Huge Stash Of Classic Cars & Parts Uncovered!

AAR Auctions (short for Absolute Auction & Realty) is conducting a liquidation of an extensive collection of vehicles and parts. There are more than 85 cars in the auction! Some are complete and some are barely recognizable. Some of the vehicles have titles and some do not. Many domestic brands of cars and trucks are represented. This collection is located in Ringoes, New Jersey (northeast of Philadelphia) and available here on AAR Auctions. Bidding is by lot and closes on August 17, 2020.

The collection expands across seven decades, beginning with the 1930s and ending most recently just before the turn of the century. Most of the vehicles are from the Baby Boomer era, i.e. the 1950s and 1960s. Here’s a breakdown by decade:

1930s – 2

1940s – 17

1950s – 25

1960s – 25

1970s – 10

1980s – 5

1990s – 3

Total – 87

Some seventeen brands are represented throughout this collection, with an emphasis on FOMOCO products, especially Mercury. Here’s a breakdown by make:

AMC/Kaiser/Nash – 7

Buick – 4

Cadillac – 2

Chevrolet – 8

Chrysler – 1

Dodge – 5

Ford – 15

International Harvester – 1

Jeep – 5

Lincoln – 3

Mercury – 20

Plymouth – 9

Pontiac – 3

Studebaker/Packard – 4

Total – 87

Finally, let’s break it down by body style. Sedans and coupes make up the majority of the collection.

Convertible – 4

Coupe – 27

Panel – 1

Sedan – 25

SUV – 1

Truck – 10

Wagon – 3

Incomplete Vehicles – 16

Total – 87

Some of the more interesting, odd or rarest vehicles in the collection include:

1951 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery – has a V-8 engine, manual transmission, roll-down windows, chrome bumper and other parts included inside. No title.

1994 Ford Taurus SHO – has a V-6 24V DOHC engine, manual transmission, leather interior, power windows/locks/mirrors and AM/FM radio. The odometer reading is 181,000 miles. No title.

1961 Pontiac Ventura Coupe – has a V-8 engine with a 4-speed manual transmission, Holley carburetor and Edelbrock intake manifold, matching vinyl interior and spare parts in the trunk. The odometer reading is 72,000 miles. Title is available.

1978 AMC Matador – has a 360 V-8 2V engine with automatic transmission and radio. The odometer reading is 96,000. Title is available.

1963 Mercury Monterey S-55 Convertible – no engine but automatic transmission, red vinyl interior, front bucket seats, rear bench seat and assorted parts. The odometer reading is 71,000 miles. Title is available.

The parts list is rather extensive, too, and includes items like a Jeep 258 cubic inch inline-six block, a 1956 Packard 374 V-8 engine, a Craftsman 34″ radial drill press, engine hoists, Bay Lift air jack, a 1940 Ford Deluxe grill, a Coats 40-40A tire mounting machine, and all sorts of other things. All-in-all, this is quite a treasure-trove of automotive goodies just waiting to be picked.

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  1. Howard A Member

    My late uncle had a ’61 Ventura Bubbletop like that. Kind of sad, there are some nice cars that should find new homes. So many projects they never got around to. You know, it’s probably better that these cars find new owners individually, rather than one big lump of unrestored cars.

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  2. Wayne

    I really want the ’61 Pontiac. But I bet I would never outbid Bill’s Backyard Cars out of Amarillo TX. He has to have the largest collection of factory 4 speed ’61 Pontiacs in the world.

    Like 7
    • Gaspumpchas

      Wayne, if you want the poncho, go for it, you stand as good a chances as anyone getting it. Buyers market right now. Good luck and stay safe!

      Like 14
  3. Vince H

    I to like the 61 Pontiac. The 4 speed really makes it stand out/

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  4. Vince H

    I to like the 61 Pontiac. The 4 speed really makes it stand out.

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  5. TRPIV

    Previous owner liked to take things apart and never finish them? Flathead would be cool for an old Ford hotrod.

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  6. doone

    Lotsa cars needing lotsa work

    Like 5
  7. Dave

    I didn’t get any farther than the dual quad 409/425 motor! All bids start at $1. Assuming that everything is square then the prices won’t be obscene if you want to roll the dice. The thing that made me laugh was that winning bidders MUST be there at a specific time and date. Due to the sheer volume of things to sell they’re trying to do “just in time”. Wait until Murphy checks in…

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  8. Dave Mathers

    LOVE the 61 bubbletop!!

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  9. Hotroddaddy

    I would love to have that ’65 Marlin!

    Like 2
  10. midnightdriver2

    Doesn’t look like many vehicles or engines worth saving in this sale…a lot of them must have been rescued at the last minute form “the crusher”!

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  11. Don

    If I had the means and $$$$ , I would love to have that AMC Marlin !

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  12. Robert Thrasher

    When is this sale/ time and location, plus pre sale inspection allowed?

  13. Bill McCoskey

    Very large assortment of body panels, engines, transmissions, but poorly organized lots. As an example; Not many people want to buy a 1947 Plymouth fender and a 1955 Chevy hood as a lot. Plenty of description mistakes too, for example; 1953 Packard is not a Clipper, it’s a Mayfair hardtop, and it’s not a 6 cylinder, it’s an 8 cylinder.

    And for you guys who want the ’61 Pontiac stuff, it looks like the guy was gathering up a lot of parts for that car, and it appears there are a couple of NOS front fenders sold as a lot.

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  14. EMC

    Yikes! You think one would better organize the cars with their missing parts! I would bet many of those body parts and motors go with the half of the vehicles missing these items. It amazes me what a train wreck people make of their collections. Lots of east coast rust but there are some gems worth saving.

    • Bill McCoskey

      Yep, I agree that many of these cars could be re-assembled from the parts in the building. The likely problem with the seller is they don’t know which parts go with which cars. Plus, the costs involved to hire an expert team to come in and match parts to cars is not gonna cheap. That said, there are multiple pre-war Ford & Mercury coupe projects that as of today have NO bids. If these were mostly complete cars they would likely have starting bids of at least $1,000, and might achieve $3,000 or more, for each car.

      Now it’s likely they will have truckloads of body panel parts, engines, drive trains and more, after the various lots receive NO bids.

  15. Stephen Smith

    All I can see is treasure wish I lived in the USA

  16. Bill Hall

    I see lots of neat and interesting projects. Just a couple of minor details. I live in opposite end of country and have no place to to store and or work on anything. That and a lack of EXTRA GREEN it aint going to happen. There is one other TINY DETAIL that bothers me about lots of the cars. NO TITLE or Vin? The vin on some of the older pieces is understandable but from the fifties on I thought everything had a door tag. This problem might be worked around depending on where you live and the seller.

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  17. TimM

    This is a wide variety of classic that all need tons of work!! Restoration shops are all going to want a piece of the action but they might go for to much to make it profitable!! This makes for a bit of room for the average guy that isn’t worried about making money and just wants to get his dream car!! Got to be willing to pay the piper!!

  18. Paolo

    That’s a lot of stuff and probably a bit will go for crap. Too bad. Tough time to dispose of massive quantities of mixed items. You need to walk through the auction but I think that won’t be allowed.

  19. Doug C.

    i want to buy the 1961 red pontiac bonnavile,,,,2 door red,,,,no front bumper,,,,in this auction,,,,,please get back.

    • Bill McCoskey

      I wish you luck in getting a reply, I know of 2 people who asked them for info, and heard nothing back. Same with me, asked a question by email, no reply.

  20. Mitchell Ross

    The onerous pick up requirements make this a pain. i want to bid on the Matador Coupe but even though I own a car transport company, getting a small truck to get them off the property to load on a bigger truck will be a pain.

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