Hot Rod Potential: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette

Have you ever wanted to build a hot rod out of a C1 but just didn’t have the heart to do it to a nice car? Well, this 1954 Corvette looks like a prime candidate for a hot rod build. Featuring a 1962 Corvette frame and rear suspension, this American roadster looks tough on its 5 slot mags and would be neat with a period correct hot rod engine. The difficult to find hardtop is included with the car for whatever the hammer price turns out to be. Bidding has currently brought the price up to $6,600. Check it out here on eBay out of Galion, Ohio.

This is a bare-bones roller, but there are some pieces mixed in to aid in fixing the car, like the extra dash. The current dash is nice except for the excessive damage on the passenger side. Being fiberglass, the good parts from the spare could be grafted into the current one. Otherwise, there are no interior components, and the engine bay is bare as well.

Much of the trim is included with the car, and there are some bumpers as well. The fiberglass on this one is rough and will definitely require a lot of work to revive. I am sure there are “dry” spots that need special attention as well. The worst of the body damage is the missing lower front valence, and the missing lower portion of the passenger front fender. No matter how you cut it, this ‘Vette is going to require a lot of work but could be a great hot rod project due to its missing original drive-train, and frame. What would you do with this C1?

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  1. doug

    ’53, ’54, ’55 Corvettes NEVER came from the factory with a hardtop. They are ALL aftermarket.

  2. Ken Tilly

    Leave it where it is to die a natural death !

  3. LC

    I think it would make a great early 60’s styled Kustom!

  4. Dave Mika

    Holey Kow, this is one tired little beast! Bolt everything together and suspend it from the ceiling in your shop for conversational purposes.

  5. Ike Onick

    gasser! gasser! gasser!

  6. Andre

    Man.. Even as a C1 guy I don’t know about this. I think I’d run, not walk. My skin is already itching from the fiberglass work.

  7. Perry

    can you say money pit? Maybe a job for the Count.

  8. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    Someone might be able to make this project work, especially if he has a stock of C1 parts hanging around, but it will never have as much value when finished as a complete car with proper documentation. The seller says the frame is a ’62 Corvette and that “the car has the vin number”, but which vin number that is isn’t stated.

    Just don’t pay too much for it.

  9. 86 Vette Convertible

    What did PT Barnum say: There’s a sucker born every minute! I see no joy here, only a money pit. This looks like a hodge-podge of scrap parts.

    The again, someone with more dollars than sense will come along and buy it (I think), they always seem to IMO.

  10. Ian C

    Quick! Someone go get me a 4X4 chassis to put this on!! HAHA

  11. DRV

    You could probably find a 1949 Chevy frame better than this one if you needed a frame hence leaving it worth the top and trim.

  12. Tom Stewart

    If it came cheap, and you have a lot of parts and garage space, go ahead and make a project out of it. Just understand there probably no way to get the money you invest back out… and it will be a lot of money.

  13. Rick

    Nice patina on a plastic car.

  14. Gaspumpchas

    woo doggies shes a ruffian. spent mucho time outside. The green masking tape is a nice touch. Sure seems like a lot of coin. will be interested to see what it brings.

    Caveat emptor
    Good luck to the new owner!

  15. Jim Levante

    I built this out of a 54 kit, fun to look at.

  16. Wayne

    Jim, I like it! Is there a a kit car company still out there that make a C1 kit?
    Ike, I am not a big Gasser fan. But it would be a cool Gasser.

  17. Pete

    If you need a big tax deduction, you could buy this and donate it to a community college as a learning aid so they could develop fiberglass skills. You could get maybe 10K from doing that. This is a steaming pile of Canine excrement.


    kit and 292 truck motor with modern 5speed

  19. Wayne

    Richard H. I had the same thought but did not offer it up. As I think a lot of people on this site think I am wacked enough as it is. My original thought was actually a supercharged 292 with the modern 5 speed and modern throttle body fuel injection.

  20. Steve

    If you’re gonna build this car …. you’re gonna do cause it’s your passion…it doesn’t always have to be about profit!!!!! So tired of hearing people tie it to a profit value.


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