Nice Driver: 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

The seller of this 1969 Firebird Convertible has owned the vehicle for 12-years, and under his ownership, he says that he has only added 6,000 miles to its odometer. That has brought its reading to a grand total of 78,000 miles. It is a tidy and clean car that has spent all of its life stored indoors. As a result of this factor plus careful ownership, the Firebird has minimal rust problems. After 12-years, he has decided that it is time for the Firebird to find its way to a new home. Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, you will find the Convertible listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $16,600, and with the reserve now met, the Pontiac is set to go to its new home.

The owner of the Verdoro Green Pontiac is candid about its condition. While the paint looks very clean and consistent and the panels appear to be straight, there are some minor rust issues that will need to be tackled at some point. There is the usual surface corrosion that is found on the underside of the vehicle, and it would definitely be worth addressing this before it can make that leap into becoming actual rot. The same is true of the trunk pan, but if it was treated now then that would minimize its chances of deteriorating further.  There is also some rust developing around the wheel wells, but this appears to be of a fairly minor nature. The Black power top looks like it is in good order, while the chrome, trim and the glass also looks quite nice. The Firebird’s hood is a later addition and features open scoops and a functioning hood tach. Also added at some point were the Torque Thrust wheels, which suit the styling of the car very nicely. Of course, if the next owner wants the Firebird to take on a more original appearance, then the wheels and the hood could both be replaced quite easily.

Under the hood of the Pontiac, we find a 350ci V8, and this appears to be backed by a 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission. There is also power steering and power brakes, with the entire braking system, including all lines, having been replaced in recent times. It isn’t clear whether this is a numbers-matching car, but the owner did recently have the transmission rebuilt. The 350 should be good to produce 265hp, and this would be enough to propel the Firebird through the ¼ mile in 16.5 seconds. What the owner does tell us is that the vehicle is showing 78,000 miles on the odometer, and while he has no way of confirming that this is original, he says that with the Firebird driving so nicely, he has no reason to doubt that the reading is correct. He says that he derives a great deal of enjoyment from driving the car and the fact that it has always been properly maintained means that it has always been dependable.

The interior of the Convertible looks neat and tidy, but there are a few modifications to note. The Pontiac has been fitted with a Formula-style wheel, while there are speakers cut into the kick panels. I can’t see any signs of an aftermarket stereo, so maybe the speakers are being fed by the AM/FM radio. The dash looks really nice and features a full set of gauges that are said to function properly. The dash pad, the upholstery, the console, and the door trims, all seem to be in good condition. The carpet is looking a bit faded around the edges, and if a full restoration is performed by the next owner, they will probably choose to replace this.

The owner describes this 1969 Firebird Convertible as being a tidy car of driver-quality. To me, that seems to be a fairly accurate assessment. He also says that it could be restored to a pristine state and that it would make a solid foundation for such a project. So far, he is two-from-two, because I tend to agree with him on that score as well. If someone was to grab this car, treat the minor rust and corrosion problems, apply a nice fresh coat of paint, and replace the carpet, there is no reason why it couldn’t command a value of $35,000 or more. I would be tempted to buy the Firebird now, enjoy it during the Summer months, and then tackle the restoration work once the weather turns nasty. That way, when the sun comes out once again, so could a nicely restored Firebird Convertible.

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  1. poseur Member

    ohhh myyyy….!
    perfect color, wheels, hood etc for this Poncho fan.
    all it needs is a manual trans.
    and bigger engine.
    ok, 4-wheel discs.
    which means bigger wheels (but still Torque Thrusts!).

    nevermind. it’s wonderful as is

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  2. Cattoo Member

    Love each era of the firebird each in its own way and this is a great example of a daily fair weather driver.

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  3. John Oliveri

    400 4 speed white top and interior, vintage air, this is why I own a 25,000 73 Grand Prix, it never ends

  4. Troy s

    Looks like a real screamer of a firebird, all dressed up and ready to impress, one look under the hood and…..Awe shucks.
    Still a gorgeous looker no doubt.

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  5. Bmac777 Member

    I love these cars. unfortunately they’re my “Eleanor”.
    I had 4 of them in the 80’s.
    A 400 auto w/ 411’s that was rotted beyond repair that fell apart after 3 months
    A RA3 400 auto w/ 3.42’s, very powerful and fast, ended up in the ocean
    A 350 auto that blew a brake line and hit the side of a hill
    A ohc 6cyl 3 on tree that was absolutely flawless. Red with black interior not a rip scratch or ding anywhere on it. I had a rebuilt 400 and a m22 ready to go in when a drunk in a Cordoba hit me and destroyed it. Broke the rear leafs as it tore down the drivers side and buckled the car in half, roof ,floors JUNK
    In 07 I bought one to build my ultimate dream car. A built 70 455 tri-power and Tremec 5 sp w/3.42’s Then I lost everything in the economy in 08 and had to sell
    Just not meant to be lol
    I’m thinking of trying a 68 instead

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    • Troy s

      Can’t help it, I just got to know how that RA3 wound up in the ocean…brake troubles ?

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      • Bmac777 Member

        No I had set the car up to ride high up with grand prix springs in front and air shocks in back. I had put snow tires on and with the posi we decided to try some off roading.
        Took it onto the beach twice and then the third time I got stuck.
        Tide came in before I could rescue it
        No good decisions happen after 2am lol

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  6. TimM

    The Pontiac motor division of General Motors had the best looking convertibles of all time in my opinion!!!! The 66-67 GTO’s were the sexiest but this fire bird is a real close second!!!
    Muscle at its finest!!!

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    • Andy

      Amen brother.

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  7. John Taylor

    Looks like some hidden rust there, check out the inside of the trunk and you’ll see where it has some rust that needs replacing, mind you the owner is honest and states it needs a full resto if you want a great car. I do like it but has the hood been replaced by a poor fitting new one ?

  8. RandyS

    Check the build dates of the Goodyears. Those STs have not been made for general purchase in a long time (20 years?). I believe they have been reintroduced as part of the classic/vintage line and are about $400/tire if new.

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