3Fer! 1972 Chevrolet Corvette LT1/ 1985 Buick Grand National/ 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Even if it needs to be restored, I still get excited when an LT1 Chevrolet Corvette crosses our path, and a convertible model with a hard top just sweetens the emotion.  But in this case, there’s actually more here to get excited about, as the seller also has two more unrelated projects shown.  In addition to the C3, there’s a 1985 Buick Grand National in the mix, plus a 1970 Plymouth E-Body as well.  All three look like they’ve been sitting for quite some time, and while they’re probably all available to be purchased separately, maybe some savvy buyer will catch the owner on a good day and be able to make a deal on all three.  The vehicles are located together under a carport in Seffner, Florida, and can be seen here on Craigslist.  Offers are being considered on the ‘Vette, although none will be accepted unless you first come check it out in person.

We’d like to thank Barn Finds reader Patrick S. for the great find on this trio!  Unfortunately, the seller is a man of few words and doesn’t really give us much information about the Corvette, other than it’s a restoration project in rough condition.  He does say that it’s an LT1, but no word on whether or not it’s currently running.  Some good news is both the soft top and hard top are present, but no doubt this C3 is going to take a whole lot of work to get back on the road.

The owner also wants to sell his 1985 Buick Grand National and has placed a separate ad for it here on Craigslist.  Again, very little is said about this car either, other than it’s an automatic and a restoration project.  There are no details on whether or not the 3.8-liter turbo V6 is running, or even still under the hood for that matter.  Outside, things are looking like they’re mostly all there, but there’s at least one rusty area on the trunk and the plastic panel under the taillights has seen better days, so there’s going to be some body work in the future for the next owner.

Lastly, there’s a 1970 Plymouth E-Body shown, and I’m not sure if it’s a Barracuda or a genuine ‘Cuda.  I couldn’t find this one on Craigslist, but maybe if any of our readers have seen it they can post a link down below.  It’s also possible that this car has already exchanged hands, but I’d sure consider inquiring about it if you find yourself wanting more information on this one.  We can see that the Mopar still has the motor intact, but the car is rough and missing front-end body parts, plus that passenger-side door (if that’s what it is) is pretty darn funky.

A rear view of the Plymouth shows things like the bumper, emblem, and trunk lock missing, so all this has got me wondering if a few parts have been removed to be put on another car, or maybe if a restoration was begun in the past that didn’t get very far.  What are your thoughts on this 1972 Chevrolet Corvette LT1, 1985 Buick Grand National, and 1970 Plymouth Barracuda?  Does any one of these cars specifically pique your interest, or would a package deal at the right price for all three be a better bet?


  1. RoughDiamond Member

    Maybe some potentially good projects and if I lived a couple of hours away I would take a drive. The tin worm has definitely already been hard at work on the Grand National.

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    • Melton Mooney

      The Corvette is as crunchy as any C3 I’ve ever seen too.

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  2. PaulG

    Appears that the Code Enforcement letter arrived…
    Might be some real value here if purchased reasonably.

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  3. gbvette62

    There’s not enough left of that Corvette to justify trying to restore it. The frame’s rear crossmember has been rotted away, so I’m sure the rest of the frame has issues too. With the windshield frame and cowl shot, I have no doubt the rest of the birdcage is gone too. While it does have an LT-1 hood, I don’t think the engine is one. The square port cast iron intake with an oil fill tube is a 67 and earlier part. The left head, without a temp sender port, makes it a pre 69 head.

    There are some usable parts there. $400 for the headlamps, $200 wheels, $750 hood, $500 hardtop, $100 wiper grill, $100 caliper cores, $100 steering column ($500 if it’s a tilt), $500 rear end, $300 fender grills, $150 bumper cores, $500 engine. If it can be bought for $1500- $2,000, you could probably double you’re money parting it out…..eventually.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I get my wish and a C3 seller is displaying photos of the frame and birdcage. Too bad it is of THIS Vette.

  4. Squigly

    Show up there and you are more likely to have an alligator crawl out of the swamp and eat you rather than get a good deal. I bet Cousin Eddie thinks he has a gold mine here.

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    another episode of hoarders

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  6. ds Member

    Why pay to have your car towed to the scrapyard, when you can call it a project and have someone pay you to take it! That LT-1, if it really is an LT-1, has got more rot than metal – ! It’s not a project, it’s a parts car at best.

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  7. Richard F

    You know, there are just things in this world that don’t go well together. Like weed dispensaries next to job placement centers…project cars and Florida are a very bad combo. Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – left sitting around in that state for more than about a month is worth a penny, or the effort needed to even move it. This car is case and point – even being mostly fiberglass, which is normally indestructable, can’t even help the underlying structure survive. You can just smell the musty odor of damp rusting metal and regret coming from this pile of useless stench. What a complete shame – and useless pile of garbage.

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  8. Jay McCarthy

    There’s a whole lotta rot there, most of that stuff will probably break in two getting pulled onto the toll back

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  9. george mattar

    Agree with gbvette62. I have restored several Corvettes. That windshield frame is junk. These cars leaked water since they were new. The birdcage is certainly Swiss cheese too. Very easy to check on C3s. That said, very sad, and yes, parts only. Replacing a Corvette frame is far easier than an entire birdcage.

  10. DON

    That’s a Barracuda , not a ‘Cuda. The missing rear emblem shows it was a Gran Coupe ,and judging from the small radiator and upper hose I’d say it has a 318 in it.

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    • Purple sky

      Great eyes man. Gran Coupe for sure…

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Finally, something useful that I learned from Graveyard Cars. The Barracuda emblem on the back used holes where the Cuda emblem was a glue on.

  11. RC Graham

    I actually drove and considered buying a 1972 Corvette LT-1, back when the asking price was $3,000 in choice condition. To be honest, that thing was a pleasure to drive. Plenty of power, and came on in a linear fashion. It was silver with a red interior, too! It had an 8-track player between the seats on the rear part of the console that was the size of a portable TV. The big win was the fact that 1972 was the first year for Factory A/C with the LT-1, and my test example was so equipped. It was a coupe though, and this one has the very desirable two tops option. All of that said, such a level of rust makes this a non-starter. Sigh! What was, and might have been again.

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  12. Big C

    The Grand National has left the carport!

  13. OldSchool Muscle

    Ahh waste of history. To me to far gone clean up that mess and strip what could be salvageable and add the rest of the cars to the dumpster…

  14. Gary

    The Barracuda might be a viable project, looks solid in the rear panel/frame area and front frame/engine compartment. Just a plain jane, not a Cuda so it would be great for a resto mod with a Hellcat motor or aluminum 426 Hemi.

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