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Like A Toronado? 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88


When I was researching this 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Sedan, I was surprised to find this brochure page that stated that the “new” Delta 88 was “Toronado inspired.” I’m not sure I can squint enough to see that, but hey, it is a handsome car in itself, and may well finish the auction where it’s listed for sale here on eBay at a price below our Cheap Classics $2,500 limit. We don’t know what the reserve is, but bidding is starting at $500. 


There are a few dents and dings on the Delta, and there are two rust spots that have been “repaired.” Based on what I can see, my definition of repaired must be a little different from the sellers. It still does look pretty solid, though, despite faded paint on the horizontal surfaces.


You can see one of the spots I’m talking about just in front of the driver’s side front door at the bottom of the front fender. All the trim does appear to be present, and at least what chrome we can see looks pretty good. The seller tells us the car has 89,000 miles, and I think I believe that.


Well, we know either the parking brake or the P pawl on the automatic transmission works!


It was looking at this dashboard (there are several closeups as well) when I realized that this car might actually be really special. For one thing, that’s an awfully clean interior, with only some carpet stains letting it down. Dash looks great! And yes, those are air conditioning controls, although as you might expect it’s non-operational. But at least it’s there so that you can fix it, right?


And just look at those seats and door panels. Wow! Very clean, very nice, and very original. I wish the owner had seen fit to post pictures of the 425 cubic inch Rocket V8 that is under the hood, but we’ll just have to assume that the description of it starting every time with “no noises, smokes or anything” is correct, unless you can get there in person to tell us more. I think this could be a really nice and practical classic–what do you think?


  1. RicK

    Seems like an Olds with 4 doors always goes cheap, even though they are hansome and durable cars. Back in the 70s you could often find a 40s or 50s Olds 4 door in similar condition to this one that ran and drove just fine for a few hundred dollars, which if adjusted for inflation is probably around $2,000, cheap for a “classic” car these days. And this car certainly qualifies as a classic if for no other reason than t’s almost fifty years old!

  2. Cassidy

    I like it!

  3. Howard A Member

    1st, I believe this is a Delmont 88, not a Delta. I had a friend with a 2 door like this, 425, 2 barrel, was quite the cruiser, although heavy. Just a great find and a wonderful car. Power, comfort, plenty of room, many an Olds like this crossed this land, on 2 lanes, with power to pass. The old man had big Oldsmobiles for a while, a ’63 and a ’65 98. My brother got his 1st speeding ticket with the ’65. In case some here are too young to remember, the late Ted Kennedy drove one of these off a pier in Mass. in 1969, killing Mary Jo Kopechne . Something I think, dogged his career for years.

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    • PaulieB

      I worked on a film based on the Chappaquiddick incident this past summer and they had 2 black Delmonts.. One that looked perfect and another that was just a roller that they partially submerged and dented. Some nice vintage cars in the film as one might expect.

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    • Barry Nye

      I thought Kennedy’s was a 1965-66 model.

    • Utes

      You’re on the button there, Howard.

  4. big kahuna

    This IS your fathers Oldsmobile!

  5. nessy

    Ahh, I like Oldsmobiles the best but just so you know, this is not a Delta, it’s a Delmont which was a step down from a Delta.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Thanks to both Howard and Nessy for the correction!

    • Utes

      Not only a Delmont, in which the 330 was std., but a Delmont 425.

  6. Alan (Michigan)

    The family had a ’68 Delta 88. No B-Pillar, so a 4-door hardtop? That one had the 455/2bbl.

    This car has had more than “2 spots of rust fixed”, if you can call what was done here (stuffing the holes with bondo and spraying some similar color from a rattle can) an actual repair. More photos were mentioned, but I can’t find them.

    I note that the seller seems to be into cameras, so one might take that into consideration when viewing these pictures. Photos can give an accurate representation, or be use to show an object in the most flattering way possible.
    The interior does look nice. The family’s ’64 Impala had plastic covers, which meant that the second owner got the benefit of the nice fabric on the seats, not us.

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  7. Rock On Member

    Remember the plastic seat covers well. Hot in summer and cold in winter.

  8. ccrvtt

    A high school friend had one of these, or rather his parents did. We drove that sucker from East Lansing to Ann Arbor, a distance of 57 miles, in just under 35 minutes.

    What an awesome car!

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Google Maps says that is closer to 63 miles, from MSU to UofM…., via I-96 and US23

      You guys were rocking! Glad you are still here to tell us about it. Ahh, the college days!

  9. DRV

    Definitely the milk toast version of a Tornado…but a ’68.

    • ccrvtt

      1967 – no side-marker lights, or “Nader eyes”.

    • DRV

      ’68 tornado…

  10. Paul B

    If someone wants a comfortable reliable sturdy classic cruiser, this is it right here. These were all over the place back in the day, and now I don’t recall the last time I’ve seen one.

  11. Rustytech Member

    Nice ride for someone trying to avoid the multiple computers, and choking emissions of later model cars if you don’t mind 14 or 15 mpg on high test gas.

  12. Mike

    Sweet that it’s a base Delmont 88 with a 425…the biggest engine you could get in ’67.

  13. Rick

    A buddy and I had an Olds like this briefly when we were teenagers. Sooo
    much torque, burned a set of tires off in one night!

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  14. Silas

    I had a red two door with a black vinyl roof and white interior ’67 Delmont 88 in high school. Very dependable car, but that 425 gulped gasoline. Maybe 10 MPG….maybe.

  15. PA Car Guy

    Had the Delmont 88 version of this – Delmont 88 Holiday Sedan – was the way it was written up by the selling dealership… Same color scheme. Being a Holiday, it was “pillar less”. Got it from my Grand dad in 1982 with 40k miles. The profile of the front fenders is all about the Toronado. OLDS… Obey Laws Drive Safely.. That was the Oldsmobile motto that year… Great memories of “Pa” and that car

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  16. Charles Rodriguez

    My favorite uncle drove a Delmont. He would take us to A&W for root beers and they would leave the tray hooked to the cars front window. Iced root beer mugs, tacos with dipping sauce, and riding in an Olds Delmont! What a memorable outing! Truly a unique American experience.

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