14K Original Miles: Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible

Once a common fixture on U.S. roads, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme has gradually disappeared as these handsome coupes and sedans hit the bottom of the depreciation curve. The convertible models still enjoy a strong following, as do the final generation coupes with the quad headlights and five-point alloy wheels. This 1991 Cutlass Supreme convertible is special in its own right with just 14,578 miles on the clock. Find it here on eBay with a $19,800 Buy-It-Now.

Although my preference is for the later convertible models for those aforementioned styling tweaks, I’ll still always consider this one of the prettiest droptops Oldsmobile ever made. The thick center roll bar is perhaps my favorite feature, along with the aggressive looks up front. This car presents as new, with unmarked bodywork, perfect alloy wheels and 100% stock condition. The white-on-red combination is one of the best for practically any car.

Look at that stunning interior! Yes, it’s quite red, even the seatbelts are color-coordinated. But the shiny plastics and untorn seating surfaces really do look fantastic. The Cutlass could take on more sporting pretenses if it were optioned with the Getrag manual transmission, or Quad 4 motor or even four bucket seats with front and rear consoles! No word on whether this one has the trick head-up display, but the gauge cluster is at least digital.

Here’s where I have some trouble with this particular car: for the mileage, the engine bay is surprisingly tatty. I would have absolutely hired a detailer to steam that motor back to perfection if I’m selling a time capsule. And the other area of concern are the undercarriage shots that show an awful lot of surface rust for a car that hasn’t even covered what I drive on an annual basis. Check out the eBay gallery and tell us yourself: is this low-mileage Cutlass worth it?


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  1. Tom Justice

    That looks like a really nice car and would be a nice highway cruiser or even a day to day driver but the price seems awfully dear; what do the rest of the readers think? Does not appear to have had any bidders with two days left.

  2. Landau Topzz

    Are there other types of miles besides “original” ? I can think of many other cars that would be better options for top-down motoring at $19,000. Each to his/her own.

    • Tom Justice

      Just like “totally unique” or “free gift”.

      • TJ

        and my favorite, recorded earlier/pre-recorded

      • Mark S.

        Genuine imitation.

      • Landau Topzz

        “Corinthian Leather”

    • BOP Guy Member

      I sold my 66 Ford Galaxie XL convertible, restored and with a 390 two barrel, bucket seats and center console, early last year for $19k. This just doesn’t even come close to the money-to-fun quotient as many other fun convertibles at that price ! That being said, I thought this was one of the best products to come from Olds in its final years. I like the later ones better too.

    • Smokey Member

      f r e s h f r o z e n

  3. David H

    We’re still 15 years away from that price for that car. Seller is trying to pull the market to him, which is fine, but maybe a waste of eBay fees.

    One day though, the kid who watched these tote the homecoming queen in ’96 will pay $15k for one.

  4. irocrobb

    I have always liked them but this one just does not do it for me.At least it has the more reliable,easier to work on 3.1. I had two Lumina Eurosports with the 3.1 and they were great on gas and very reliable.
    In my opinion this one is about 8 grand too much

  5. jdjonesdr

    Nice, but not $19K nice. $10K would be pushing it.

  6. Dana Friedman

    I owned one of these pretty drop tops, however as an Oldsmobile fan and a rag top fanatic, hands down this had to be the worst car I have ever owned in my life. It hit 30000 miles and everything failed. I ended up stuck, having to leave the car in one of the worst areas in New York, and 2 days later it was still there. This was an area that was so bad they would steal cars would people in them.

  7. Dave Mc

    Let’s see, pay 20k for a car that would most likely sit in the garage because you were afraid to put miles on it? Or buy a reliable new one?
    Decisions, decisions.

  8. Joe Haska

    I am on board with just about everybody else, it is a very nice car, BUTT! Not almost 20K nice, and for allot of reasons it just doesn’t do it for me. I guess it is the car salesman’s mantra ” There is an A__ for every seat”, this car just needs to find it.

  9. Stang1968

    My friend owned one of these when the car was about 5 years old. It was the most unreliable, uninspired car we’d collectively owned. It was always in the shop for one thing or another. Head gaskets, transmissions issues, suspension issues, digital dash/projector, it never ended. His Olds was a big reason why his Mach 1 never got the proper attention it needed- no $ was left over for it because his DD always needed it!

    • Landau Topzz

      “Unreliable AND uninspired” . That should have been The Big Three’s Mission Statement during that era. The best thing that came out of that time was the door being kicked open by the Japanese manufacturers and their quality systems, it forced the Big Three to start paying attention. Still not sure they pay attention all the time but it never would have happened without the push.

  10. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    At least nobody can say the seller didn’t supply enough pictures!

  11. BarnfindyCollins

    GM used to display one of these outside the assembly plant in the Atlanta area when they were building them. Not really car related but saw that name posted; I had a teacher named Tom Justice in the Morganton , NC area drove a Plymouth Colt/ Champ.

    • Tom Justice

      Probably was me, care to share a name?

  12. Wade Anderson

    I had one what a pain of a car it was the top would stick and wouldn’t start up when it was down the front brakes went bad at a cost of 700dollars to fix the a.c. locked up and had to bypassed to the car to run at all the back brakes were on the way out it was a fun car with the top down but too expensive to keep it had the double overhead cam v6 in it

  13. BarnfindyCollins

    That TJ taught Science and was a Hi-Fi audio buff like me and a fellow jazz fan with a hell of a collection of Frank Zappa.

    • Tom Justice

      Like I said, it is me. You can find me and send an email if you Google the right way.

  14. Clay Bryant

    Have a white one and a blue one of these. I like them but the blue one’s going as only one can be driven at a time. Have always liked them if but only for the roll bar. I’ve owned many convertibles but have always liked the no nonsense look of these……….

  15. BarnfindyCollins

    Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could chime in here and comment on the early headlight version of these with their tiny Guide headlights. I don’t remember seeing them used anywhere else. Sometimes headlights and tailights get recycled and used in the RV industry.

    • mars2878

      are you referring to the mini-quad headlights? if so, the same gen (92+) hardtop Cutlass coupe & Grand Prix coupe used them. Also, GM starting using them on the 88+ full-size (new & old body styles) trucks & were used until being replaced by the composite headlights on the ’91 model, 93-97 Camaro’s used them. the full-size GM vans used them for awhile. I might be forgetting some other models.

  16. dr fine

    I remember well when these were new. We were supposed to be happy that the convertible was not dead after all, but basket handles ruin the lines of a car for me, including the 911 Targa. I could not understand why someone would pay nearly twice the price for a car that didn’t look as good as the hardtop, unless it was considered a status symbol.

    • Pa Tina

      Maybe the basket handle made it easier to put them in the crushers. Forward thinking by GM!

  17. carsofchaos

    The BIN is asinine. I like these a lot but you can get a very nice example for $5k

  18. Comet

    14,500 miles? I think not. If so, those were tough miles. The drivers seat wear and the widespread rust on the chassis pics tell another story. I drive a nine year old car that has never been spared from Wisconsin’s salty winters, it shows no where near the amount of underside rust as this overpriced “cream puff.”

  19. P Wentzell

    One like this was for sale near me, passed on it as the seller was also asking too much.
    BarnfindyCollins – ah yes, the GM Doraville plant in Atlanta. Forgot they would display the current build out front. (I believe) the last thing built there was the Pontiac Montana and the Chevrolet Venture. The plant was razed, there is a new Nissan dealership on one corner of the former plant property.

  20. Zestie

    $10… maybe $11 tops.

  21. 64 Bonneville

    We had a 1991 Cutlass Supreme International Series 4 door sedan for about 6 years. Since we bought it used with 79K on it, and it had a digital dash, we got the extended “bumper to bumper” warranty at a cost of $1700 additional. Most likely the most intelligent thing I have ever done in regards to buying a used car. Was a $100.00 deductible on it. 2 days after we bought it, alternator went out, 3 weeks later complete brake system locked up, With the start of warm weather, the automatic climate control system took a dump., near the end of the 36K “bumper to bumper” they had to replace the heads, and the transmission. So for $500.00 out of pocket, we had an alternator, complete brake system replacement, complete climate control (compressor, condenser, and electronic controls etc) both cylinder heads, and the transmission replaced/repaired. This was my wifes’ car, and after 280,000 miles we gave it to our oldest daughter when she got her license. I really liked the rag tops, but the Cutlass was a major hemeroid.

  22. Poppy

    You could buy a decent ’68-’72 Cutlass rag top for $19,800.

  23. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Of all the cars shown in the background, the featured car is the least interesting.

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