Dealer Conversion: 1963 Dodge Dart Pickup

We have seen custom pickup conversions quite a few times here but the seller talks about this one being done by the dealer when this car was new. This is a 1963 Dodge Dart pickup and it looks interesting, to say the least. This cool custom is listed on eBay in Dixon, Missouri. Thanks to Matt W. for sending in this tip!

The seller bought this Dart pickup “from the original Dodge Dealer several years ago. (Beck Dodge, Freeburg, Mo.). It was converted in 1963 and so well done, you can’t tell it wasn’t from the factory. They used it as a promotional tool for years.” There aren’t any detail photos to see, well, the details, but it does look like a nice conversion. Here’s a little YouTube video of the seller walking around the car and explaining it a little bit.

A couple of photos of the rear cargo area would have been nice but it’s partially visible from a couple of the overall photos. I’m not sure if I would have gone with a porthole window but if a person were hauling a kayak it adds to the nautical theme. The number of photos for something like this cool creation is sort of disappointing, with only two interior photos, partial ones, and no engine or rear bed area photos. It doesn’t look rusty or like it’s been repaired but it’s hard to tell. They say that there is no rust or rot that they can see.

There aren’t any engine photos but they say that this one originally had a “Slant six 170 and a three on the tree transmission with 31000 original miles. I replaced the tires, (dry rotted) exhaust, bled the brakes and gave it a tune up. You couldn’t even hear it idle. I drove it like that for a couple of years, never had to touch a thing”. The owner wanted to pull a bigger trailer so they “bought and had rebuilt a slant six 225 and since I was towing and wanted an automatic, a 2 year only (push button cable) 904 transmission for it. I’ve also sourced out the correct drive shaft, push button transmission dash assembly, and some misc other parts for it.” It’s a work in progress, unfortunately. The engine and transmission setup isn’t fully hooked up yet so the next owner isn’t driving it home. Any thoughts on this Dart pickup?

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  1. 4504 Member

    It is said that if you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

    That being said, if I was a passenger in this vehicle I would be slinking down in my seat because I do not wish to see people pointing their fingers and laughing. JMO.

  2. 4504 Member

    opera windows?

  3. canadainmarkseh Member

    That windows could be delt with. I think it’s kind of cool. I’d drive it without wearing a bag on my head, I’d call it eldarto. The thing is I like unique cars.

    • On and On On and On Member

      I concur. Sometimes weird works. And yes, “eldarto” vanity plates. Now thats a statement. Check out the glass of beer on the hood. And almost ‘Packers’ colors?

      • Mark

        Reminds me of the Packers…. not in color but in execution….Aaron Rodgers running around and in an act of desperation, shutting his eyes, turning his head and slinging the ball as far as he can in hopes that someone will catch it. Could you imagine if he actually bought this? I can see it now, him using it to taxi his queen around to all her appts. with her peering thru the opera window waving to the masses.
        Skol Vikings!.
        Seriously, GLWTS. Someone will buy it and turn it into something cool.

      • Leon

        Dartero Dartmino !!!!???

  4. Drew V.

    Makes me think of a Falcon Ranchero with a Thunderbird hardtop grafted on…LOL…

  5. Dick Johnson

    A ‘DarnChero.’

  6. AF

    Take her out of gear and let her slowly roll right into the water with the trailer still attached..bye bye

    • Yuck

      I am with you send it in the lake and consider it a mercy euthanasia killing 👍

  7. Dirk

    It appears to be nicely built but there’s something really not right about that thing. Proportion? Concept? Design? Details? Colors? I dunno but something about it really makes me wanna find something else to look at. Fast.
    I like the kayak and the teardrop.

  8. Chris in WNC

    fill in the opera window.
    paint it a better color.
    new interior in stock pattern.
    keep the stick shift and add some performance goodies to the engine.

  9. PackardMike

    I wonder what happened to the car in 1963 that “inspired” the dealer to cut it up? ?😂

    • Miguel Member

      Transportation damage maybe?

  10. George

    I like it except for the opera window. It looks like they have an aluminum plate at the floor of the bed. So check that out.

  11. The Chucker

    “Dealer”….hmmm, what kind?

    • Tom Justice


  12. David C

    I like it except for the way they did the opera window. I would remove that, put in a stationary reverse 1/4 window and then you would have a much more attractive look.

  13. Ron

    This makes me think Chrysler dropped the ball with this one. They could have built something to compete with the Ranchero and El Camino. This is cool because it is really unique. I think it would show better with a canoe on top instead of the kayak though. Just sayin

    • Fordfan

      They had an Australian version of the valiant that was (el Camino ed ) in the mid sixties i can’t believe they didnt bring it here to compete with Ford and chevy


    Quite a weird car. Don’t know if i’d drive it but it’s kinda cool.

  15. rustylink

    I am never one to scoff at a ‘Mino conversion….until now. Coupled with that gawd awful paint color and scheme I say no to you Moparmino…

  16. Cncbny

    You guys are all cowards! I’d drive it. But I’d cut the top off and make it a cabriolet first! The dartmino! Tell all its the fore runner to the Dakota conv!

  17. Michael

    I think it’s pretty cool. You would be the only kid on the block with one!

  18. 123pugsy

    The problem with it is they did the same mistake most of these builds have and that’s a door which is too short. The second mistake is not modding the door on a taper down and back for a cool look. The square top rear of the door makes it hideous. Even if the opera window is removed, it will still look like #$$%&&^&*.

  19. George Soffa

    Everybody knocks the porthole window and I hate them too, but it brought to mind driving my ‘55 T-Bird and almost getting nailed by cars in that blind spot with the hardtop on ! More than a few times I remember a horn sounding , right on top of me and very near misses ! Therefore, the ‘56 came with the porthole top, though you could order it without it ! JIMHO !!

    • Miguel Member

      People always think style when the answer might be practicality.

  20. Chin

    I had a 1964 Valiant pickup – one of 2000 factory built but sold primarily in Australia and a few in New Zealand. Nifty little car with the legendary slant 6 and coming out of Oz was totally rust free.

  21. 123pugsy

    When we’re modifying cars, of course we’re thinking style.

    There is no other reason to do it.

  22. Tom Justice

    I have said many times I like to see quirky cars on these types of sites and this qualifies. Like it or not it does look factory so you can’t complain about the quality of the build. It will be the right car for someone. I agree with Fordfan, this could have completed with the Ranchero and El Camino if Chrysler had produced it.

    • Chinga-Trailer

      You didn’t see my comment above, Chrysler DID produce such a vehicle on the Valiant chassis beginning in 1964. They just sold them on the other side of the world. I liked mine. Light blue with dark blue stripes and American mags, I sold it at Barrett-Jackson somewhere around 2007 or 2008.

  23. Steve

    Maybe its the portholes and the colors but I keep imagining this is Spongebob Squarepants car.

  24. Ron

    Good one ! I have always liked the unusual or “trick” cars As long as it’s not too kooky This is trick. The trailer and kayak make it lean a little towards Kooky though. Lol

  25. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Apr 21, 2018 , 8:54AM
    Winning bid:US $3,250.00
    [ 9 bids ]

  26. Dustin

    Personally, I think car to truck or van to truck conversions are cool.

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