Two Timer: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

1971 Plymouth Barracuda

This barn found Barracuda was purchased about 7 years ago by its current owner and has sat in a semi trailer since then. I guess that would make it a two time barn find? Anyway, besides the cool photo there isn’t much to get excited about here. 318, auto, front-end damage, and lots of rust. Bidding is going crazy here on eBay though so perhaps I’m missing something?


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  1. JACKinNWPA Jack Member

    That’s what you call re-stored, not restored.

    • Toast54


  2. MH

    It’s junk. $500 parts car at most, and that’s a stretch.

    • MountainMan

      If you can find ’em in this condition at a price like $500 I will take 3 please. That’s very silly

  3. krash

    nope….not missing a thing…rusty/old/lotsa work…

    this is going to someone with a facility to re-do this auto hoping to make big $$$…

    it will turn up green/plum/orange for $45k ..

    (and what I’m you guys for….you all know the drill)

  4. Walt

    Wow and more Wow—At 7500.00 already on Sat. morning ? ?
    All I see is a lot of work and $ $ $ $. !

  5. Ed P

    The damage on this car suggest that the stub frame is bent. That will require special equipment. Then there is all that rust. It is everywhere. If this car had a high performance engine, it might be worth the expense. However, a 318 makes this an ordinary Barracuda. There is a whole lotta’ work here.

  6. TBall

    “Was slightly damaged in the front sometime in late 70s early 80s. Needs one fender and part of grill is broken off. Car does have rust.”

    Some grossly understated comments there… Wrinkled firewall, nearly every piece of metal has some Midwest winter holes showing through, only thing your missing Jesse is there must be some Mopar fans out there with way too much expendable income for this car to be $7k plus already.

  7. Frankie Paige

    Not bad, $7500 is high for how few pictures the seller had up, for a car that was where it’s from I’d crawl under it before bidding. Junk? Only parts? Absolutely not! Definitely worth restoring, I say this because even though it’s not a coveted hemi car it’s still a great ride. I see some negative comments a lot on these barn/stored/forgotten cars, these are the people who want in to make a profit, so it’s most likely not a car for them.

    • Ed P

      Frankie, I think you are being to harsh on commenters. I don’t care about profits. This is a hobby to me. At the same time, I need to consider my own skills and available cash I can commit to a project. The bodywork on this car is both beyond my skills and cash.

  8. bonneville 64

    We have all had a “dream” car at one time or another. Some we went broke on trying to get them “right” ( for me a certain 72 Mustang Sprint) but it was our love of the hobby that makes us keep going. Looking at the pictures it does not appear that the firewall is “wrinkled” as previously stated, what appears to be bends are actually structural stampings in the sheet metal for added strength. However the general opinion that there is a lot of rust is on the mark, also there is a lot of body putty in the rear quarters.

  9. JW

    My first new car was to be a 70 Cuda 340 6 pack 4 speed car but my father wouldn’t co-sign because I would kill myself or someone else. I have dreamed of owning a Cuda ever since but family / mortgage / work got in the way and now prices are way out of my range, but even this one as cheap as it might go is not worth the effort and that’s not me wanting to flip it but keep it forever to pass down to my kids. It would cost too much to even make it a daily driver.

  10. piper62j

    Not being a Mopar aficionado, it appears these car lines are becoming very munch in demand regardless of the condition. Maybe due to the influence of the t.v. show “Graveyard Cars”. In my younger days (eh-hem) we gear heads mozied around Chevys and Fords, then later in life ,,would try to hide when a Chrysler product came into the shop. Go figure!!!!

  11. Booya

    Must be shill bidding.

  12. Texas Tea

    Another rust belt car. Worthless.

  13. jd

    Bought worse~I could do this one~Typical Mo rust~ Didn’t see the shock towers or Torsion bar frame supports~That is the game changer~Imagine this is in red with a 318 2v ,Raisin Bran Hood for 700 bucks? Open the truck and step through to the street~ah memories~

  14. James

    Car is right in line with the market . ’71 is the only year for the 4 headlights making it desireable . If it was a cuda it would be double the price regardless of options .

    If the guy is a flipper doesn’t really matter . The price is going up so there is a bit of interest .

    Might be better to get in at this level knowing the work needed & getting it done right than overpaying for a “restored” car that bites you in the but in a few years with all the fugazy work done .

    BH just means barracuda – doesn’t have anything to do with added options .

    I have bought a ’71 Cuda much worse than this . Been chasing one since ’87 . Never had the right money @ the right time . SO I bought bad , but cheap . MUCH easier to get up a grand or 2 at a time than the 20k+ needed for a good car .

    • James

      Car ended on Ebay @ $8100

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