30 Antiques & Customs Estate Sale, 1928-1975

It’s sad to think that these 30 cars are all part of an estate sale, but I hope they will now go on to new owners who cherish them as much as it looks like they have been loved. They are located in Hartselle, Alabama and are listed for sale here on craigslist. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Fred W. for this great find!

There are enough beautiful cars here for someone to start a museum. The seller seems to have particularly liked “shoebox” Fords, but there’s a large collection of all kinds of cars. The Volkswagen doesn’t seem to fit with the rest, but who am I to judge? What cars do you see in this picture #2? (yep, I’m going to ask you to name them in the comments, you’ve got me!)

Picture #3: I see some cars I really like here–I’m a sucker for early Rivieras and I actually like the ones before they got the hidden headlights right best! Corvairs are another weak point of mine.

Picture #4 includes another Riviera and the earliest car, said to be a 1928 Ford. The seller actually names the highlights as such: “Awarding winning model A roadster, 1937 LaSalle that runs so quiet you can’t hear it, 1952 Studebaker custom from 1960 by Edmunds Speed Shop (runs great), several convertibles, 1953 Buick with less than 20,000 original miles.  These cars are complete and not missing even a piece of trim. Several are street rods with A/C etc. Several are unmolested originals.” 

Just looking them over, this Studebaker is my favorite of the bunch. I believe this is a 1955, but I’m not an expert. The two-tone paint really caught my eye and I’ve always liked this body style. That being said, I wouldn’t turn down any of these cars–and I look forward to your attempts to identify all the ones we’ve pictured in the comments! Please call them out by picture number to make things easier on me.



WANTED 1977 Dodge Dodge Aspen RT Peferred driver, super PAC edition, fixer-upper. Contact

WANTED 1962 Chevrolet Impala Looking for a 1962 Chevy impala project car Contact

WANTED 1966 – 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Project car. Mechanically fine North East Contact

WANTED 1967 Mercury cyclone convertible don’t care how bad it is but needs a good title A project Contact

WANTED 1959/1960 Pontiac ANY parts car Contact

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  1. Art Fink

    I would love to attend this Estate Sale. Unfortunately I’m not available. If possible, can someone report back with the sales results?? These are beautiful cars.

    • Fred W.

      Probably not the best way for them to sell the cars, I predict that after the weekend they still have most of them. They are beautiful cars and I’ll bet they are priced accordingly. An onsite (and online) auction with the right auctioneer would probably get great results. Or take the shoeboxes to the nearest AACA meet, where they would be in high demand.

  2. Mike Young

    The Green/black ’51 Ford is my choice.

  3. American_Badaz

    I sure would like to have the purple/silver Nash or the burgundy 47 Merc sitting in my driveway!!!

  4. Rustytech Member

    I want the whole kit and kabootable, ( barn included ) Ah but that’s a pipe dream. I especially like the Studebakers, I always have had a soft spot for them because my grand dad had such success with them. I too want to thank Fred W. For sharing this find with us. KUDO’s!

  5. Dolphin Member

    This is one time when the family might need an estate advisor who knows something about disposing of a large group of vintage cars and can suggest something beyond CL. Maybe the family is looking for the easiest way, and maybe they don’t have the time or energy for the auction route, but I’m guessing they will need to get lucky to get the true value out of these cars.

    The cars look well cared for but most of them aren’t exactly what many collectors are after these days. I think the high point for most of them has probably come and gone, unfortunately.

    That said, the rodded yellow Stude convertible looks interesting. But the VW looks out of place. The way it’s sitting in the middle made me wonder whether it is part of the collection or whether it belongs to a visitor.

    But it sure is good to see a collection that’s a real collection in a very decent and secure building, and not just an accumulation that’s rotting into the ground in the back 40 or in a crumbling old wooden building that used to be a barn.

  6. Red'sResto

    This is exactly the reason why Barn Finds needs to open a credit union called Barn Funds….

    • PatrickM

      Absolutely, Red!

  7. David Miraglia

    I’ll take the Beetle and the buick

  8. Steven

    Auctions are worst way to sell classic cars as both buyer and seller pay them high cost auction fees.. Getting a classic car dealer too individual sale them is best way, museum is worst case scenario as driving them from time to time getting the pleasure out of them..

  9. Rob

    As the Ad said.. NOT AN AUCTION, so guess it’s “This is the $$’s I want, but just make me an offer I can’t refuse”.. I too like that Riv, as I bought a ’65 yrs ago brand new, but that Merc Convert is damn sweet too.

  10. WaltB31

    Picture #2 L-R: 1950 Ford (Red), ’47-8 Chevy (Maroon)(?), unknown, ’49 Packard (Green), 1951 Ford (Two Tone Green), 1950 Ford (Maroon).

    • Woodie Man

      look like a ’50 Packard to me…have to see the side trim to be sure. I like the Nash too…..wahoo!

    • olddavid

      I’m almost certain that is the Packard swan on the car down past the green ’50’s Packard.

    • Bellingham Fred

      I opened the pic in another window and zoomed to 250%. The maroon car looks more like a Caddy to me. The hood is too long and the grille isn’t right for a Chevy. I can’t see enough of the black car to ID it.

  11. Mark

    It’s “not an auction”, but no prices are listed? Is it a ‘read my mind’ sale? I’ve never found that this works. The seller either has embarrassingly high prices which they don’t list for fear of driving away potential buyers, or they have no idea whatsoever about classic cars and will give them away to the first dealer who rolls up with a wad of cash. The former scenario is more common, and with the Internet, there’s really no reason for the latter. Imagine listing your home and not posting a price! People have seen too many episodes of ‘American Pickers’, me thinks. Nice cars, however.

  12. Steven

    Possibly this could be a misprint or shoved in a joke about these cars so people comment..

  13. Loco Mikado

    A lot of nice looking cars but the Buick Riviera seems to be leaking some fluids. If they look as nice underneath, trunk and engine areas as the outsides look they would be a decent cars to buy. as far as price that is something only the buyer and seller can agree upon to make a sale. All the postulations and comments of non involved parties are just that.

  14. Paul B

    The Nash Airflyte and the 1955 Studebaker coupe are interesting and historically significant cars. That doesn’t always equate with value, but I would like them both — and have room in my garage for neither.

  15. Joe Nose

    Perfect cars for an Elvis impersonator…per a few minutes in the interweb…

  16. Tom Driscoll

    Lot’s of comments, no lookers? We need to hear from someone who can visit these guys…I hope???

  17. Darrell Lawrence

    The ’55 Studebaker has the Speedster fog lamps on the front bumper, however Speedsters were Hard Tops and also the Script on the rear quarter is not right. The car is not painted Speedster colors of Sun Valley Yellow & Hialeah Green, so I’m thinking it’s a President with Speedster parts. The yellow ’52 Studebaker Convertible would be worth more than the ’55 at this point and would depending whether it had a Flathead 6 or a Paxton Supercharged 289 V8. Were it a true Speedster the values would be reversed. However, with that said, the ’55 Lowey is still a desirable car amongst the custom car hobby enthusiasts and would make for a beautiful Resto-mod.

    • Darrell Lawrence

      I should add, the Speedster above is not part of this Collector Sale and photo was posted to show the difference between the ’55 two-tone blue President and the ’55 green & yellow Speedster.

      • PatrickM

        Can’t stand that color combo. Needs a repaint. Cobalt blue bottom with white top.

  18. Lance

    The car next to the yellow Buick is either a 29 or a 30 Hudson. Looks like a resto with those wheels.

  19. PatrickM

    Can’t stand that color combo. Needs a repaint. Cobalt blue bottom with white top.

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