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All Original: 1961 International Scout 80

Along with the first-generation Ford Bronco, the International Scout has to be one of the current “it” vehicles. The prices have relatively gone nutso (in my best Fonz voice) over the last few years and original examples like this 1961 International Scout 80 are showing very strong prices lately. This patina-heavy 4×4 can be found here on eBay in Decorah, Iowa with a current bid price of $12,100 and there are still four days left on the auction!

I don’t mean to alienate any Bronco fans, but give me an International Scout any day, especially an early Scout 80. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m not a huge fan of the early Broncos, or really any Bronco, but there’s something quaint and agricultural about these early Scouts that I like. It doesn’t get much more basic than this. Anytime we say that a vehicle is “all original” the question comes up, “Hey, Steve Gunderson, how can it be “all original” if it has new Coker tires, a new oil pan gasket, and a new clutch, you skinny meatball?!” We say to that, you know what we mean… COME ON!.. cough.. (Just kidding. Hey, I’m trying to lighten the mood around here!)

Patina lovers are probably openly weeping just looking at this masterpiece of soft surface rust created over decades. A lot of us, though, would rather have this ’61 Scout in perfect condition. The International Scout hit the market for the 1961 model year and the Scout 80 was made until 1965. Scouts, in general, were made until the fall of 1980. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 40 years since that time. I love the look of this Scout the way it is, but I would love it just as much or more if it were in perfect condition in that nice green color with a white top. Again, pool or pond works for ol’ Scotty “Caddyshack Carl” G.

The interior is as spartan as you can imagine and everyone here has seen a Scout – a lot of you have owned them. We expect to hear your stories in the comments section! We always learn something from actual reader experiences with the vehicles being shown here. This example looks solid which you would never guess given the surface rust that has taken over the exterior. There isn’t a lot of hauling room behind the front seat but it’s probably more than enough cargo room for most of us.

The engine should be International’s 152 cubic-inch inline-four with 93 hp and the seller says that it runs good and it has new motor mounts and transmission mounts. It also has a new clutch, throw-out bearing, transfer case seals, oil pan gasket, etc. It sounds like it’s ready to go. Hagerty is at $12,400 for a #3 good condition Scout as a reference. Have any of you owned an early Scout 80? Would you keep this one maintained and use it as is or would you restore it?


  1. Howard A Member

    I used to know someone named Nutso, only it was spelled different. Speaking of nutso, the price. You can’t tell me 30 people are actually interested in this thing to bring 5 figures. There’s the REAL joke.

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  2. Dan

    I have owned 5 Scouts over the years, tough things. If they still made them I would buy a new one…mine varied from a 1965 to 1973. Loved them..

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  3. Eric B

    Can you hear the dueling banjos?

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  4. Dex

    Ridiculous bidding, if it’s real. Seller mentions “No rusting through on frame. Frame never repaired”, but no mention of rust issues on the rest of the body. Calling it “solid” means nothing. Also did a great job of not posting photos of the typical rust areas.

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  5. petemcgee

    Owned a few of these. Slow as molasses in January, you’d better not be in a hurry when driving one. Good for winter runs to that rural mailbox at the end of a long drive, perhaps!

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  6. F Again

    The old man had two service vehicles at his 66 station- a ’60 Chevy Apache 4×4 wrecker, and a ’61 Scout, this same shade of green.
    In back he installed a Ford Taunus V4 hooked up to a generator from either a B-17 or B-29, I forget which, to serve as the Mother Of All Jumpstarters.
    Thus equipped, that Scout could wake the dead.

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  7. bikefixr

    These, like the Bronco, are just stupid priced. Every POS will be dragged out of the mud and restored, the supply will glut the market to the point where anyone that wants one can get one. Reminds me of the 65-67 notch-back Mustangs that went sky high then crashed by half where they reside 10 years later.

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  8. Mikey8

    I had one same color sans rust. I loved that thing. Left me stranded a few time but it was a fun vehicle.
    Not worth 12k I that condition though.

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  9. Ethan Gateyns

    There is one on BAT right now (am I allowed to say that?) that looks much nicer and is currently cheaper. What are people thinking with this listing? Seems unusual for a scout in this shape to be bid up quite so high, especially with so much left to go in the listing.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      That’s easy. This one has awesome patina! Plus it’s a ’61 and those are all ’70 or newer.

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      • RTS

        Awesome patina is code for “you’re going to pay way more than it’s worth”! Also, in my opinion, the whole patina thing is over rated.

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      • Ethan Gateyns

        Scout 800 was still produced in 71, I always thought the later 800 models were more desirable than the early 80’s they made in 61, but I could be wrong in that assumption.

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    All good comments guys, like Dex said, if the bids are real, so much fakery and fraud out there. Soft surface rust?? Hit it with the media or the DA sander and get some paint on it if you don’t go thru it. On the flip side this would be a cutie redone with the original Turquoise and white!! Good luck, I had a few customers with these and they were a bear to get parts for when they were new, and no joy to work on. As with the early bronco, I don’t get the fascination with them to warrant the big $$$. Good luck and stay safe

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  11. P Wentzell

    I’ve always liked Scouts and Broncos. My folks almost bought a new Bronco in 1966, but went with the new Falcon; a friend in school bought and restored an old Scout. All that said, going by the illustrated picture, that IH logo sure looks fresh as compared to the surrounding “patina”.

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  12. CraigR

    I worked as a mechanic in my younger years and our road service/shop truck was this, with a plow on it in the winter. Indestructible. I loved it, and if it snowed I’d offer to do a coffee run for the boys in the shop and go plow my parents driveway that was right on the way.

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  13. Christopher Gentry

    My uncle had an early 60s scout (maybe an 80 not sure ) back in the 80s. It was his daily driver. I rode on the back fender well many time. It had been a park services vehicle before he bought it. Devolped some electrical short around 1986 and was not able to get parts for it. Sold it and regretted it. Great vehicle. But good luck getting parts. And the price on this one seems insane.


    ICON 4×4 would make this into a “dreamboat”…and of course price it over 200k for the effort.

  15. Mike Brown

    Personally, I prefer the larger Scout II, I also prefer the bigger, 78 up Broncos to there smaller counterparts. On the other hand, I just showed this to the guy that runs our local butcher shop (meat not vehicle butcher). He collects and (actually) restores these old Scouts. I believe he has 5 finished ones right now, one of them is done up as a volunteer fire dept. brush truck…really cool. He also collects and restores old Cushman stuff. His tastes in vehicles are different than many but that’s ok. He’s a heck of a butcher too!

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  16. chrlsful

    neighbor hada 80. Don’t think the 800 hasa fold dwn windshield. Anyway seein that, I looked fora scout. Just then the brankrupcy news came out (“7 yr, only, requirement to make replacement prts?) so I got the ’70 bronk (1983?).

    It has worked the woods this whole time for me. Now at its retirement I think of restore (as U say the price spike) but could not aford another@ those prices. Any1 wana trade for a grampa car (’83/6 LTD/Marquis waggy and $)?

    Most owners ‘personalize’ & today’s bud’s have the discs up frnt, a chebby motor… Still, like to 80 model best (even more’n my EB) but would need the i6…

  17. Roger Jones II

    Iv had several Scouts.. n my week end ride is a cool 1967 Scout Sport Top convertible , V8 4sp .. top down weather is coming to the East..

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