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Worth Saving? 1966 Ford Bronco

This 1966 Ford Bronco is in a very sad state and might be on the verge of no return. 40 bids have been made on this badly bruised Bronco. All those bids have only increased the price to $2,000 and incredibly enough, the reserve has not yet been met. The truck is located in West Virginia, but the seller is located in Ashland, Kentucky. A photo of the dashboard shows the mileage to have reached 33,382. No VIN is listed and apparently, the truck was only going to be for off-road use at one point and so it was never titled. But the seller does have a signed title for a truck. It is a very confusing story. You can try deciphering it here on eBay.

Worth Saving? 1966 Ford Bronco

A photo is provided of the engine. No information regarding the mechanical component usage is listed. The six-cylinder engine looks to be in rough shape which most likely means this engine has not fired in a long time. It is connected to a manual transmission. The seller is honest about the fact that the front left fender is long gone. Sadly, so is the tailgate as well. However, they could be located between now and the end of the sale, and if they are, they will be included.

Worth Saving? 1966 Ford Bronco

Inside, you can see there is just as much mess as outside. In fact, it is hard to separate the interior from the exterior. Cobwebs are hanging all over the steering column and the steering wheel itself has started to grow its own vegetation. The floors are rusted through and there is plenty of other rust to be found on the doors, seats, dashboard, and just about everywhere else.

Worth Saving? 1966 Ford Bronco

The deflated tires still have chains on them. This poor truck must have been loved and worked hard, but not loved enough to keep covered and cared for. It might be too far gone for this Bronco, but the bidders will have to be the deciding factor of that. For all of you 4×4 fans out there, what are your thoughts? Is this truck worth saving or should it be left to become one with the earth?


  1. Howard A Member

    I only hope they will reconsider and accept my $20,000 dollar offer,,,wait, better yet, buy it for $2,000 and flip it for $20,000,,,that’s the way they do it.

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    • Haig Haleblian

      I’d say it’s been flipped a few times already.

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    Amazing the popularity of all vintage 4X4’s at the moment. Record prices paid makes this ugly duck somewhat attractive. I see the allure. BUT I am not interested. The title and not much else will live on though.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    This one’s a parts car! Some must die so others may live….

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  4. AndyinMA


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  5. Mark m.

    Just plain disgusting !

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  6. 433jeff

    Wow they used a similar f100 f 250 fleetside die on the rear quarter of the bronco, and I noticed the no backup light lens, that mist be the same. That is the ultimate color, it looks like it will buff right out, might as well go new on the fender and gate, just think of all the money you will save with the 6 cylinder.

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  7. Bob McK

    I’m with you Andyin MA. not sure why anyone would spend their hard earned money on this junk. Perhaps I am missing something.

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  8. Bigbird

    …..and I sold mine in 1979 for 1000.00 with a plow…..some parts only.

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  9. Mark C

    It’s a parts car, that is assuming you can find any parts that haven’t become their own miniature ecosystem.

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  10. Ryan Hilkemann

    Not worth saving in my opinion, a few food parts though.

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  11. Mike

    Uncut fenders!! Buy, buy, buy!

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  12. Papa Jay

    Gas cap looks decent.

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  13. Paul

    Only value may be the used tire chains….nothing else here looks salvageable

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  14. Lance

    Love that hand crafted front fender.

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  15. chrlsful

    it took me 3 or 4 to make my 1- 30+ yrs ago. This 1, like the vedub bus’n others will B used for the tag only (1st yr ’66 more desirable). As stripped there will B a few prts (dash, pad, ster box, frame?) that will B cheeper to refurbish than buy new (every prt is avail).
    Bronks reached #1 in sales this fall. Now to #28. They’re a labor of luv (very few get back whats put in). Still wrkin on mine. 8^ )

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  16. Steve Bush Member

    WTF? Didn’t meet reserve? Seller is even more nuts than whomever offered him $2551 for this rusted out POS if he doesn’t take the money and run.

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  17. Bigbird

    I have to agree. To take the money and run may have been high robbery. I would have set 500.00 a buy it now and you pick it up….done. This was too far gone to get any more out of it…..be fair.

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