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Worth $249,000? 1970 Nissan Laurel 2000GX

It’s hard to argue with having “2000” in the name of your car, your movie, your tv show, or anything else, really. Scotty G2000… hmm… I like that. It was futuristic in those days, back when everyone thought that after the year 2000 we’d all have it made. These aren’t the good ol’ days, as if I had to tell anyone that in 2020. Despite everything else going on this year, you’ll have to work extra hard to throw down a bid on this 1970 Nissan Laurel 2000GX. This rare car is listed here on eBay in Hallandale, Florida and the seller has a $249,000 buy-it-now price listed or you can make an offer. No, really.

When I first saw this car for sale on eBay, just a day ago, they were asking what seems like a bargain now: $49,000. Today it’s $249,000. I’m not sure what caused them to change their mind and raise the price by 500%. Maybe they’re hooked into the vintage Japanese car market or maybe they were getting offers close to that price and they had to keep telling their spouse, “I’m trying to sell the thing but nobody is willing to pay what it’s worth!” In any case, this is a lot of scratch for a car that isn’t a Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R, yet another car with 2000 in its name but one that can bring this seller’s asking price, but usually sells for a lot less.

Full wheel covers and 14″ whitewall tires aren’t usually on cars with a $249,000 asking price but they are in this case. Or, at least three wheel covers are included for that asking price. The Nissan Laurel was a step above the Bluebird, or 510, in luxury and it was a nice car in its day. You can see some rust on this car, including on the hood. But then again, the trunk floor looks almost like new.

The Nissan Laurel Hardtop 2000GX was a sporty twin-carb version with more power, which is rarely a bad thing. The first-generation Laurel sedan was made from 1968 until 1972 and the two-door hardtop version appeared in 1970. That does make this a valuable car, without question, but is it $249,000 valuable?

I’ll forego the usual “Hey, someone put the slide in backward!” comment here, this is obviously a Japanese-market car so it’s right-hand-drive. The very first thing I look for in regard to interior photos is how a vehicle is shifted and this car has a Jatco L3N three-speed automatic with a floor shifter. A 4-speed manual would make it infinitely more desirable and maybe more valuable. Although, with it being priced at $249,000 or offer now…  The seats look almost perfect both front and rear. As is usually the case, stripping out the seats and carpet is in order here to really do this car right, it deserves a full restoration.

This little gem of an engine is Nissan’s G20, a 2.0L inline-four with twin-carburetors and around 125 hp. The seller says that it runs and drives but will need to have the gas tank cleaned out and it also has an electric fuel pump “as well as the water pump”. Given the amount of restoration needed here, what’s your best offer on this Laurel 2000GX?


  1. GuernseyPagoda

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂👌. This one will go fast!👎

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    • stu

      Guys, I would love to buy this car but I’m a little short of the asking price….Can anyone help me, I need exactly $249,000.00 to get this heap of trash….sorry I mean my dream car!

  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    Let’s see…..I have a ’74 MG Midget that I’d ask $300,000 for.
    I wonder if he’d trade straight across for?

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    $249,000? That seems a little high. I’m at $24.90. Joking aside, I can think of several cars, actually ANY car, I’d rather have if I had a quarter of a million bucks to blow on a classic car. I wouldn’t want a right hand drive car anyway unless I lived back in Ireland again. This car would probably only appeal to a Japanese millionaire who just happens to be an auto enthusiast which really narrows the pool of potential buyers down to probably 2 or 3. I don’t know anything about vintage Japanese car values but to me, it’s stupid money for a silly little car.

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    • Tman

      Hmm. If I sell my house, guitars and amplifiers I could live in it and have some change left! On second thought, NAAAAAAA!!

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      • stu

        Tman, Lucky you…

  4. Steve R

    The seller is on a fishing expedition. I’m not sure why anyone takes his asking price seriously, but they will. The anonymity of sites like this encourages a certain subset of people to whine about things that are both beyond their control and are not relevant to their lives, to their hearts content.

    Steve R

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    • Tony Primo

      Whining is an American birthright that your forefathers fought hard to preserve. Don’t take it lightly.

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    • ace10

      Whining about whiners.

      Oh the irony!

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  5. Todd Fitch Staff

    Nice find, Scotty! It might bring $300k if someone had properly removed those ridiculous stickers. It looks like it’s ready for a LeMons race. On looks alone I’d take a 510 every time over this, but I love that color and the fender mirrors. I think I’m going to find mirrors like that and bolt them to the fenders of my Mustang LX 5.0 this weekend. Well, maybe not, but they are cool. Thanks for the write-up and bringing this little rolling 401k to our attention! If you make it the Scotty 2000 I’ll give it the Italian tune-up for you… or is that a mixed metaphor?

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    • Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

      The best part of this car are the wing mirrors.

      • stu

        ken tilly UK, The best part of this car is when it drives away…

      • chrlsful

        hate them (as much as RHD? close call). Now semaphores? wood dash? no computers? 4 speed autos in a daily driver?…

    • Dougie

      LeMons? What’s that? A reference to a female body part, in French? Now I’m really confused.

      • Todd Fitch Staff

        Hello Dougie – Sorry for vague reference. Check it out!

      • Dougie

        Ok Todd! That’s funny. Never heard of that (I’m West Coast(?)), but it looks like fun! Thanks.

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  6. Arby

    Maybe it’s Yen?

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  7. jerry z

    Thanks for the laugh Scotty! Someone should make an offer of $2.49 just to trigger this person. I guess anyone can ask for the moon. Something rare doesn’t make it valueable and here’s proof.

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  8. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    I was just staring at the “Buy it Now” button. It should be relabeled to read “WTF”.

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    • stu

      370zpp, Does “WTF” stand for “WOW TO FANTASTIC”

  9. Roger Ross

    The automatic lost me

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  10. 8banger David Mika Member

    We have a ’92 Volvo long roof that I’ll let go for $175K

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  11. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I think someone sneezed while entering the price and hit the zero a few too many times.

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  12. bobk

    Ummm, bartender? I’ll have what he’s smoking.



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    • Chas358 Chas358

      I was just thinking that!

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  13. Gremlin X

    A buddy had an ex-wife named Laurel. I’m pretty sure she cost him more than this ask.

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  14. Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

    The seller is a Joker!

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  15. 1st Gear

    April fools in December.
    I guess in Florida,there MUST be something in the water-contaminated hurricane water, alligator poop…

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  16. W9BAG

    The asking price is $249K. That’s 249,000 pesos, not USD. That equates to about $12,000 USD. Or at least it should be.

  17. Steve RM

    What’s with those mirrors?🤷‍♀️

    • Chuck Dickinson

      At this time, Japanese regulations required that the mirrors be visible through the swipe of the wipers, so that’s why all Japanese domestic production cars had the ‘donkey ear’ mirrors. On some of the early cars brought into the US (Datsun 510, Toyota Corona), there were little chrome ornaments on the front fenders to cover the mirror holes from the Japanese domestic cars.

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    • stu

      Steve RM, Those mirrors are in style…fashion statement….

  18. James A. Mogey

    Fairly priced at $2,490.

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  19. George Morrison

    Obviously the owner lives in some sort of alternate reality here, or maybe just trying out some sort of demoRAT math and this is the number he came up with…..nevertheless it appears just a smidgen out of my financial reach. Don’t really care for Datsun’s anyway

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  20. David Miraglia

    Way overpriced ,like the bus matience and truck manuals I see on ebay going for 200-600 dollars on Prevost, peterbilt and Kenworth. 10,000 is more appropriate.

  21. Steve

    No offense to those who like this car, but personally I wouldn’t take it if someone gave it to me. Unless of course I was allowed to sell it. There are dozens of other cars I’d rather spend my $249K on than this thing.

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  22. Dave Mathers

    Another case of the decimal point being in the wrong spot!! D’oh.

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    • stu

      Dave Mathers, Price looks good to me, maybe a little low but good…

  23. Bruce Fischer

    I could buy a house on the beach for that Price.Bruce.

    • Dougie

      What beach? Please send info.

      • stu

        Dougie,,He’s talking about the pouted beach

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  24. Wayne

    The front looks like a 510 and the rear looks like an RX2. And I like both cars. But the “meld” does not work for me. IF the car has IRS like a 510 sedan and IF you lowered the car a couple of inches and IF you took those ugly wheel covers off and replaced the wheels and tires with something proper.Then the car might look like $5,000 grand worth of vehicle.
    Rare does not mean valuable. If so, I will take $450,000 for my Ford Durango. It’s a lot more rare than this little car.

  25. Nigel Utting

    Can’t blame ’em for trying. Never seen this one before, not sold in Australia. The front end is Datsun 1600 which is the closest we got here in sedan. My dad one, very fast for a small car in the day. Reminds me of an Aussie bloke who tried to flog a Holden Sandman Panel Van in the USA back in the 80’s. Asking for 20 grand and a Corvette if I recall, a stupendous amount for the time but would have been unique in the US. Don’t know how he went, but the irony is today a good origonal Sandman would be worth all that and more today.

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  26. Joel S.

    Okay, I know it is 2020 but please do not tell me we went backwards to April 1st 2020. Please!

  27. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this listing mysteriously turned into an auction for a 1989 Nissan Skyline GTST.

  28. dougie

    Where is Rod Serling when we need him?

  29. Aaron

    Unfortunately the car isn’t worth what they seem to think it is worth as it as it isn’t the famous pig back Laurel (1972 – 77 model) which are currently fetching around the $120k to $170k mark. The only Nissans commanding big money are the first and second gen Skylines, 240Z with the twin cam engine and the pig back Laurel all because of rarity and popularity. Also some of the early 70s Bluebirds are getting close to $100k mark

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