Bad Idea? Heck, Yes! 1971 MGB 4×4

File this unusual automotive marriage in the “Hey, y’all, watch this” department! Someone decided it would be a good idea to put a 1971 MGB body on a Willys Jeep chassis! The resulting vehicle is being sold here on Facebook Marketplace with an asking price of $1,000. Our friend Chuck F. submitted this great find! It’s already got a tow bar, so the trip home from Brandon, Mississippi will be easy, right?

Usually, rust on an MGB can be a real problem, as it’s a unibody design and the sills are structural, but considering the massive frame underneath this car, it’s probably not an issue! I’d even go so far as to say the rust kinda adds to the “I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole” aura I’m getting from this incredible heap! But hey, I have to admit it would be fun showing up at a British Car Show (capitals intended) in this creation! Of course, I’d have to add an engine and transmission first. That’s right, there’s none included–look at it as a blank but rusty canvas! And from the rear 3/4 shot like this, you can’t even tell that the wheelbases of the two vehicles weren’t quite the same!

That tow bar isn’t going anywhere, is it? However, I’m wondering if the body was centered right to left on the frame after viewing this shot. Let’s look a little more into that!

No, it’s not. But hey, just look at that roll bar! I’m sure that would protect you fully in a roll-over, right? And the single overrider, well, that’s just class!

We don’t need no stinkin’ floorboards! Yahoooooo!  If you’ve read this far, please be sure and comment as to what engine and transmission you’d install into this Anglo-American hybrid assuming you had to. And the penalty for the first person that suggests an LS engine is that they have to go buy it and perform the swap (and send us pictures, of course!) Me, I think I’d go for this, just to be different!


WANTED 66 or 67 Chevrolet chevelle would like a strong big block and 4 speed Contact

WANTED 1970 Dodge Super Bee 4 speed, coupe preferred but nego., 383 or 440. Willing to pick up in lower 48. Contact

WANTED 70 to 73 Dodge cuda or challenger looking for a driver , small fixer upper if required Contact

WANTED 1958-1961 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Looking for a rust-free Bugeye to fix and drive. Thanks! Contact

WANTED 1979 Chevrolet Monza Looking for the Town Coupe version, brown, ideally California but willing to buy from anywhere. Contact

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  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    Juiced up 426 Chrysler Race HEMI with 4/speed. Leave the ladder bars off for extreme fun. Has a roll bar, right?

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    • Derek

      Looks like it, but it’s bolted to the – inevitably rusty – MGB part of the equation. I don’t mind it as a solution to, “what am I going to do with all this auld rusty keech?”, but I’d want it a bit better thought through. Roll hoop to chassis, for example.

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  2. mike b

    The easiest time to walk away is before you get in.

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    • PaulG

      mike b
      Thank you for the best comment I’ve read in a long time!

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  3. Cadmanls Member

    Take it, drop a small block Chevy and tow it to the mud bog. Doubt your going to see another. Leave a couple of holes in the floor to wash the mud out.

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  4. Engident

    Return my treasures to me, and I myself will carry you through the gates of Valhalla. You shall ride eternal, shiny and chrome!

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  5. Dan H

    How many times have you thought, “I’d like a British sports car, but I’d also like to be able to go 4 wheeling?

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    • Chris

      Almost exactly zero.

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  6. Arby

    Reminds me of an old story about a monkey and a football.

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    • chrlsful

      we used that to say the monkey was a human, doing something unusual to the football – when seekin a 20something going by on a rice burner (take a close look). Not at all comfortable, cruzin, or (’50s slang) profilin~

  7. mark r westphal

    that thing would make fred flintstone nervous

  8. Vance

    Why do I hear Foggy Mountain Breakdown and I Will Walk 500 miles being played at the same time? I have a craving for BBQ and Fish and Chips with a pull out of a jug with a Guinness . Anyway you look at it it’s a bad idea.

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  9. Howard A Member

    Hmm, you’d think me, being a MGB AND Jeep fan, this would be a natural for me. Once the initial shock subsided, I could see this on some of the mountain roads we have, where travel in anything less this something like this, would be foolhardy. If, and a BIG IF, this was finished, might be fun, but as is, probably should push it ’round back, and move on to some of the other projects I’m sure this person has.

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  10. William

    I’m thinking either a 327 or a 350 with a 4 speed behind it they were probably the easiest motors to transplant

  11. bobhess bobhess Member

    If the MGB is any indication of the quality of the conversion work there’s not much to sell here. Tires and wheels might sell but not the rest of it.

  12. Ward William

    Just drive (or tow) this crap directly to the scrap yard and then do your best to forget you ever saw it.

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  13. Eric B

    Oh, that silly Cleetus. Would ya just look out the winduh and look at whut he done gone and did now. He’s gonna be an enginameer sumday, I’ll tell ya what.

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    • Howard A Member

      “Some folk’ll never build a truck, and then agin some folk’ll, like Cletus, the slack jawed yokel”,,,

  14. Steve Clinton

    “I would put a big block V8…blah…blah…blah.

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    • Ed Casala

      Steve, nothing makes a car sound better than a lumpy big block idle!

    • jwaltb

      Really. So lame…

  15. Lance

    That thing hurts my eyes.

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  16. Troy

    Looks like a fun toy to finish and take to Red necks with paychecks in Texas.

  17. Wayne

    Another “Bama crusier!
    Eric B, you beet me to the Cleetus name!
    Cleetus:” Well, now that I done stripped the MGB of all the saleable parts where in tarnation am I going to but this body? It is in the way! Oh, ok, I’ll just toss it up thar’ on the Jeep chassis to get it out of the way AND, I can then roll it around! Jeesh, it almost fits up thar, maybe some city slicker would buy this thang.” (note: I can make fun of Cleetus as I was born in Tennessee and have been known to talk hillbilly on occasion)
    By the way Jamie, an early Willys Jeep frame is anything but massive. I’ve been working recently on a ’47 or ’48 and I am surprised how flimsy it is. It is bolted together very well, but “heft” of the chassis makes my FJ40 frame look like railroad track.

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    • Howard A Member

      The Simpsons, including the Specklers, live in Kentucky,,,as a fan of 30 years, I have several clues that prove it.

  18. Wayne

    Besides the body not straight on the chassis. (visual maybe) But the tow bar is definitely not centered on the frame. (Bumper and tow bar off of something else and not get the bumper centered?)

  19. dwcisme

    If I had the fabrication skills, I’d be on this. It appeals to my sense of ha-ha on several levels. Plus! How often can you piss off 2 self righteous car groups at once (maybe 3 if you put the right engine in it).
    I’d go full Hot Wheels on it since it’s 1/2 way there. A 351 Cleveland (427 Cammer?) with huge injector stacks sticking out of the hood and big side dump pipes or lose the hood completely and have all the pipes coming out up top.

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  20. Howie Mueler

    Listed two weeks ago, what a pile.

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  21. Gator Member

    Officially the dumbest thing I’ve seen recently.

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  22. BR

    This is a direct attack on intelligence. It shows no level of skill or thought. Nothing at all to be appreciated. Only appeals to a particular demographic.

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  23. Vern

    Ahd put me in one of them fahv nahn Cummings. Wooooo Hooooo!

  24. Rufus

    l s !!!

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  25. MarkO

    I’m thinkin’ a Viper V-10… and I would definitely stay with Lucas electricals.
    I would also make a roll cage out of paper towel tubes. wrapped in black Gorilla tape (For safety). While I have the Gorila tape in my hands, I might as well find some corrugated cardboard and “fabricate” some floors!
    I would leave the paint “as is”: the patina is perfect! YEEEE HA!

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  26. RallyAce

    Has anyone asked the seller how many cases of Busch Light (in the blaze orange cans) were consumed while building this? I would put the over/under at 25.

  27. RexFox Member

    And yet, how many of us clicked on this?

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  28. Patrick Anderson

    “Some folk’d never eat a skunk, then there’s some folk’ll. like Cletus the slack jawed yokel!” Looks likes Cletus and Brandeen might have conceived most of their many children in this.

  29. Laurence

    I don’t consider this “a vehicle”. It is two separate, incongruent bits of automotive junk strewn together in a grotesque joke of a configuration…sort of like a genetically-spliced cross between a dog and a fish of some mad scientist!

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  30. Jim Muise

    Sad,sad,and sad! I owned 2 1971 mgb s that were daily drivers and both were wonderful fun to drive cars. It is sad indeed to see such a sad looking mgb clone!

  31. V12MECH

    The barn whiners are out in full force! This thing is a hoot, blast it with with a couple quarts of red , and the local 4X4 shop should put it on the roof of their building.

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  32. Kirk K

    I say strap one of them there acme rockets like wile.e. coyote gets and point it at a really big hill and see if we can get er up into that there space race every one be talking bout ! I bet she’d be a real contender with all them speed holes in ‘er

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  33. jwaltb

    Some of the stupidest BF comments ever.
    Get a life, guys.

    • Eric B

      The creator of this monstrosity needed to get a life. Then we’d never be making said, deserved comments. Think of what could’ve been accomplished with the time spent making….this.

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