3 for 1 Project: 1969 AMC SC/Rambler

The Rambler American had its swan song at American Motors in 1969, to be replaced by the revived Hornet nameplate the following year. But the car went out in style with a limited-edition muscle model called the SC/Rambler, a car developed in cahoots with Hurst Performance Corp. It was a compact 2-door hardtop with special graphics, a Hurst shifter, and a 390 cubic inch V8 under the hood that could really “haul the mail.” This edition needs a lot of work, but the motor has been prepped for a rebuild. Currently residing in Lawton, Oklahoma, it can be saved here on eBay for $20,000 (Buy It Now) or you can submit an offer. And it comes with two parts cars!

In some respects, the SC/Rambler was a dry run for The Rebel Machine in 1970. Both would be one-year-only cars that were built in small numbers, had wild graphics, and were available with AMC’s top powerplant. The SC/Rambler was an American on steroids and was the last nameplate in the AMC arsenal to use the Rambler name.  In the case of the SC/Rambler, only 1,512 of the little cars were built, making them a pretty rare sight today. Two paint schemes were prevalent on the cars, either white over blue (like the seller’s car) or white over red. Also similar to The Machine!

From the looks of things, this SC/Rambler has spent a lot of time baking out in the sun. The original white paint looks almost grey at this point and is loaded with patina. We’re told the floor pans are shot but the rails and frame are in good shape. The deal comes with a 1969 American 4-door sedan that could offer its floors as replacements. For other parts you might need, a 1967 American Rogue will also come along for the ride.

We’re told the engine has been to a machine shop and “cleaned and checked” and is ready to be rebuilt. So, we assume it’s not in the car and comes separately (bring several trailers for everything). The Hurst shifter is missing along with the Ram Air parts and front bucket seats (passenger compartment not photographed). At 315 horsepower in such a light car, the SC/Rambler was a hot ticket at the street corner drag races. Since you’re getting three cars for the price of one, does the asking price make the acquisition any more attractive?


  1. Howard A Member

    1st of all, great write up, not much to add to Russ’ story, but the posting. What do we have here? I know, most people don’t write many for sale ads, but jeez, Louise, the fanfare is all on the SC, which is a mere shell of itself,( only thing SC is the hood) when the real story should be on the Rogue. Even the 4 door has a better possibilities. The Rogue, I believe had a 290 V8, and a 4 speed, and was just a more civilized car, with plenty of fun. I saw a guy from Ohio, that had a ’67 Rogue, 343, 4 speed, blue, it was the nicest car at the show. The SC, from what I remember, was a bare bones car, and even the 4 door is worth saving. Go ahead and laugh, the Rambler American consistantly won the Mobil “Gas Mileage” events. Wouldn’t that be something, with todays( and future) gas prices, the lowly Rambler American may once again have it’s day,,( crickets),

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  2. That Guy

    I took way more, and better, pictures of the 2005 Taurus I sold a couple of years ago for $1600 than this guy took of the car he wants twenty grand for. It’s really not hard. A little effort please, folks.

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  3. Davey Boy

    Took a closer read of the ad. It says it HAS the front and rear seats. It is missing the Hurst shifter and the ram air parts. Having the original wheels is a VERY big deal, and by the way…..Did you see how much these things brought at Mecham’s over the weekend!!! CRAZY S— MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mike

    This is so sad….and going to be a money pit for the restorer.

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  5. gaspumpchas

    Indeed, Mike, sad to see in this condition. When you shoehorn a v8 and a 4 speed into gramma’s grocery getter, its gotta be cool. seems like maybe you could 20 large towards something better. Anyhoo, good luck and happy motoring!

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  6. Mike

    That hood scoop always looked dorky to me.

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    • Howard A Member

      Um, it was made by AMC, Mike, what’s your point? We led the way in “dorkiness” :)

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    • Idiot Boy

      One man’s dorky is another man’s ballsy

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  7. Steve Clinton

    “The motor has been prepped for a rebuild. It can be saved here on eBay for $20,000.”
    Sink another $20,000 into it and you’ll have saved a $20,000 car.

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      Try again. SC are worth north of 50k

  8. bull

    3 for 1!!!

    Buy one and let the other lay where they are at.

    No “Cents” being the scrap man for the seller!

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  9. Davey Boy

    Not sure what happened to my last comment. Posted it and it disappeared. Hope this one is read by someone other than me. Just wanted to know if anyone but me seen how much these RAMBLER’S were going over the Mecham auction block for over the last weekend. $100.000 and better. This exact model I believe went for $110.000. More than one at this price also so it wasn’t just a fluke. Hard to believe something like this would fetch that high of a price. The world we live in today.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Can you share links to the auctions?

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