’ best C pillar design, ever. The arc of the roof flowing into the quarters was unique that year and was beautifully penned. It gives that large car a sense of motion complemented by pulling the angle the headlights back, as well.
    Nice cars.

  3. Rex Kahrs Member

    You had me at stacked headlights.

  4. Camaro Joe

    The white hardtop looks like it has Ohio classic vehicle plates on it. But my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. I’m 26 miles from Ohio, so I’ve seen a few of those plates. And there’s no visible rust, much less holes in the body. That gives me a good indication that it came from someplace well south of Ashtabula OH.

    It’s probably not a big buck collector car unless the original motor was a 289/271 HP HiPo. Even if it is, the original motor appears to be MIA.

    The convertible appears to have at least four body patches on the driver’s side that I (think I) can see under the mess. A big block convertible (if it still has the original drive train) is eventually worth a lot more than the white hardtop.But under that mess, it’s going to take some work to figure out what it really is and what it might take to fix it. The white hardtop might be a better deal to fix.

    If anybody is really interested it this mess, I’m about 55 miles away, but I could go look at it. I’m obviously NOT a Ford man, but I can bring a jack, a pick hammer, and a magnet and tell you what I find. For the right Ford guy, this could be a great deal.

    Disclaimer – I do own a Ford. 1943 MB Ford Military Jeep. But it’s a 283 Chevy/6″lift kit/36″ tires built by my cousin with mostly 1942 Willys parts.

    • Don Huggins Member

      I’m too far away to check myself but I would make it worth your while if you could run check these two Ford’s out for me. I’m especially worried about frame rot near the rear tires or for that matter any frame rot. Thanks, Don.

  5. FordGuy1972

    Another poorly presented ad by a lazy seller. 4 crappy images and very little info in the description. Judging by the garbage piled in and around both cars, it’s obvious the seller didn’t give either of them even minimal care. These cars were prone to frame rot around the rear wheels, so a personal inspection is mandatory. I’d be in for maybe $2,500 if you could restore at least one of the cars without ending up under water. But maybe I’ll just be as lazy as the seller and not even bother.

  6. Bob C.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Check out the frames thoroughly, particularly on the hardtop, being parked outside. This breed is prone to the frames rusting and breaking in front of the rear wheels.

  7. dave

    I’ll take the cheezy deer/nature painting.

  8. Del

    Presentation counts.

    And I see very little here.

  9. ccrvtt

    1966 Galaxie 2-doors always remind me of Junior Johnson’s infamous NASCAR cheater “Yellow Banana” car. It’s a hacked up version meant to make the Fords aerodynamically competitive. It had a dropped nose, chopped top, and extensive modification to the rear deck that resembled a banana from the side view. Fred Lorenzen drove it in the Dixie 400 and was leading until a tire blew. NASCAR was desperate for crowd interest at the time and actually allowed it to pass tech. Once.

  10. John Oliveri

    Both nice cars that are gonna need a ton of work, I can hear the power steering pumps gurgling from here , the C6 leaking, the 390 overheating, Ford found on road dead, fix or repair daily or F—-Ed on roar deal

  11. Jeff T.

    well worth a look if u like 60s fords ,myself have owned a 66 galaxy was family wagon for years,if i were close i would be into checking this out ,possible diamonds in the rough here,if u a ford guy.

  12. chrlsful

    luv any of the stacked hdlghts (google ‘chero’n C the tuquorse 1 @ Wikipedia) just remarkable. 390 & C6 all ways meant ‘truck’ to me but wadda I know…
    Just slightly too big for me. 83/6 LTD/Marquis, ’60/3 falcon/chero/comet, brat, rampage/scamp, etc…

  13. Camaro Joe

    John, you’re not allowed to degrade Fords on here. It’s a rule. and that’s against the rules. I have driven Ford trucks since 1995, but only because they’re provided by work.

    In general they don’t get great gas mileage, don’t have much power, generally aren’t much good. The only good thing about them is mine always break down
    in a decent location on a good day. Other Then that, they’re junk

    BTW – you left out the one from the ignition switch fire years (1995) “Fire On Road Daily.” The best part of that one (other than It killed people) is the faulty ignition switch was a Ford designed but outsourced part that was made by GM. And they knew it was going to happen.

    • John Oliveri

      Older fords, tend to really not be too good, sorry about the ignition switch killing anyone, someone at GM did it


    IF You are selling a car clean the junk off of it first. You may get a buyer. NO ONE wants too move Your junk to see a car. May loose out on a prospective buyer. Think before You post. Just saying.

  15. Johnny

    Any old car or truck-just llike the news ones.Have their problems. I would much rather have any one of these cars. Then any brand of new junk any day. Sink $4or $5,000 in both of these cars and you have a reliable vehicle. Alot cheaper and more reliable the any of these techonology vehicles any day. Just read the complains on any new or late model one.Take any of them to the garage to get it worked on and you better have a wad of cahd–and they still don,t get it fixed. Just look at the wireing–relays and switchs and parts made in China that are junk.Keep your new ones and make the OVER PRICE PAYMENTS EACH MONTH. I would rather have anyone of these cars. A little elbow grease and work never hurt anyone and save on payments.


      Like the way You think. But some People don’t have a place or the knowledge to fix these. If I was into these I would. Who wants a car payment anyway. Not Me.

  16. Johnny

    I remeber when I got my truck paid off. I figured the difference between liability insurance and full coverage—then the interest I paid. It almost was the full payment I gave for the truck. Not anymore. Then I hear about people not having the electronic tools and books to tell you where the relays and switches are located at. No wonder you see so many late model vehicles sold for parts. For the price of one. You can take alot less and put anything from 1980 on back on the road and a little knowledge or effort and have a dependable vehicle without the high payment or high insurance-plus build a small garage to work on others and make a little money.

  17. Camaro Joe

    Don Huggins, I’d be glad to go look at them. No Charge, it’s entertainment for me. One problem though, it’s on Facebook and I don’t do Facebook so I can’t get a phone number or address. If somebody gets me contact information I’ll get there and look at them in a couple days.


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