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One Piece At A Time! 1939 Chevrolet

This strange-looking automobile, which comes with a title for a 1939 Chevy, reminds me of the country/novelty song from 1976 recorded by Johnny Cash. The title of the song was “One Piece at a Time” and it’s quite entertaining (give it a listen). Perhaps the song inspired someone to create this one-of-a-kind automobile which is said to be assembled from 28 different cars. We assume it runs and drives, and can be found in Bay City, Michigan. The strange concoction is available here on craigslist for $21,000. Thanks for this most unusual tip. T.J.!

The brainchild of a man named Stan, the car is referred to as “The Stanmobile” and is an aggregation of parts with no main body. As you look at the seller’s photos, you’re likely to see something every time. We’re told that while the title that comes with the car says “1939 Chevrolet” you’ll probably have to register it as a custom vehicle.

Here’s a rundown of what other vehicles were drawn from to create this masterpiece.  The most significant parts are from a 1985 GMC which donated a 350 cubic inch V8 to the cause, and a 1982 Chevrolet which was the source of an automatic transmission. Can you spy anything else in the photos?

AMC (1972 Javelin)

Buick (1958)

Cadillac (1961, 1982, 1985 Seville)

Chevrolet (1932, 1939, 1982, 1992)

Ford (1964 Thunderbird, 1972 Pinto, 1973)

Oldsmobile (1985 Ninety-Eight)

Pontiac (1972 Grandville, 1984 Firebird)

For fun, here’s an image from the Johnny Cash song. As the lyrics go, he was working in an auto plant and smuggled the pieces out one at a time for years. Let’s hope the parts for this “1939 Chevy” weren’t via five finger discount!


  1. Big_Fun Member

    To quote Marge Simpson after Homer had his shirt deep fat fried (as it applies here).

    “I didn’t say you couldn’t – I said you *shouldn’t*!”

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    • smokeymotors

      I didn’t say it was ugly i just said it was ruinned, but you know I like it last of the full customs!

  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    This is what listening to Disco Music will do to you.

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    Drinkin’ and Weldin’ I could however use the tail lamp assambly.

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    • JACKinNWPA JACKinNWPA Member

      And for the record those taillights are 1971 not 1972 Javelin.

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  4. bobhess bobhess Member

    Stan must of had some real problems in his life. Good workmanship but not such a good eye for design.

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  5. Tim

    That thing is the definition of Soup Sandwich. Take it to the crusher and put it (and my eyes) out it’s misery.

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  6. Pat

    A “hold my beer” custom car, if I ever saw one.

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    • Mike

      Many, many, many beers were held during it’s construction.

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  7. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Well I see imagination and skill in this vehicle (my dad would have called it an abomination) but I see artistic use of junk yard parts that can be licensed and driven. To me it’s not an eyesore, but one mans use of what he had to build a cartoon car. There are things I really like about this car, like the use of the tailfins ands other such things. May everyone put their dreams to use to build what they have, regardless of other peoples opinion. Those kind of people are the ones that make big progress in inventions.

    God Bless America

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    • djjerme

      he at least got it through body paint.

      I know people with restorations that won’t ever make it that far!

      Regardless if you like it or not, it’s unique.

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  8. BlondeUXB Member

    Oh dear…

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  9. Kenneth Carney

    Gotta agree with John here. The guy
    wanted to build something different
    and he certainly did just that! Stan must be old school because that’s what we did in the mid to late ’60s–
    but not on the scale that he did. Most
    of our Frankenstein stuff went on under the body work. It wasn’t uncommon for builders to use sheet
    metal scraps from AC ducts to repair
    rotted floors or say a Ford engine in a
    Chevy or an M-22 4 speed mounted
    in a Cadillac. I’m so thankful that at
    some point in time, I got to see stuff
    like that and a whole lot more. After
    all, isn’t that what our Hobby’s all about?

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  10. Dave

    While it’s not for me. This fellow deserves some credit. Enjoyed the comments.

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  11. Anthony D

    That thing is uglier than a bucket full of buttholes!

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  12. normadesmond

    There’s a schmatah for every hanger.

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  13. Snotty

    Just because you can, don’t mean you should.

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  14. Mark

    Not a fan but hey, give the guy his due…it’s no worse than some of the freakish nightmares put out by the big names like Roth and Barris. What do you think this vehicle would go for if one of their nameplates were glued to the dash?

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  15. RMac

    I think Stan had talent money and a sense o humor probably brought to car shows and watched the only stock is good people per their pants LOL not for me but got to love it as an oddity just never would grace my garage but glad it exists

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  16. Lance

    This is a committee that designed a Buick.

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    • Anthony D

      I think these are the designers that made the Pontiac Aztek

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  17. Car Nut Tacoma

    “One piece at a time, and it didn’t cost me a dime, you’ll know it’s me when I come through your town.” – “One Piece at a Time”, by Johnny Cash. Awesome song! Awesome looking car.

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  18. Kim in Lanark

    Put it back in the barn

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  19. Steve RM

    Why no interior shots. Maybe he couldn’t slather around enough bondo to blend it together. He is no doubt proud of his accomplishment but good luck finding a buyer who agrees with him.

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  20. moosie moosie

    No, just plain no & lock Stans tools away where he cant get at ’em.

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  21. Jnotturno

    How many clowns came out of it?

  22. That AMC Guy

    Wonderfully hideous – Elvis would have loved it!

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  23. Jt

    I’d gladly keep it and drive it and enjoy the smiles it brings to others. Most people need a smile these days. Wouldn’t be just another Camaro, Corvette or Mustang at C&C.

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  24. Mutt

    This is your brain.

    This is your brain on drugs.

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  25. Mike

    If this is a super hero car, I don’t want to know what their special powers are.

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  26. Bakes

    That ’72 Pinto fuel tank oughta take care of things… 🤯

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  27. Ray

    Why? Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

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  28. Chuck

    Maybe a Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum would like it.

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  29. hsrcd

    I wouldn’t want to own it, but I’d love to see it in person at a C&C or cruise night!

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  30. david r

    I honestly think this thing belongs in a car museum. Good for him!

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  31. david r

    I honestly think this thing belongs in a car museum. Good for him! You’ve seen one pristine Camaro or GTO you’ve seen em all

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    • Anthony D

      I dont know where you live but i think you need to visit some new museums!

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  32. Robert Barker

    His list is missing the Lincoln oprea windows and the front turn signals are also from a Lincoln Mark IV not LTD. To each their own.

  33. 67Firebird_Cvt Member

    I appreciate the work he put into it. I couldn’t do that.
    But I’d rather drive the one Johnny Cash is sitting in.

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  34. MarkO

    This reminds me of the “FordChevAmChrysWagon”
    the”FordChevAmChrysWagon” was a car commissioned for a large commercial bank here in New York to promote auto loans. The car was assembled from a multitude of different car parts, spanning at least 50 years and numerous manufacturers. The bank, Manufacturers Hanover, not only used the car In their 1978 commercials but as a drivable display , showing it at various locations to promote their auto loan programs. The slogan that accompanied the car was that they would give you a loan for. “ANY CAR” . I believe that the car made an appearance at the NEW YORK AUTO SHOW , back when it was held at the NY Collessum. People would circle the display trying to decipher what cars various parts came from. I distinctly remember the rear of the car utilizing a large piece of a Dodge Lancer and the “cabin” being from a 30’s sedan!
    The car was called the “FordChevAmChrysWagon”
    If you google or Youtube: FordChevAmChrysWagon, you can see the commercial.

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  35. Mason Hill

    The only known car designed by Dr. Seuss. If a cat wore a hat and got smashed flat ……………

  36. John

    I can’t say i like the car but the man has talent not just anyone can weld together and blend panels like this. That said if he had someone with taste guiding him imagine the work he could do.

  37. Pugsy

    I can’t un-see it. That’s a shame……….

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  38. B Wallace

    Paint it Pink it reminds me of the Penismobile used on the inside cover of the Steppenwolf Album “For Ladies Only”

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  39. Terry

    Good Lord, WTF was he smoking/dropping/shooting up to come up with this monstrosity? Pull the motor and trans and scrap the rest.

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  40. Midnight Pony

    Missing Lincoln for the Opera windows and sorry those front turn signals are also from a Lincoln Mark IV not a LTD.

  41. wcshook

    A very unique vehicle! I am not a body man, but from what I can see and understand, it is very well assembled, no notable rough spots. I wish there were interior shots. The worst part to me, is the length. The back is to short in relation to the front. Not really balanced. While I understand it is not for everybody, but it does grow on you. I would gladly drive it to a car show, and play Johnny Cash’s song.

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  42. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    The ad states “Apparently, the owner has a title for a 1939 Chevy”. So, who is selling it and is it actually for sale or just posted as a joke.

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  43. chrlsful

    my props to the guy(s) who can name where each part comes from. If enuff were made identical (ie excaliber, zimmer & others) the viewers might accept it better like the stories some politicins tell. “Just keep repeating it & they’ll believe at some point.” Such as the ‘bigger’ manafacturers Gremlin, Aztec, Chevy SSR, Robin Reliant, Smart for2, Juke, Yugo and H2 hummer. Then ya got ur buggattis and venenos, reventons & enzos (higher productin) for ‘the rich sportie’ types (space ships in the driveway).
    Style is all pretty personal, ‘one man’s poision can be another’s passion’.

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  44. Anthony D

    If what you say is true then this thing rat poison mixed with acid

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  45. Ward William

    If the price was low enough, it may well be worth buying just to see it do a “Thelma and Louise” off the highest cliff possible.

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  46. Bob Washburne

    Style: No

    Quality of construction/welding/bodywork: Appears legit.

  47. V8roller

    Welllll…. perhaps with some higher-profile tyres with narrow-band whites.
    That would take care of the excessive arch gap at the rear that spoils the design.

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  48. V8roller

    Welllll…. perhaps with some higher-profile tyres with narrow-band whites.
    That would take care of the excessive arch gap at the rear that spoils the design.

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