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Drives Like New! 1973 Imperial Two-Door Hardtop

The ’73 Imperial boasts “Cigar lighters for everyone,” according to the seller, and owning this Imperial, or any Imperial for that matter, seems like a good reason to take up cigar smoking… regardless of gender. This 1973 Imperial LeBaron two-door hardtop in Lenexa, Kansas marks the end of the fuselage styling that started in 1969. This one starts right up and drives “like new,” according to the listing here on eBay. At least seven bidders picture themselves behind the wheel of this specimen of Mopar luxury, driving the market value of this all-blue specimen beyond $4500. Thanks to Barn Finds‘ notorious cigar-smoking wheel man Scotty G. for spotting this brilliant blue bomber.

Optional leather shows at least one tear. The expansive dashboard features simulated rosewood and exhibits minimal UV damage. Other options include a tilt steering column, power locks, Dual Auto-Temp II (Rear AC), and speed control. Air conditioning with automatic temperature control and power windows, brakes, and steering comes standard on this ’73.  Thanks to lov2xlr8 for some details.

All ’73 Imperials used the same 440 cid (7.2L) V8 engine making 215 HP and 345 lb-ft of torque (net). These numbers were much higher in 1970 from nearly the same engine, but reductions in compression ratio (9.5 in ’70 to 8.2 in this ’73) hobbled some ponies to meet emissions standards, and the change from gross to net power ratings made the numbers smaller on paper. Nevertheless, all that torque will make you forget that your neighbor’s minivan has a higher peak HP number. Unlike modern engines that feel great about half a second before they upshift, you’ll feel this big mill’s torque even when you’re not wringing it out. Drop some change on a warmed-up rebuild and the 440 will really get folks’ attention.

With fenders and quarter panels each the approximate length of a Toyota Yaris, the Imperial offers plenty of room and crumple zones fore and aft. The ridiculous excess of a two-door this size demands to be celebrated… with a cigar of course! With four cigar lighters and ashtrays to match, simply roll the windows down and roast a corn dog-sized Cohiba. Bark something like “dump it all when it hits 130” into your bedazzled cell phone as you toss your keys to the valet. Imperial owners might also recite suggestions from a bygone era like “scratch my paint and I’ll hit you so hard your kids will be born dizzy.” Kidding of course!

I plan to own a ’68 to ’73 Imperial someday, and I might prefer the sequential turn signals of the earlier years, but these tall taillights make a classy statement as well. The seller claims this car can be driven “any distance,” and that’s exactly what I plan to do with mine:  drive it no matter what the distance. What’s your favorite super-excessive two-door luxury barge?


  1. Bo

    I’ve always found these two door fuselage cars to be a bit awkward in their styling. There is too much car in front and behind the cabin. The pillarless four door seems more balanced.
    I had a 68 Newport with a 383. We used to joke that when you stomped on the gas you could watch quarters come out of the tailpipe. That was at $0.49 a litre(Canada ‘eh). Now at $1.55 a litre I’m guessing it’s toonies coming out of the tailpipe.

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    • Stan

      Approx 20′ long 5000lbs
      True Land-yacht. Incredible.
      The great 440 motor , torqueflite, 3.23 gear move this boat down the road and your doing it in big style.

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  2. That Guy

    Dang, look how much of that is hood and trunk, and how little is passenger compartment. That’s extravagant, conspicuous consumption on wheels.

    On the other hand, it would probably have made a great moonshiner’s car.

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    • Psychofish2

      Not a good angle. Looks pin headed like the fuselage Charger from 71 and up.

  3. Gary

    Nice old barge but damn she’s big.

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  4. MoragaPulsar

    Holy Overhang (but I do like this car for the exactly this reason).

    Below is an obviously flawed list of Top Ten Car Overhangs, this Imperial at 46.0% was not included but would have otherwise taken top honors on the list (their winner was the1993-97 Pontiac Trans Am (48.7%).

    Their chosen methodology was “wheelbase length was subtracted from overall vehicle length in order to calculate the vehicle’s total overhang measurement (total includes front and rear). That overhang measurement was then divided by the overall vehicle length to arrive at an overhang percentage”.

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    • Rex Kahrs Member

      This New Yorker coulda been a contender…

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      • Karl

        Still a pretty car Rex.
        Still can’t see the taillights, she’s a tease!

    • Psychofish2

      Thanks for the link.

      I photographed my 86 Olds Calais 2 door alongside a 72 Toronado that was sitting out with a “For Sale ” sign on it.

      The Toronado was obscene in it’s excess. And that was pre-5 mph bumpers.

      Add those to the overhang list. Surprised it didn’t make the cut.

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  5. Terrry

    You could definitely put some bodies in that trunk, and no one would be the wiser.

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  6. Ike Onick

    Still trying to figure out if the 1st image is the front or back of this thing.

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  7. Bryan

    This car has been up for sale fairly often. Well optioned (dual air for a coupe!) but it’s quite rusty. The 4dr hardtop and coupe shared the same length and wheelbase but had different roofs. It’s the strange proportion of these coupes that I like; the back half of the car looks almost as long as the front half. I think the fuselage Imperials are a bold design.

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    • Dave

      I like your perspective here. Good info

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  8. Peacemaker

    As I was scrolling through the pictures, I swear the fuel gauge needled dropped, and the vehicle wasn’t moving!

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  9. Steve Clinton

    A perfect example of 1970’s excess.

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    • Steve Clinton

      BTW, do NOT look at the roof!

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  10. Robin Tomlin

    Many years ago I was given a 73 Imperial 4-dr htp. It had been sitting under a cherry tree for a decade and the white vinyl top disintegrated upon cherry debris removal. But after setting the top of the engine on fire it started right up and with plates from my 65 Polara on it and semi flat tires I set off down the road until I was surrounded by the state and local police AND the sheriffs department, but that’s another story….
    Seem to remember driving on a 200 mile round trip to see The Buzzcocks. Great car!

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    • Stevieg Member

      That sounded like one of my stories lol.

  11. John

    At least the raised white letter tires make it look sporty… LMAO… What were they thinking?

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    • Husky

      They should have offered the Imperial 2dr ht in a GT version. 426 Hemi A925, four speed, cop brakes, cop suspension, bucket seats….

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  12. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    This is my kind of car! It looks bigger than my ’76 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. I had a ’71 Imperial LeBaron coupe in ’73. Moved to Florida in it. Great car!

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