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Hard Hit: 1972 De Tomaso Pantera

Here’s the latest “find” from the now famous eBay seller that has amassed the world’s largest collection of vintage wrecked exotics. I fail to see two things: how anyone survived the impact in this destroyed De Tomaso Pantera, and how on earth you can find $16,000 worth of value, per the asking price in this listing here on eBay. Have Panteras entered the realm of being so valuable their VIN plates and engines justify a purchase like this?

This Pantera looks to have been stuffed from every angle, leaving front and back-seat occupants exposed to certain death. Impressively, this seller always seems to know when the vehicle was totaled, which in this case was 1978. I still remain intrigued by the business model that focused on grabbing otherwise destroyed cars and storing them for decades awaiting a potential value surge.

Oof – can you imagine being the one to bend that steering wheel? It looks like the Pantera has already been partially stripped, unless there was also a fire to accompany the impact. I’m not sure how else you explain the missing dashboard, unless it was removed in the process of extracting the occupants. Surprisingly, the console appears relatively straight.

Of course, this could simply be a case of knowing Pantera values have risen enough that one could justify buying this to swap a matching drivetrain and VIN plate into a car missing an engine. Or perhaps like a recent Porsche 356 we featured, the spare engine could accompany an otherwise complete Pantera missing its drivetrain, acting as a sweetner on a deal. What do you think this carcass’ future holds?


  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Back seat occupants, in a Pantera? That’d be pretty unusual, Jeff.

    The car?

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  2. RoughDiamond

    Let us drain all the fluids if they weren’t already by the crash, ship the car to Kentucky near the National Corvette Museum and wait for a big sinkhole to open up and claim its prize.

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  3. MH

    Wasn’t this car just featured a week or so ago?

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    • Rodney - GSM

      Yes, “De Tomato Panini”…

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    • Ralph

      Is this site that hard up for new material?


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    • Will Fox

      Yes it was; and I laughed at the figure the seller’s trying to get then! There isn’t enough of anything worth saving here. Common sense says it’s scrap. (Big deal; if it means that much to someone, ok pull the engine but I don’t see it being worth the effort. Certainly not mine.)

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  4. bobhess bobhess Member

    MH, I thought so too. Seems like a whole bunch of us said it wasn’t even worth the scrap metal weight.

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  5. Patrick Kelly

    Wow is someone flipping this already?

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    • Sam61

      Can I get $16 large for the model cars I melted, to look like wrecks, back in the day?

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  6. MelMel

    There a couple good ol boys here in the mountains that say they can make it look just like their moonshin still in less than 2 weeks!
    And it can make enough money to buy a new one in about 9 months?

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    16 large for a parts car? Im sure the ZF transaxle is made of unobtainium. Hopefully someone can use it but I question the pricetag. many Porsches on the rack in back, think we all been down this road before. I Shudder to think of the occupants fate in this ugly POS. Good luck.

    Happy Motoring

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  8. sir mike

    Hit hard??? Maybe after dropped from a plane from 3000ft

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  9. Speedy Gonzalez

    Two words, YARD ART!

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  10. Joe Machado

    How much fir the pallet? 20?
    Anything aluminum will be cracked or broke.
    My Lotus Esprit, everything aluminum, scrap in 1978

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  11. JRP

    Why do you guys keep featuring junk from this crap hole of a salvage yard? All they have is very poor examples of scrap metal. Not worth the space on your otherwise interesting site.

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  12. Don Page

    Looks like it was in a Godzilla movie !!!!!

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    • glen

      Well then, if that’s the case, it’s worth every penny!

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  13. J Paul Member

    If it wasn’t for the 1978 accident date, I would have wondered if this was Vince Neil’s car.


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    • Scott

      The only thing worse than seeing this pile is having to see it again 2 weeks later. This wing nut in California is out in Space. Dump hin in it, run it through the shredder and let us get on with some worthwhile content.

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  14. Chevy Guy

    This was posted on May 3rd. Same picture, all most the same thing.


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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      We feature so many cars that this can happen on occasion. Looks like a few people didn’t see it the first time around though.

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    • Will Fox

      There’s NO way there can be 2 of these in this shape. LOL

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  15. art

    VIN swapping? Yikes. Isn’t this already a branded VIN?
    Even if not, it would be a shady and illegal practice that will screw over some poor buyer. Put it into a metal shredder and put it out of its’ misery.
    ….and it casts the pall of death over its’ remains…ugh.
    Re-using what’s left could be the makings of a Twilight Zone episode. lol

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  16. Patrick Farmer

    Is this guy related to the electric Fairmont guy? Is this car to be used as a scare the teenage drivers or a a 10 cent a head side show.

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    • Will Fox

      Patrick, I gotta believe at the very least, they’re next-door neighbors!

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  17. Patrick Farmer

    How much for the de-tuned Boss 351? The Cleveland. How much for the Cleveland? You can see the number “4” on the corner of the head. Who cares about the Italian gift wrap. The trans axle would be nice but I bet it is scattered around the world by now.

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  18. Bryan corey

    Period correct destruction

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  19. Tom Henderson

    Garbage is garbage no matter what the price tag says.

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    • Al Saunders

      They were an underachieving sport’s car, and overrated for it’s day. Still a nice piece of late muscle car era!

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  20. motorsport

    pretty sure they meant to put $1600 buy it now
    or maybe $160..
    just a few extra zeros by mistake

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  21. John


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  22. Dean Rees

    Does anyone acutally purchase these rusty hunks of crap this seller continously has posted on eBay?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Looks like they are moving a lot of parts and some of the cars have sold too.

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  23. TimM

    Round two or is this another smashed exotic

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  24. Steve Farrow-Reid

    Coming up next folks,a Porsche Spyder that was “wadded” in 1955

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  25. Dave Mazz

    I vote that one of those fake-reality TV car shows buys it, restores it in three days. and sells it to some guy from Estonia for $675,000. Oh yah, they also find it was once owned by James Dean’s second cousin, and was an ex-Pope mobile ! :-) :-)

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  26. Mood O

    I actually saw 3 “living” Pantera’s at a cars and coffee last weekend…
    In Scottsdale AZ

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  27. W9BAG

    Just a remnant of a great car. Time for the inferno. RIP.

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