Barn Finds Racing Update: End Of Day 1


Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

After 8-1/2 hours of racing today, there were a few surprises by the finish. To begin, the Done Racing Racing (not a typo) “AMX” that is really a homebuilt fiberglass bodied BMW Z3 is in the lead overall with 226 laps, which also means they are leading Class A. Right behind them is the #423 Chevy Monza that we featured yesterday, also with 226 laps. I’m surprised that some of the “classic” cars we featured yesterday did so well.


The other surprise is that the Barn Finds Racing/Austin Powerless Marina and its drivers were able to overcome the 20 penalty laps we were saddled with (which means we started dead last in a field of 98 teams) and have climbed to 41st overall with 174 counted (i.e. 194 really) laps and are first in Class C.


The 1961 Race Rambler is next in Class C. It’s being passed from LeMons race to LeMons race by various teams. Their fastest lap is a little faster than ours, so that has us worried a bit (even more than we already do driving a Marina!)


And in third in Class C is the General Cornwallis, the older XJ6 I pictured at the parade yesterday. I’ll let you all know how it turns out tomorrow! Also, thanks for the many nice comments on the last post–I shared it on our team’s facebook page!


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  1. roger

    I love Home built cars.
    Glad it is in the lead!
    Go win this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GO AMX body

  3. Lewis Jones

    all this screams ‘FUN’! thanks for this post!

  4. Ken

    The Marina got penalty laps, absurd! Hope day 2 went well.

  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Folks…we won our class!!! 😀

    More reporting tomorrow!

  6. Rocco Member



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