1930 Ford Model A Barn Find

The Ford Model A is perhaps one of the better-known antique cars, replacing the Model T (“Tin Lizzie”) in 1927. This 1930 Model A sedan is an excellent surviving example and is currently up for sale in Conway, Arkansas. You can find the listing here on eBay, with bidding at the time of writing at just over $6,000.

The Model T was produced for 18 years, with almost 15,000,000 examples built! It brought cars into the hands of millions of people at an affordable price with overall good reliability and ease of service. But by the time the late 1920s were rolling around, Ford realized it was time for a new model to be introduced. The Model A was a huge step forward technologically – conventional clutch and brake pedals, throttle, and shifter. It came with 4-wheel drum brakes and safety glass for the windshield, as well as an option for a cabin heater. It came in 4 color options, 7 body styles, and cost between $385 and $570 depending on body and options. Over its 4-year run (model year 1928 through 1932), just shy of 5 million were made. Not as many as the Model T, but still enough for plenty to remain today.

This Model A is claimed to be mostly original, with the exception of a repaint over 40 years ago. For the most part, the body looks to be in pretty good condition. Other than the rear fender, below the passenger door, and under the back window, there doesn’t appear to be much rust present. There could always be more hidden, and there aren’t any photos underneath the car, but if it was stored in a barn like some photos show, than hopefully it stayed mostly dry.

There aren’t any photos of the engine or interior available at this time, which is unfortunate since we can’t gauge its overall condition. There are some broken links on the eBay listing though, so perhaps the seller will realize that and update them soon. The seller states it runs, drives, and stops (although it doesn’t sound like it is quite roadworthy yet), so that is promising. Assuming it still has all the original factory parts like the seller states, it would be a 200 cubic-inch 4-cylinder engine paired with a 3-speed transmission, which put out 40 horsepower and could propel the driver to 65 mph while still getting between 20 and 30 mpg. Not bad for an basic almost 100-year old car! Even though there are still some unknowns about this Model A, it has potential. Would you restore it, or fix up enough to take it safely on the road again?


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  1. Mark

    Just no way this is a 6k car..

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  2. Butch

    Those look like later 16” wheels, rather than the 19” Model A’s

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  3. steve

    I’m not a Ford guy but even then this car, as “complete” as it seems, just looks wrong somehow. Maybe just the wheels? But for 6K you’d expect more-better, eh?
    The folks who these appealed to are mostly gone. I’d take a ’30 as that was the year my mother was born., Other than that? not really that interesting of a car. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s car are what I remember seeing/owning/driving/working on. Cool to have a ’30? yes..6 grand and all the work/money “cool”? no…

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  4. Mike T

    This car has too much wrong with it. The wheels are Model B and the spare wheel is missing. It really needs a frame off restoration. The body looks to be fixable but the interior and the engine and attachments are a big question. I am too old to take this on but if I could I wouldn’t give more than $1,500. The restoration will cost over $25,000 if I did the work myself and the car isn’t worth it.

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  5. Gary Rhodes

    Looks to be a four door steel back. It has 16″ wheels and God awful paint roller paint it black and it would look way better. Steve’s right, the old guys are dying, the kids don’t want em, and most aren’t worth much. This would be a different street rod if you had kids but I’d be hard pressed to see it worth anywhere near what the vid is. It’s worth what someone’s willing to pay, I guess

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  6. michael Member

    Really good to see a genuine barn find here , complete with dust and patina , but almost complete , and with some work to do which always helps with the bonding process . The model A is an icon , more so on a buyers’ market , and it has a wide global following . Price ? Not many real icons around in Europe for 6000 dollars , euros or pounds ….

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  7. Barney

    Wrong wheels, modified headlight buckets and missing horn to start with. This is a rough car. I believe it is a leather back sedan which used to be somewhat desirable but the car would have to be a labor of love

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  8. Bunky

    Not sure why all the “it’s not worth $6K chatter. It’s already been bid past that. Evidently someone thinks it’s worth over $6k, and they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is.

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  9. Kenn

    Both Bunky and Gary Rhodes are correct. Lots of folks can’t afford the high dollars the muscle car/newer car collectables are requiring. These As are fun, they get smiles from onlookers – even young ones – and absent restoring to concourse condition aren’t that expensive or difficult to make driveable for a DIY hobbyist.

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  10. glenn reynolds

    Cut the roof off over the front seats, put a partition between front & back seats and viola! a model A chauffer driven limo.

  11. dogwater

    days gone by

  12. Mitch

    The same model Is on display in the building I worked at. It was a Govt owned car, Used by Geologist for 30 years. He painted it red to make it easier to find it when he parked it in the in the desert. When he passed away nobody went to reclaim it. It was discovered missing in an audit, and they went to the widows house to find it in the 1970s. It had been sitting in the garage up on blocks for 15 years. . They actually got tires for it and got it running and drove across country with it to bring it back to Va.


    Sent from my iPad with my permission.

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  13. Dodged5

    That is a 1930 Model A 170B blindback Deluxe Sedan made between April and December 1930. The wheels are from the later V8 cars and the paint job is not original. It needs a lot of work and 6K is way too much for that car. Good for the seller but not the buyer. With 50+K investment you could have a very nice 20K car

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