Field Of Cars And Trucks: Bring Cash And Trailer!

This place looks like an American Pickers dream for old cars and trucks! Here’s a goldmine of Detroit vehicles, but there are some imports in there, too. If you see something you like from the listing, the best bet might be to contact the seller and set up a time to go by. Then decide if there is anything you want, have a wad of cash in your pocket to pay the man, and come back later with the machinery needed to take your prize home. This collection is located in Atlanta, Georgia, no prices are set and the cars are available here on Facebook Marketplace.

From what we can see, these cars and trucks have resided there a long time and the concentration may be from the 1970s and 1980s. The paint on most of these cars will not recover and there is no mention if any of them run. Some may make better parts cars than restoration candidates. They mostly look like complete cars, not ones that have been picked over for this part or that. The seller has titles to some of these cars, and bills of sale for the others.

Here’s a rundown on the dozen or so cars that are at the forefront of the photos:

Chevrolet Nova – 4th generation car built between 1975-79; this one is a mostly primer grey 2-door coupe; nothing looks missing from the front other than the trim around the windshield

Buick Century – 3rd generation car from 1973-77, the Colonnade era of these cars; this 2-door coupe was once dark blue and may or may not have some rust along the bottom of the backglass

GMC Dually – 3rd generation truck from 1973-91, probably from the 1980s; it looks like a customized paint job consisting of brown and yellow; there may be a big hole in the windshield

Chevrolet Silverado Pickup – 3rd generation truck from the 1970/80s; the bed is no longer there and what remains is a two-tone blue and white

Chevrolet Caprice (might be an Impala) – production run from 1977-90, likely somewhere in the 1980s; medium blue with a blue or black vinyl top that may still be intact

Buick Centurion – these cars were only built from 1971 to 1973 and – given the large front bumper – this one should be from ’73; it’s dark blue with aftermarket wheels

Chevrolet Nova – another 4th generation 2 door coupe from 1975-79 that once was dark blue

Chevrolet Impala – 2-door hardtop from 1972; white with a black vinyl top that has some crinkles in the front end and the bumper is rusty

Cadillac El Dorado – 1st generation model likely from 1970; 2-door coupe with bronze paint and black vinyl on the roof

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme – either a 1987 or 1988 edition, which was the end of the line for the rear-wheel-drive models; it’s medium blue in color and sitting on wood pilings with no wheels

Chevrolet Monte Carlo – another Colonnade-era GM product made from 1973-77 (this one is likely later in that run); it’s gray in color and doesn’t look bad, but I suspect there’s rust around the roof in the back

Ford Torino – 2nd generation of the car after it replaced the Fairlane; this blue 2-door hardtop is probably from 1974-76 with mostly blue paint (seems as though a lot of the cars here are blue!)

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme – another 1981-88 generation Supreme that started out as burgundy in color; this one is sitting on the ground and – if I’m not mistaken – do I see T-tops?

Buick Century – another 3rd generation model in coupe fashion that was once blue/grey

These are just a few of the cars awaiting scrutiny. There’s bound to be something here to help finish an uncompleted project or a diamond-in-the-rough waiting to be saved!


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I scrolled through the photos 3 or 4 times looking for something worth looking at. ’73 Buick Centurion? No.

    Most of these are malaise-era duds that need to go to the crusher. Hey, that’s kind of topical!

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  2. Rustytech Member

    That may be true, but even malaise era cars are part of our motoring history. For those that grew up in that era there may be fond memories. For those reasons alone the deserve to be preserved if possible.

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    • Steve R

      None of these cars are in high demand and likely never will be. Nice examples are still available at reasonable prices. Savvy buyers will focus be on preserving them, not these junkers.

      Steve R

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  3. banjo

    I see a Fiat 124, a Triumph TR6, a Mercedes, and at least 2 Beetles to represent the import crowd. Otherwise a large collection of the era cars I least enjoyed for the most part. Still in the “future collectables” category. lots of goodies for the crowd that loves these cars. I started my career fixing these lumps. Someone else can have ’em.

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  4. Poppy

    What is the red two door in the background of the 4th photo? I don’t recognize the roof line.

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    • Bob C.

      That is definitely a Mercedes of some sort, if you take a real close look at the front hubcap and the hood area. Looks pretty rare to me.

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      • XJSLord

        That looks like a Mercedes 250c,
        Not too rare or expensive, but still a cool car

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    • Sam Shive


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  5. Bernie

    And the COOLEST CAR in the lot “AMC PACER” can’t believe nobody said a thing about it.

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    • bone

      Its behind a 68-69 Dart too. The guy must be a GM lover ; the Dart and Pacer would sell a lot faster than those demo derby fugitive full size GM cars

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  6. Jamie

    Should be called field of ‘Donks’

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  7. Chris M.

    A lot of smogger junk. Call the scrap yard.

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  8. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Upon closer inspection, the photo of the truck with the “hole in the windshield” looks to be just a section of mung cleared off for whatever reason-that should raise the value therein by $.05!
    To some of us here, I think these represent a terrible era in our transportation history but to some this may be as fascinating to them as my older brothers’ Metropolitan with his Crosley HotShot motor replacement was to him at the time..

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  9. EPO3

    Poppy it looks like a 76ish cordoba or charger to me

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  10. Frank Farrell

    Didn’t anybody see that 69′ big block Corvette convertible if the background of the 3rd pic, or the Mercedes 300SL in pic #5?

    No? Neither did I.

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  11. chuck

    Send in the crusher.

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    • Duaney Member

      Go back a few years and that’s what they said about the 1950’s cars.

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  12. Duaney Member

    How much do you want to bet that all of the above negative comment writers drive plastic throw away FWD economy cars that they can’t work on?

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    • Chris M.

      I take it you drive a clapped out ’74 Centurion for your daily ride? Man you’re cool.

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  13. Jonathan

    Maybe worth parting out and storing useful pieces that could have aftermarket value?

    Maybe there’s fenders and bumpers and trim and interior pieces that could be useful for people wanting maintain/rescue much better example?

    Get all the ‘good’ parts and scrap the leftover hulks.

    If I was retired, I be happy to help dismantle such cars at min. wage for someone. A legal chop shop of sorts.

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  14. Steve Clinton

    I’d like to buy that-there gold pick-up truck in the back… Whadaya mean ‘I have to wait until the cars in front of it are sold’?

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  15. Steve Clinton

    BTW, are there ANY decent cars for sale in Georgia?

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      From what I’ve heard, all the decent cars were driven out of Georgia when the decent people moved away!

      {when I get the perfect set up comment, I can’t help myself, just had to throw that comment out there! So Georgians, I’m sure there are a few decent people left!}

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  16. John Little

    Cool old international pickup in the background. Chevy c10 or suburban front clip in the corner of one pic as well.

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  17. ACZ

    Looks like some decent parts cars, but nothing worth preserving.

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  18. Arthur

    I recently viewed an episode of the “Detroit Muscle” TV series about a Buick project called ‘Street Regal’ that had a custom chassis and an LS engine. It was being driven around the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green as if it were a Corvette.

    I could see some of these cars serving as the basis for a similar project. The two Olds Cutlasses and the Cadillac Eldorado in particular would make good G-Machine projects with an Art Morrison or Roadster Shop chassis and an LS7 backed by a Bowler Performance 4L80E with a Lokar Sport Shifter in the center console.

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  19. Howard A Member

    You guys are missing the boat, the old “Freightshaker” FL, looks to be an early 90’s FLD, is the money maker, you can haul the cars to the crusher, then it’s off to Swift Owner Operator Program for riches beyond your wildest dreams,,,( cough). Aside from a few examples, mostly, like all these collections, are discards from a modern society, and nobody wanted them when this guy got them. I was serious about the semi, not the Swift part, but older pre-emission trucks are in demand today., from what I see, maybe the Pacer, the IH pickup and the “Nova” types, save the VW’s, but it’s off to “Toasterland” for the rest.

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    I would like to see more pictures on that primed 4 Gen Nova.

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