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Package Deal: Huge GM Collection Plus House!

Package deals are a difficult prospect because you have to find just the right buyer that will want to tale an entire collection off your hands. And that’s what we have here, a grouping of mostly General Motors iron from the 1940s through the 1970s that are only offered together – and a rental house, too. The seller says he will not sell anything individually – it’s all or nothing. If you have a spare $185,000 lying around and a desire to take a trip to Buena Vista, Michigan (not Florida), this can all be yours. The package deal is available here on craigslist for your review.

The seller (or the heir to whoever collected all of this stuff) has/had a thing for GM cars, mostly Chevrolets. We’re not told if any of these vehicles run or how long they may have been there. The break-down of this collection is as follows:

1940s – 2 cars

1950s – 2 cars

1960s – 9 cars

1970s – 2 cars

So, 15 cars in total, plus a few odds and ends and a house that can be rented for $750 a month. So, you can move to where the stuff is, rather than move all the stuff to you. In addition, the breakdown of the cars by make is as follows:

Cadillac – 2

Chevrolet – 8

Oldsmobile – 3

Pontiac – 1

Other – 1


1948: Series 62 convertible; looks restored and beautiful

1978: Seville; original with 350 V-8; silver over black


1948: Fleetline 4-door sedan with 292 Inline-6; converted to 4-wheel disc brakes with a Ford Mustang II front suspension; may be solid and complete

1955: station wagon shell that is a roller

1957: Bel Air convertible; looks mostly solid

1961: Impala 2-door hardtop (“bubble top”); looks pretty rough with missing glass

1961: Biscayne or Bel Air 2-door sedan

1966: Impala 4-door with 396 V-8, 400 Turbo-Matic transmission, 12-bolt rear end; numbers-matching car with air conditioning; lots of patina

1966: Impala 2-door fastback with modified 454 V-8, 400 Turbo-Matic and 4-wheel disc brakes; looks very nice and may have been restored

1978: Malibu station wagon with 454 V-8 that has been modified, 350 Turbo-Hydramatic with 8.5 posi-traction and 410 gears; the body is really, really rough


1964: Cutlass F85 convertible with 330 V-8; looks very nice and likely restored

1969: 98 convertible with 455 V-8; tarp over top which is down

1969: 98 4-door hardtop with 455 V-8; looks like a nice survivor


1964: GTO convertible with 389 V-8 and 4-speed transmission, numbers-matching with power top


1967: drag car with no rear end

Tire Machine: 1055 Balancer

Besides what’s listed above, there are several other cars that the seller provided photos of but makes no reference to in the ad. So, we don’t know if they’re part of the $185,000 bonanza or not.

1940s Cadillac that looks salvageable

1966-67 Buick Skylark convertible in rough shape

1967 Plymouth Valiant with patina

1978-80 Malibu coupes, one looks pretty good, the other rough

1970s Lincoln version of the Ford Granada in faded condition

1980s Mercedes, looks good

1990s Chevy/GMC truck that also looks good

For the 15 listed vehicles, all of this works out to be $12,333 per vehicle, with the tire balancer thrown in for free! Thanks, Charles Foster, for bringing this interesting collection to our attention.

And did we mention you can rent the house, too, for $750 a month?! Looks to have a small, enclosed garage as well.



  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    I thought this was a great deal since it came with a rental property, then I realized they are offering to rent the buyer the house for $750 a month…

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    • Mountainwooodie

      You can’t buy the cars unless you rent the house. What? Wait a minute………..I’d like the GTO though, thank you.

    • Mountainwoodie

      Wait.what? Sounds to me like the County Nuisance Abatement Officer is on the sellers case. Neighbors must have gotten tired of the junkyard overflowing the tiny lot.

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  2. local_sheriff

    There’s a bronze ’67 Impala ‘vert there and ’61 Impala has always been my favorite… Some of these vehicles actually look nice and could sell at respectable $, so why not try to sell at least those individually…?

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    • Al

      i also love 1961 chevys mostly 348 ones

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  3. Need Garage Real Estate

    Any live stock, X wives, pets, fishing or hunting items also to throw in..

    The Goat and 57 convertible would be of interest.

    Storage place and unwanted items for me close out the deal.

    Good luck on your one big check.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    Perhaps they should have thrown in the house in the deal, as it stands this is no bargain. The only car worth $12,333 is the ’48 Caddie. Here’s hoping some poor sucker doesn’t buy this, thinking the property is included!

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    • Steve Clinton

      …and the ’66 Chevy Impala 2 dr, and possibly the GTO.

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  5. Arby

    “House comes in deal will rent for $750.00 per month.”
    A bit ambiguous, (but it is Craigslist) sounds like it could mean the house is included?

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  6. Robert White

    That front porch railing is indication that the seller thinks we’re all potheads smoking the same weed as he is.

    I like weed too, but not that much to get into a dump fixer-up-er in need of a railing fix before one moves in.

    I’ve seen better ditches to live in, frankly.


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    • Stan Marks

      That shack isn’t worth $750/Mo. Can’t imagine what the interior looks like. Have you ever been to Mich. during the Winter time? No thanks.

      I do like the ’48 Caddy, ’64 Goat, ’64 Cutlass F85 conv. & sharp-looking black ’66 Impala. The rest look like money pits. IMHO.
      Interestingly, even the beat-up rust buckets have nice rims.
      This is a good way to sell a used car lot, LOL!!

      • Stan Marks

        BTW…. Buena Vista is next to Saginaw, in the middle of Mich.

  7. Jcs

    Inclined to think that the house is included and he thinks that you can rent it out at 750 if you want the “income.” But then again, not a single usable pic of the property or house, not to mention even a description.

    Seems pretty adamant that he will not break things up but then goes on to say that the deal may change by the day. Hmm.

    Craziness. This should prove to be quite an interesting character to deal with!

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    • JW454

      Jcs, I think you got it right. The house appears to be part of the deal and you could rent it for 750/mo.

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  8. Jeff

    I’ll trade my x-wife for this super deal!

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    • Pete

      How much boot are you going to throw in with her? She might be expensive to feed. ;-)

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  9. JoeBob

    It looks like the house is located in a residential area with modest sized lots. It makes me wonder how much storage space there is on the property for this collection? I wonder if storing the collection is the reason for the package deal? Perhaps the arrangement the owner had for storage space is suddenly gone.

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  10. Maestro1 Member

    The lot of cars is overpriced and Ikey is right about living in Northern Kentucky. And the house is not a lot. This is absurd.

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  11. cmarv

    Buy the package get good insurance on the house and wait for lightning to strike .

  12. Midnightdriver2

    Good luck with this listing, seller…NOT!

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  13. Steve Bush Member

    Agree this doesn’t sound like such a great deal. And you’d have to Iive only 85 miles from Ann Arbor. UGH! Go Buckeyes!

  14. scottymac

    Aren’t all 1961 Impala hardtops and 1962 Bel Air hardtops “bubbletops”? I like the styling, too, but people use the term thinking they have gold. And the “1970s Lincoln version of a Ford Granada” is called a Versailles. How hard is that?

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  15. DON

    I think this ad is a scam. Did anyone notice that the cars all look to be in different areas ? The huge garage with the yellow Caddy is no where to be seen, the houses in the backgrounds are different, some pictures show leaves on the trees, others not so much. Cars in driveways, but picture of the house shows one late model car.

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