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Nash Bridges Car! 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda

UPDATE 1/25/2021 – This ‘Cuda was originally listed on Hemmings, but has since been listed here on eBay. Unfortunately, the asking price is still $500k. It’s definitely an interesting find and well worth another look!

Did you tune into Nash Bridges on TV in the late 1990s to watch Don Johnson and Cheech Marin tool around San Francisco in a badass 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda? I know I did and still do. This is said to be THE car, the one that was used for all the “glamour” shots in the show, while lookalike back-up cars did all the dirty work. This “Cuda underwent a thorough restoration about 10-12 years ago, including installing the period-correct engine (the show car actually had a 440). This one-of-a-kind beauty is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and is available here on Hemmings for $500,000 firm. Our thanks to Mitchell G for making us aware of this magnificent find!

1971 was the encore year for the redesigned Plymouth Barracuda which shared its platform with the then new Dodge Challenger. Sales were brisk in 1970 but cooled a bit in 1971 as the pony car market was maturing and performance cars were getting hit hard by the insurance industry. The ‘Cuda was the muscle version of the sporty Plymouth, with the 340 V8 being the starting point for horsepower. In 1971, ‘Cuda production consisted of 6,228 hardtops and just 374 convertibles. The top-line ‘Cuda was the Hemi ‘Cuda, which would see output of just 108 fixed tops and 11 drop tops. So, if the Nash Bridges ‘Cuda convertible had originally been a Hemi, it would have been just one of a handful of cars.

The seller’s “Cuda is said to be the car that Don Johnson drove when they did close-ups on the show. But it was not the only one used. The producers had several duplicates made up to look like this one car, but they were all 1970 models that used 1971 dual headlights. Those cars all had smaller motors as this ‘Cuda was the only one that had a big-block, which we’re told was actually a 440 V8. After the show was cancelled in 2001, it stayed with Nash Bridges Productions for another few years. After the production company let it go, the next owner did a no-expense-barred restoration.

As part of the restoration, the car maintained several unique Nash Bridges features, i.e., fender tag, dashboard flashing red light, shaker hood, pistol grip automatic transmission shifter, and Don Johnson’s and other cast members’ autographs on the glovebox. The car also retained the original camera mounts and cords used during the production of the show. The one big change that took place is that a period-correct 426 Hemi engine was dropped in under the hood, which Chrysler rated at 424 hp. The seller kept the original 440 that we’re told came out of this ‘Cuda.

Painted Curious Yellow just as in the show, along with the black and white interior, the car looks spotless from head to toe. The claimed mileage is 11,111, but that sounds too easy. The car will come with extensive documentation to verify the authenticity of the vehicle. A car like this will likely get purchased by someone with a lot of money and a fascination for this era or brand of car or show business. Anyone got Jay Leno’s telephone number?


  1. angliagt angliagt

    I don’t think even Leno would pay that much for it.
    To me,the TV show connection doesn’t make it worth stupid
    money – it’s still a car,& should be driven & enjoyed.

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    • Gnrdude

      Yeah But these Cars WITHOUT the celebrity Pedigree have Gotten into the 7-Figure range this would be Probably be mid 6-Figures easily.

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      • Joe Padavano

        A real Hemi Cuda might get to seven figures. This is not. Good luck with the half-mil asking price. I’ve never understood the attraction of celebrity cars. Well, at least it isn’t a Don Johnson Faux-rrari.

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  2. misterlou Member

    Kino-Flo lights head feeder cables as a selling point?

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  3. JRHaelig

    If this is a Dan Johnson car it’s a scam through and through.

    It would be like paying top dollar for Carl Shelby’s favorite personal car.

    Don Johnson, however, had a couple of popular shows!

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    • James Rocking Ferd

      Like the i iconic Boy and His dog movie Or miami vice . The nash bridges was okay or so so

      I guess the makes a Rockford files 500 or a herbie bug 400 and the General lee 500?

      Lol 😂
      Dream on baby
      Sweet vert though

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      • JoeBob

        I wonder how many remember A Boy and His Dog?

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      • Mike Morgan

        I thought I was the only person that ever saw ‘A Boy and His Dog’…more than once!

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  4. William

    So over priced for a car that started life as a 225 or 318, then to a 440 pretending to be a hemi, then on to a hemi. As the car will never see the road again anyway, why not leave the 440 from the show in place? The hemi is good if it is to be driven, but as said, nah. Nice looking car, interesting Johnson and Martin farted in the seats and all that, but who really cares? What I want are cars that I have a personal connection to, like my Dad’s new 1955 Plymouth. Of course, after he traded it in on a new 1960 Valiant, I only saw it a few times after that. I would suspect a flat head six 3 speed four door Savoy didn’t get restored and put into a collection, so my search might be in vain, but I would pay dearly for that exact car. THE car Dad had, but this?

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    • Bear

      Gotta admit your “…Johnson and Martin farted in the seats and all that…” comment made me actually LOL! :-P

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  5. Ralph

    Please, someone grow a sense of decency and give us a break from these obscenely priced cars. Would not pay this even if it was 24K gold plated. Beautiful car really, but insane price.

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  6. Ralph

    Come on folks, it’s a beautiful ride. But who in their right mind would pay this much money? Give me a break please. BTW, I have a 1970 Pinto I am only asking 42K for, or 40K buy it now….Let’s rejoin reality folks.

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  7. bob

    If it’s a rare Pinto X, it’s worth every penny.

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  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    If you have the money for this one, I know of some land south of Pensacola that’s reported to be great for fish farming.

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  9. JoeNYWF64

    I’d rather have Mannix’s “’72” cuda convertible which was a ’71 that the factory fitted with round tailites for the tv show …

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    • Rick Rothermel

      I’d rather have the Mannix DART… A friend has or had it. Profoundly cool.

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    • Paul Stewart

      I seen that car at the CPW Mopar Show, Woodley Park in Van Nuys CA a few years back. The Dart GTS that he drove before that has been there a couple different times. They were both Barris Kustoms and altered for the TV show.

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  10. UK Paul

    Interesting, thank you!
    What a great car.

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  11. Superdessucke

    I was going to say, to a Mopar enthusiast, this must seem like a positive bargain. Buy it and go out and play Nancy Drew!

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  12. Alan

    Come on mega millions!!!

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  13. Kevin Kendall

    I think the Nash Bridges car had a 318?or maybe 340?It sold at Barrett -Jackson a few years ago for $137,500 I believe

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    • Rich Richer

      I remember the same Barrett-Jackson sale and they had Don Johnson there to hype the bidding interest. It stalled at the mid-high five figures and then got dragged up to the low one hundreds after begging to get interest from the audience.

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  14. John Oliveri

    Well, it’s a famous clone car, not sure what the value is, they lost me with the 440, Hemi switch, I think maybe in Mopar madness world it’s worth 200,000, but hey, it’s worth a shot, cause if it was a 318 car, Barrett Jackson would still get 150,000 for it, add 50,000 for its TV show

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  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I sent this one in too, over a week ago, and have been sending in several interesting ads that I come across, yet they never get posted.

    Do you receive them? I use your “Add to Barn Finds” browser add-on.

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  16. Duwane McKnight

    The value of this car is so hard to put a pin on yes from the factory 71 hemi cuda drop tops have gone for 1. Mil something but that was in the Mopar crazy when the rest of the world first discovered what Mopar guys have always kwon that these are the best cars to ever come out o Detroit or anywhere else however The masses have come to thier sences and middle class guys like myself can almost get back into mopars again so being that the numbers have came down the 71hemi cuda drop top even with a shacker hood is the cream dala cream this infact is not one it’s a 70 with a 71 front end it originally had a 318 so the shaker probably isn’t orig either I know I know if you like it you like it and I do like it but to command such numbers what it rolled off the factory line does matter now let’s get to the show bz factor Nash Bridges never was a huge show and Don Johnson’s glamor never shined like it did when he was riding with tubs in the Ferrari so in my opinion the atos on the glovebox would need to be cleaned off well I would leave cheaches however givern all this value is in the eye of the beholder I’m sure there is somebody with more money then sense but if it makes them happy and thier kids aren’t hungry more power to them just don’t expect the ROI so all the petsgree considered a fair market value or what I’d pay if I had the extra coin jingeling around would be 60,000 given that is a frankincudastien

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    • TimS

      Punctuation, brother. Please.

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      • Philip

        No periods or commas for the “tweaked”…just full on.

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      • Steve R

        Spell check and proof reading wouldn’t hurt either.

        Steve R

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    • Motorhead


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  17. Steve

    The hemi is rated at 425 HP, not 424.

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  18. dave demangone

    I think this is the Nash Bridges #2 car, which was used for many of the chase scenes. Nash #1 was used for the still shots, and most, if not all, of the cruising scenes. Nash #2 , during the filming of the shows, was equipped with a painted metal bumper, whose edges stick out from the fenders, as also with Nash #3 and Nash #4. Where as Nash #1 was the only one with the rubber front bumper, that hugs the fender going up. I think during the restoration, Nash #2 had it’s metal bumper upgraded to the rubber bumper, like Nash #1. When watching the episodes, sometimes you get a glimpse of the front bumper, and you can identify if it’s Nash #1, or one of the others. Nash #3, and Nash #4 were more for extreme stunts, and had extra braces welded in the car as needed. If you look at the picture of all 4 cars from I think 1997, you can see the differences in the front bumpers.

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  19. BeCarSmart Member

    Any classic muscle car for $500K, whatever it is, is going to need a 3rd pedal !!

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  20. TonyB.

    He had that GT Dart .They put so many different parts on it and de-badged it. It took me a few episodes to see what it was . He opened the driver door and finally saw the emblem.

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  21. JoeNYWF64

    IMO, this nose should have also been used in 1970(with single headlites looks too much like a ’68 camaro RS with the headlite doors open) & also in ’72-74.
    The later round “vette” tailites are very kewl, but the above tailites are good as well.

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