Original 1963 Willys Jeep Traveller 4×4

If there’s a cooler vintage 4×4 to drive around – not on the freeway, not in traffic jams, but regular driving for fun and errands around the neighborhood – I can’t think of it offhand. The Lamborghini LM002 doesn’t count. This 1963 Willys Jeep Traveller 4×4 is listed here on eBay in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the current bid price is just over $4,600, and there is no reserve.

The creamsicle paint scheme is interesting but I like it. Of course I do, how could I not. What are your thoughts about it? Keep it, paint it one color, woodgrain, what else? It’s reportedly original according to the seller so I’d want to keep it. Willys had the idea of a wagon-type vehicle during WWII but it wasn’t until 1946 that the all-steel Willys Wagon was introduced and they were made until 1964.

As much as I like to keep vehicles original, some different gearing or a 5-speed swap might be nice in order to make this rig a little more road-friendly. I could see taking it on at least shorter road trips. And, I guess that’s possible to do just by leaving it the way it is. It’s not like they didn’t have roads in the 1940s/50s/60s and people didn’t drive these 4×4 wagons more than ten miles at a time. I’m just thinking how cool it would be to show up at a client’s house or business with this. You’ll notice the round rear wheel wells rather than flattop ones, very interesting. This is a Traveller and the company reportedly only made around 700 of them.

This one doesn’t have two-too-many doors, but wouldn’t you normally want back doors for a wagon like this? The driver’s seat is toast but this photo of the seatbacks looks like they’re almost new! It’s a good thing the seller is honest enough to show us the rrrrrreeessst of the story (in my best Paul Harvey voice). Overall, the interior looks good to me and the rear cargo area could haul enough camping gear for a two-week road trip. I thought that the Traveller had a clamshell-like rear opening configuration but I must have been mistaken as this one has the typical barn-door rear doors. Thoughts? Mike, are you out there?

The engine should be a 230 cubic-inch Tornado, an overhead-cam inline-six with 140 horsepower. The seller says that this 4×4 is original and unrestored which is amazing if it’s true. I mean, the seats look like they were recovered at some point, but maybe they mean unmodified? They do say that there is rust in the floors and on the roof drip rails, but that it’s restorable and you can’t beat that price, so far anyway. Any thoughts on this Traveller?


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  1. Pwog Member

    Love it, fix the seat only and leave it as is. Looks as leathery and tough as your favorite frontier grandpa.

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  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I’m with you on this one Scotty! Looks like a great project. And you get the winch. I will wait for Dan B to comment. That guy knows his Travellers. Spring is coming buddy, take care, Mike.

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  3. BlondeUXB Member

    Parkway conversion. Rear wheel arches don’t reflect 1963 profiles…

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  4. Anthony Salas

    My dad had one just like that one color and all in early 70s he put a 327 in it

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  5. Howard A Member

    So tempted, I know what I said earlier on these, BUT, if I may redeem myself somewhat, this is an unusual one. 1st, it has the OHC motor, it was a stout unit, so much so, the military used them, and a bit more road friendly, and Blonde is right, the rear windows are different too, and rear “barn doors” were very rare. I read, this was sold as a 8/9 passenger,( extra fold up seats in way back could be had), had an extra fuel tank, which I don’t see, and these had a higher gear ratio, like 3:54, the OHC Traveller was the only Willys wagon to use them. When I had my Willys trucks, try as I might, I couldn’t find them for mine, which limited travel considerably. I think this would be okay at 55, but it’s still a Willys wagon, and caution is advised. Since I’ve decided, long travel is not in my routine anymore, this would be great, 632 miles away, that might be pushing it, but as rare as this is, and I wanted/needed a wagon again, I’d be on my way. Even Mike has to admit, this is a rare one. I’ve never seen one. These came at a hefty price, a 4wd Traveller ( they did offer 2wd ones) cost $3,680 when a basic wagon was $1,995.
    Scotty, being the vintage TV buff failed to mention, Willys was on top of their game in the late 50’s and early 60’s, mostly for a show called “Maverick”, starring James Garner. Willy’s was the sponsor, and even offered a model called the Maverick, but a conventional design wagon.

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  6. j birch

    I thought the back doors versus a tailgate were only offered on panel wagons, the side windows look like add ons, the common ones had siders on the big windows

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    • Belerich

      Someone else mentioned it, this looks like a Parkway conversion – meaning panel wagon with windows added. The key ways to spot the Parkway conversion is the rear panel doors round wheel arches, and side windows that aren’t recessed. But I’m not familiar with the Traveler variant…

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  7. Daniel Wright

    Stillwater is home to Oklahoma State University. The school color is orange which explains the paint job. Someone was a cowboys fan.

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  8. Wayne

    To keep it stock looking, change over to the aftermarket overdrive unit that bolts into the back of the transfer case. Wa,la highway cruiser. But as Howard says, still keep the speed down! (along with the revs!)
    Very cool unit!

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  9. chrlsful

    yeah a B/W ‘rancho’ OD could B had – but, all the rattling goin dwn the rd must B nerve wracking…
    Wait !
    is that a cross flow i6? Looks like an intake runs dwn the drivers side of the engine bay? Yet I C the exhaust on the pass side? Didn’t no the Tornado was 1 of the few x-flow usa motors?

  10. Steve Brown


  11. chrlsful

    the x-flow?

  12. Robert White

    35 bidders and it’s up to $9k, yikes.
    This Willys will go for over $10k USD.

    So much for getting anything in this line for cheap anymore. Those days are gone.


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    • Steve Brown

      I just went to look at it too and saw the price closing in on 9K. That is a little steep for “structural rust”.

  13. Linda Dixon- Ponzetto

    I love it!! Would be great in NJ snow! I can restore this one all by myself! Our furkids would love it too!!

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  14. GOM

    I’m also fairly sure this was a conversion of a windowless “panel truck”. I think I can see the outline of the original window openings stamped into the side panels, and the glass doesn’t match the shape, nor is it mounted in the factory manner. The door configuration and round wheel openings lead in this direction also. The Maverick was, as I recall, a somewhat flashier trim package, but with two wheel drive and thus a somewhat lower price. Does this sound right??

  15. chrlsful

    “…Does this sound right??…”
    I’m just tryin to find out more bout the motor.
    Made till ’70s in Argentina (like some ford products).
    It sounds like a winner.

    good ol amc/rambler
    Made it to ele. ign, in the Ambasador w/bigger HP. 4
    on-the-column (1ada few) a ZF !
    One of the higher revin i6 motors (7K) the 2nd/final gen
    got more main bearings…

    • Howard A Member

      The motor was a marvel for it’s time. It featured only 6 lobes on the camshaft. The intake and exhaust were opened by the same cam lobe and had fewer moving parts. It was also the 1st US built OHC motor for mass production. Some racing engines put out 350 hp. I read, Renault bought out Kaiser Argentina, and used this motor into the 80’s.

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  16. Eric B

    The coolness factor is off the charts. Regarding the window/ conversion discussion; the ebay ad does include a photo of a Travellers brochure or manual and the pictures looks just like the truck, including the windows and wheel arch.

    A couple comments said it was closing in on 9 grand? I’m writing this after them, and it’s closing in on 8 (?). But, as someone said, it will go for at least 10, which I agree is unfortunate considering there isn’t a single undercarriage photo. I’d love to have it but would never buy it sight unseen or at least detailed videos. Should’ve put it on BAT, if they’d take it. Maybe not, they have to make room for all the Porsche’s.

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    • petemcgee

      Eric B more Broncos and Blazers on BaT now than Porsche..

  17. Eric B

    283 People watching it btw. Yeah, won’t be cheap with so many eyes on it : (

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  18. chrlsful

    8K$ on 35 bids.
    Like to get my hands on 1 of these motors…

  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Mar 10, 2021 , 1:02PM
    Winning bid:
    US $9,050.00
    [ 41 bids ]

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Thanks, Mike!

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        It makes me feel like I am on the staff Scotty. LOL!

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