62k Mile Survivor: 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

The Cutlass Supreme was always a big seller for Oldsmobile, but they kicked things up a notch with the “Colonnade” era of design and styling. All of GM’s intermediates used that concept in 1973-77 which eliminated the true hardtop over growing safety concerns. This 1977 Supreme Brougham looks to be in mint condition and may only have 62,000 original miles. The car can be found in Springfield, Missouri, and here on craigslist where the seller is asking $10,000 OBO.

1977 would be a good year for both Oldsmobile in general and the Cutlass model. Nearly 633,000 copies of the latter would be built, a record (to date) for the popular mid-size car. It would be the last year of the Colonnades before all of GM’s intermediates would be redesigned for 1978 to weigh less and consume smaller amounts of fuel (the full-sized cars had gone on a diet for ’77). The biggest engine you could get by then was a 403 cubic-inch V8 which was most often found in the 442 “performance” cars (which had largely been neutered compared to earlier in the decade).

We don’t know the motor in the seller’s car and no photo of the engine compartment is offered. But since we’re told it’s a V8 it’s likely the 260 or 350 options. But dual exhaust has been added out the back. These cars were known to rust in the 1980s, which is one reason why they’re seen less today over other generations. This Brougham was the luxury version of the Supreme and this one looks to have been well-kept, but the photography does not help its cause. No entire photos of the auto are provided, and the interior shots were taken at night.

But the seller says this is a turnkey machine with low miles and – on face value – that sounds reasonable. It’s said to have been very dependable and for $10,000 or less you’d have a car you could show with pride at events like Cars & Coffee. Online price guides suggest the range on one of these cars is no more than $20,000, so if the seller’s car is as nice as he says, the asking price is probably fair.


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  1. Moparman Member

    This is a very nice example of “peak” 70’s Cutlass; all it needs is a set of the color matched wheels and trim rings, and I’d personally go for a less blatant set of exhaust tips. GLWTS!! :-)

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  2. Stevieg Member

    If what I had seen in the recent past is any indicator of current values, this is an absolute bargain. I’m thinking about maybe trying to pick it up, drive it next summer, & flip it when bored with it. If it’s a 260, that wouldn’t take real long lol.
    Nice car though. The exhaust tips are really cheesy!

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  3. Gary

    These were the most handsome cars to come from GM in this time period. Not sure I like the color, but beyond that, looks like a keeper. Have not seen one on the road in decades, and they used to be as common as Dodge Darts.

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  4. Bick Banter

    I believe the Cutlass was the best selling car in the U.S. in ’76 and barely lost out to the new Caprice/Impala this year. Peak personal luxury. Anyway, you definitely want to check the VIN to see what V-8 this one has. The 260 is a real pooch.

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    • S

      That is correct – this was the best selling car in the US in 1976. In 76 and 77, the Cutlass sold so well that Oldsmobile sold over 1 million cars (all Olds models, that is) in both those years.

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    • L.B.

      350 cubic inch, not 260, question is 2 or 4 barrel Carb I have owned Oldsmobiles since 1969, my first car 56 Super 88 324 4 barrel Carb

  5. Big_Fun Member

    Dad had one in this color with the full vinyl top, spoke hubcaps, and the 231 V6!
    260 V8 would be an upgrade from that! Being this is a Brougham, money is on the 350 V8.
    I thought the exhaust tips looked new GM truck…then I see one in the driveway!
    This is probably the only time I’ll say this…should’ve stuck with the “pea-shooters”!

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    • Terrry

      Those exhaust tips do look weird and that’s putting it charitably.

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  6. Terrry

    I had the same year Cutlass with a beige body and top. Pretty nice car, but gutless, and it had the 350.

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    • George Simpson

      It wasn’t supposed to be fast at that point… just supposed to look good doing it lol. And they did that.

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  7. Motorcityman Member

    My high school friend in Detroit bought a used one after his Dad made him sell his 78 Trans Am because he was about to lose his license!
    He called it the “Gutless Cutless” had a VERY slow 350 in it!
    Made the TA seem lightning fast!!

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    • Stevieg Member

      By the mid 1980’s here in Wisconsin, most of these cars were missing their rear bumpers due to rust. I was in high school at that time so us “mature” people called them “buttless Cutlass”.

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      • Poppy

        I saw more than one in my town with the rear bumper replaced by a 2×12

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      • chuck

        I had a 76 cutlass supreme brome, and the back bumper was rusted out on it. I used the rear bumper from a 76 Regal. For some reason those didn’t seem to rust out. Had to combine the two plastic filler panels but it looked a whole lot better than the 4 x 4 would have.

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      • DON

        Yes, the 76 and 77s must have used some different steel in the rear reinforcements on the coupes as they and the Regal coupe were always losing their rear bumpers. Olds and Buick changed the coupes style from the 73-75 , and even the bodies were prone to severe rust out, unlike the earlier collonades.

  8. Fred W

    There are three cars I remember being “everywhere”. ’59 Chevies as a kid, and as a teenager in the late 70’s, VW Beetles and Colonnade Cutlasses.

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  9. ed

    I remember these were literally everywhere on the roads back in the ’80s, had to dodge the chucks of rusted sheet metal and parts. These were junk.

  10. Robert M Luna

    Best looking cars on road then. 76 Brougham maroon in and out. Gold pin stripes 1/2 maroon padded top. Absolutely stunning. Took swaybars and trailing arms off 75 442 and transferred to it. Drove beautiful. I was very blessed back then. Didn’t know what I had till now.

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  11. Car Nut Tacoma

    Nice looking car. If only more pics were posted. This is nowhere near enough. Although I was way too young at the time to drive, I remember cars like this.

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  12. Rixx56 Member

    I, like the masses, saw and had to buy.
    Mine, a loaded blue Brougham w/t-tops.
    In ’83 it began to deteriorate so on went
    new quarters, door skins, bumpers, etc.
    Pulled the 350; had it bored .30, added
    10.25 TRW forged pistons, a cam and
    abit of head work. Nitrous came in one
    size then; good enough for fun!
    Still have it, tho the a/c is gone… oops!

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  13. Rixx56 Member

    I, like the masses, saw and had to buy.
    Mine, loaded blue Brougham w/t-tops.
    In ’83 it began to deteriorate… on went
    new quarters, door skins, bumpers, etc
    Pulled the 350; had it bored .30, added
    10.25 TRW forged pistons, a cam and
    abit of head work. Nitrous came in one
    size then; good enough for fun!
    Still have it, tho the a/c is gone… oops!

  14. S

    This car appears to be amazingly nice and is probably well worth the asking price. Nice interior, too! Hopefully it’s a 350. It is amazing how well the Collonnade cars sold for GM. There were thousands of them around. The Cutlass sold the best, but then Chevelles, Regals, and the LeMans and Grand Prix also sold well in all 5 model years. Even after the 1978 downsizing, they still continued to sell well for many years! From this 73 – 77 generation, you see the coupes occasionally, but you never see the sedans or wagons. They’re gone.

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  15. zcellar

    I still have Mom’s out in the garage. Same color, no vinyl top. With the 4 barrel Oldsmobile 350 V8, not the oops we forgot to tell you the 2 barrel 350 V8 was a Chevy!

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    • S

      I laughed out loud when I read this comment!

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  16. Dave

    I had one of these that was a beautiful green. But it ran poorly. First they said it was the EGR valve. After spending hundreds trying to get it right, I dumped it.

  17. John Oliveri

    Yes, they were nice cars, especially with the Oldsmobile 350 4 barrel, it the Chevy oops we forgot to tell you here’s a rebate, this color is not its best, these cars were true cruisers during the Disco Days in the Boros of NY, set of Superior Basket Spokes and a nice whitewall or Vogues, power windows locks, in dash 8 track, and a sunroof you were set, my buddy had that in triple white, it was beautiful

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  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Did someone just walk by this car, snap a few photos and post it on CL?
    That’s what this horrible ad looks like.

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  19. glenn C marks

    Nice specimen of a nice car. I know my eyes are failing, but isn’t the transition piece from rear pass. quarter panel to bumper broken out? Also, the hood is flush with front bumper on driver side but sits higher on the passenger side. Or is this due to shadowy light on the photos (combined with may failing eyesight.

  20. Car Nut Tacoma

    While I find the car attractive, if only more photos of the car were posted. The way I see it, the more pics, the better.

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