Plum Crazy Convertible: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

This 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible seems to be a car that is just loaded with good news for its next owner. It is a driver-quality car with only one small rust spot, and even this could be addressed with a simple patch. It wears one of the most desirable paint colors and is very original and unmolested. It is located in Williamsport, Indiana, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Spirited bidding on the Plymouth has pushed things along to $38,700, but the reserve hasn’t been met. The fact that there are currently 166 people who are watching the listing is a true indication of just how desirable this car is.

The owner points out that this is a true FC7 Plum Crazy car. The Chrysler High Impact colors really stood them out from the competition, and would also be considered to be a real bargain back in 1971. As an option on a Barracuda, Plum Crazy could be ordered for the grand sum of $15, and as with the entire range of High Impact colors, cars that have worn Plum Crazy since new remain highly desired today. It isn’t clear whether the car has received a repaint in the past, but the driver’s side rear quarter and the wheel-housing have both recently been professionally replaced to address some rust issues. The only other rust in the vehicle is a spot under the driver’s foot area, and this looks like it could be easily fixed with a patch. The body wears a few minor marks and dings, but none of these are severe, and all are within the sort of scope that you might expect for what the owner refers to as a “driver-quality” car. The rest of the floors, the frame, and the trunk pan are as clean as a whistle. The original power top also works as it should, and is in nice condition. All of the external trim and chrome is present, and it all appears to be in good, original condition.

The interior of the Barracuda is said to be all original, and it really has held up quite nicely over the past 48-years. The dash and pad appear to be faultless, and there have been no aftermarket additions made. The covers on the front bucket seats are showing a bit of stretching, but are in keeping with the character of what is largely an original survivor. It is hard to see the state of the carpet, but items like the floor console and the door trims all appear to be in really good condition. As well as the power top and console, the Plymouth comes equipped with factory air conditioning.

We’ve been spoiled for good news so far with this Plymouth, and the trend continues when we open the hood. While the appearance of the engine and its surrounds is looking tired, that would appear to be the only bit of bad news. This is a numbers-matching car, complete with the original 318ci V8, 3-speed A904 automatic transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes. The car has recently been fitted with a new carburetor, but the original component is included in the sale. With 230hp on tap, performance for the Barracuda would have been pretty reasonable when new, but not startling. Performance today remains in that sort of area, with the owner stating that the Convertible runs and drives like a new car. He says that the engine purrs like a kitten and that the transmission shifts smoothly. He also states that the Plymouth wears all of its correct original tags, along with the VIN stamped on both the cowl and the radiator support. Included with the Barracuda is a complete original Broadcast Sheet, along with a pair of partial sheets.

Cars like this 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible are a rare treat because while the Barracuda was built in some pretty reasonable numbers, Plymouth only built 1,014 examples of the Barracuda Convertible equipped with a V8 engine in that model year. It is also a rare treat from the perspective of being such an original and solid survivor. The owner floats the idea of making all sorts of changes to the car, from fitting a shaker and gills, right through to slotting in a Hellcat engine. Personally, I might be tempted to address that one minor rust issue, possibly fix the visible dings on the body, and then just enjoy the car as an original survivor. What would you do, and are you tempted to bid on it?


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  1. Moparman Member

    Personally, I’d replace the steelies with a set of Magnums, and I’d add the chrome wheel well trim, and detail the engine. This car needs to “ditch the old maid glasses and let the hair down”. Otherwise, a nice one! GLWTS!! :-)

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    • Redwagon

      Take the librarian out for a ride and bring her back breathing hard.

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  2. Dontexhale

    Purrs like a kitten? I’d drive It as is until the wheels fell off.

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  3. Tom Member

    If you are that far into the paint booth basically repainting 40% of the car, you have that nasty abrasion on the right rear quarter……you are already in the booth and spending money….why not paint the whole thing? Big mistake in my opinion.

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    • Steve R

      It’s probably indicative of the quality of the entire car. That engine compartment and issues with the body/paint should be considered a giant red flag, unless proven otherwise by an in person inspection. Caveat emptor.

      Steve R

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Those steelies and dog dish hubcaps don’t look right on this car. I’m with Moparman, this convertible should have better than taxicab wheels on it. Not a bad car overall but certainly in need of some freshening up. Like Tom pointed out, the whole car should have been painted but the new owner will only have to paint the other 60%. The engine and engine bay need a lot of help; maybe pull the motor and do it right?

    A desirable car, one the Mopar crowd will fight over right up to the auction’s end. I’d certainly love to have a Plymouth Barracuda but I’m definitely priced out of ever owning one. That’s OK, though; I’m more of a FordGuy anyway.

    • SusanOliver

      I think this car originally had full wheel covers. Modern buyers somehow think the dog dish covers were the cool thing back in the day, not at all true. No one ordered like this unless they were intending to add a set of Cragers or something similar early on. The standard small block is a good choice. A Hellcat engine in a car with this much twist already, is a dumb idea. Lastly, what a horrendous color! My least favorite Tootsie Pop flavor, same goes for cars. $15 dollar option? That is like a hundred bucks today, for that ugly color?

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  5. Jay E.

    Get rid of the wheel and put on a nice set of Cragar SS with T/A’s. It was the first thing done back in the day and still needed today. This would be a fun one to have in the garage.

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  6. Tom c

    40 grand for this ? I’m afraid I must be turning into get off my lawn guy .

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  7. Lane Anderson

    Is it just me, or does the wheel flare on the right rear look completely different from the other three? That would be indicative of some poor bodywork on a crumpled fender.

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  8. Troy s

    Not a bad looking car despite the purple steel wheels. I don’t know, don’t see what’s so special about a numbers matching 318, which here seems unusually well worn compared to the rest of the car. At that price it almost guarantees it will stay a well behaved librarian!

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  9. Del

    One of the greatest Mopar colors ever.

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  10. David G

    A set of Magnum or Rally wheels would really be nice on this car. The elephant in the room, however, is the right quarter panel. Check out the top of the wheel opening, body guy didn’t even try at all to make it look anything like it did originally. Like a child did the work there. May get by with a patch panel on that side instead of a whole new quarter. Wouldn’t hurt to steam clean the engine compartment as well. I like the color.

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  11. Kevin

    David G, I thought I was the only one to notice the right rear quarter. As soon as I saw the photo it jumped out at me too. These were never really well built cars when new. I remember reading a story on these years ago and the writer called these “another squeeky, leaky, freaky car from Chrysler. They look sharp though.

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  12. John B

    Ah, the memories found here most days. My first car was a plain ’70 Gran Coupe conv much like this one featured. 318, beige color, rusty trunk. Sold it for $1000 back in ’79 to buy a Duster. Young and dumb.

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  13. Rosco

    Someone needs to remind the seller that this is not a big block car, but a 318. I get that it’s a plum crazy convertible, but this is top money for a 318 car in this condition. Drop the reserve, take the money and run!

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    • Mike

      Good thing for the seller he didn’t think like you.

      • RTS

        Don’t understand your comment. Looks like he did sell it. Take the money and run, but only if it’s a real bid and a real sale. Remember, you’re talking about Ebay!

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  14. Stevieg

    I respect the seller for not painting the whole car. It makes it way easier for a buyer to see the real deal. How bad was the drivers side quarter panel that they did that one & not the one on the passenger side? I think I would have done both.
    I always loved the look of the 1971 Barracuda, especially a topless one. Love the color, just wish the interior was white. Could easily be a nice car, but I agree that the price is high, especially with that right rear wheel lip looking like that.

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  15. Matt Murray

    My bet on the quarters is back in the day a young kid flared the quarters for big wheels and the new driver side was needed for a hard hit
    And for no reason that makes sense the owner left the passenger side?
    I like the dog dish wheels,put them on my 66 charger but these e bodys are way out of my price range.
    I do have 2 friends who saw these as investments an squerlled a 71 and 70 ragtop away and are working on them now as the kids are grown

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  16. Tom Justice

    It isn’t Plum Crazy in a Plymouth, only in a Dodge. In a Plymouth it is “In Violet”. Just as you get a “six barrel” instead of a “six pack” in the Plymouth.

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    • RTS

      Same color, different name, non-issue.

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      • Tom Justice

        I agree but might as well get things correct.

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  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $42,600.

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