Montana Survivor: 1969 Ford F100 360 4-Speed

The thought of undertaking a complete restoration on a classic vehicle can seem attractive. However, sometimes there is just as much joy to be gained from taking an already tidy survivor and knocking away a few of the rough edges to make it a genuine eye-catcher. That is the potential locked away in this 1969 Ford F100 Custom Cab. It already presents well for its age, but it has a few minor issues that prevent it from achieving perfection. If you feel set for a challenge, you will find the F100 offered by a seller located in Boise, Idaho, who has listed it for sale here on eBay. He has set a BIN of $18,500, and I have to say thank you to Barn Finder Larry D for spotting this beauty for us.

At first glance, this F100 makes a positive statement in its glowing and original Candyapple Red. The seller doesn’t indicate that the vehicle has ever undergone any restoration work. If everything is as it was when it left the factory, it is a pretty impressive survivor. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but if a buyer chose to drive it untouched, it would still turn heads. However, if that buyer wishes to lift its overall presentation to the next level, that would seem to be an easy task. The panels look pretty straight, although there is a dent in the passenger side rocker that will require attention. There is also a mark on the rear roof and a couple of minor bruises on other panels. Addressing these would be child’s play, and doing so would make a big difference to the Ford’s appearance. Visible rust is minimal. I can see an area in the lower front fender on the driver’s side, but that appears to be it. I can’t spot any other problems, and the seller doesn’t mention any in the listing. There are no issues with the glass, but some of the side moldings have the occasional ding or mark. The remaining trim and hubcaps look good, and the only other item that might need attention is the wheels. There’s nothing horrendously wrong with them, but restoring them would boost the F100’s overall looks.

The original owner ordered this F100 equipped with a 360ci V8 backed by a four-speed manual transmission. With 215hp and 327 ft/lbs of torque on tap, this combination would make the F100 an accomplished workhorse or tow vehicle. It could undoubtedly put its tow hitch to good use and would barely raise a sweat doing so. The news seems to be nothing but positive when we consider this classic’s drivetrain. The seller states that it has 57,000 miles on the clock but has no verifying evidence. If we rely purely on the engine bay’s visible condition, the claim could be plausible. He also says that there are no indications that any of the major drivetrain components have been out of the vehicle for refurbishment or rebuilding. He says that the F100 runs and drives well, so it seems that it is ready to be used and enjoyed by a lucky new owner.

When we turn our attention to this classic’s interior, the impression is largely positive once again. The floormat has surprisingly little wear for a vehicle of this type and age. Unfortunately, there is a large tear in the seatcover on the driver’s side, and I believe it has ripped beyond repair. That means that the buyer will probably choose to outlay around $300 on a new cover. While they are collecting this, they might also decide to hand over an additional $200 for a dash pad to replace the cracked original. Otherwise, this interior would seem to need nothing. It isn’t loaded with luxury, although it looks like someone has added a radio at some point.

There’s a lot to like about this 1969 Ford F100 Custom Cab, but it’s also a vehicle that leaves me pretty surprised. Its overall originality is impressive, and even though it has a few issues, it still manages to present well. My surprise stems from the lack of interest it seems to have demonstrated since the owner listed it for sale. We’re used to seeing classic pickups like this with a high number of people watching the listing. At the time of writing, the total on this one was a mere six people. I can’t see why this would be the case because there are no glaring significant faults, and the BIN isn’t outrageously high. It might be worth watching this listing to see whether those circumstances change.


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  1. alphasud Member

    I don’t see the asking price for this truck. Yea, it’s a custom cab but pretty basic truck here. Optional engine but manual steering, no power assisted brakes. No wonder the paint is rubbed off the steering wheel! Maybe 18.5K with the shown trailer. Also reading the description on EBay truck must be somewhere in Montana and is listed by a dealer in Boise who doesn’t hold title?

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Thanks Adam. My reaction is similar to alphasud’s. It is a nice truck but needs some work to make it really nice. The market for these is hot but maybe not quite this hot. I drove Ford trucks of this era and they drove like… trucks.

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  3. Brad Taber

    This is a scam, I am the owner of this truck. I have never met the “seller” and have never heard of him. He stole my photos off of Facebook and created and eBay listing.

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    • Terrry

      Scam or not , the price is way too high.

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      • Brad

        Terry, I don’t believe I said a word about price. The fact is, the “seller” is listing a pickup that doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to me. Have you researched recent sales on these pickups? You might be very shocked. But thanks for your opinion!

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    • Howard A Member

      Hey Brad, whoa, that’s kind of creepy. I don’t think that’s ever happened here, or we never heard of it before. The staff here is usually pretty good at spotting scams. Look at it this way, your truck gets some unexpected coverage here. Goodluck.

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      • Brad

        Howard, yeah it is creepy. I’m less concerned with the coverage and more concerned with an innocent person sending this clown money for a pickup they won’t get. The “seller” has 27 listings and I’d imagine the majority of them are scams. I’ve confirmed there’s at least one other vehicle he has listed that he doesn’t own and is not authorized to list.

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  4. Mike

    The seller has a 50% rating with just 2 feedback reviews. Every listing states “We do not own this vehicle, vehicle is not located in Boise.” I looked at this auction for a 1970 MB and there’s a huge legal statement in the description that goes on and on and on (scroll down)

    Is this a business that searches the internet for stuff on sale and creates their own listings injecting themselves as a middleman or an elaborate scam like Brad said? Here’s their website:

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  5. T. Mann Member

    Adam Clarke, are you reading the responses here???
    Anyone from Barn Finds reading this weekend?
    Brad has made an alarming update.

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    • Brad

      Thanks T, myself and several of my friends reported it to eBay and finally got the listing removed!

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      • T. Mann Member

        I also reported it to eBay.

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  6. Slomoogee

    eBay, Craig’s list, Facebook, Offer up, unless I see the car in person or send an agent I’m not biting. I’ve used these platforms to locate cars before, but then again I may just be a paranoid old man. However my advise to anyone when buying is Caveat Emptor.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hey pal, nothing wrong with being paranoid. Scams are HUGE today, people make decent livings today scamming others. Sadly, if you want to buy or sell a car today, there aren’t many choices. Any unsupervised site, you are just asking for trouble, and the real kick in the groin, is we have no other choice. These sites, CL, FB or Ebay, are faceless nobodies, which makes a site like this more attractive, it’s a site by 2 guys that put their heart and soul into this endeavor, and while the name may be a bit dated ( few actual finds in barns are shown) I truly believe they have our interest at heart. They are “one of us”.

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  7. Chris Wooster

    Glad this is off eBay, but it would be right for BarnFinds to remove the listing from the site entirely.

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