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Possibly Cheap Project: 1967 MGB-GT

While the MGB convertible is almost ubiquitous in British car circles, the arguably prettier MGB-GT is much rarer. If you want to get in on the ground floor, there’s a project 1967 MGB-GT being sold here on eBay. The opening bid is $1,499 without a reserve, and I’ll bet it stays pretty low. Despite the Virginia license plate, the cute coupe is located in Thurmont, Maryland.

The GT’s roofline and greenhouse area were designed by Pininfarina after early attempts at styling a coupe with the convertible’s windscreen failed. After adding some height (which also resulted in some nice internal headroom addition) the resulting shape has pleased sports car lovers for many years. It also allowed a minuscule rear seat to be installed along with a hatchback so owners could claim practicality. I said claim, not necessarily experience!

Unfortunately, this car has some rust. I have replaced sills on an MGB before and it’s a complex process as they are three layers thick — and if there’s this kind of rust on the outside, the inside will be worse. Don’t get me wrong — it can be done, even by a mediocre welder like me (remember, those awful-looking but solid welds are largely hidden on the inside!) but it’s a long process.

You can see more of the rust in this picture and the one below. Interestingly enough, as MG’s first sports car with unibody construction, the B shell, especially in GT form, is extremely rigid and can be driven for quite some time before becoming unserviceable. So if you want a “rat” sports car that you could either part out or restore later, this might be a great candidate!

It hurts to see these bubbles. I know what’s under them.

Apart from the steering wheel, the interior looks pleasingly stock and while it obviously needs some work, there’s even a period Blaupunkt AM radio and maybe even a speaker to keep you company while you wonder how to get the duct tape glue off of your jeans — or worse if you wore shorts and have hairy legs — ouch!

I’m wondering why the radiator is disconnected as the seller states the engine was running a few years ago and turns over freely. Regardless, it’s a B-series engine; you can find a replacement or rebuild it inexpensively enough if necessary. They are tough little engines; this is what I raced with in my Austin Marina 24 Hours of LeMons car. I hope someone saves this GT, even if it’s only a temporary save!


  1. Randy

    I have mine for sale on MG Experience and it’s a nice car. The work to get there from this will be a multiple of the price difference I am sure.
    The car is a fun one to drive and capable of 70 mph all day. The car can be a hot drive in the summer but the small side windows are effective. GLWTS. Randy

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    • ccrvtt

      Anyone interested in this car should check out Randy’s. $12K will save you untold thousands in heartache and time.

      Nice car, dude. GLWTS.

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      • Randy

        Thanks dude!

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      • Randy

        Thanks Man.

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  2. Dennis Marth

    First and foremost, I am a lover of early MGBs, having had 5 over the past 50 years. My current is a 1963 B.

    Having worked on these cars, both mechanically and cosmetically, I have to take exception with the premise. This is no cheap project. Unless you are an accomplished body man with time and money this car is sadly past it. I wish that it was fixable for the average British car fan, but it is not. 1967 was one of the great MGB years and the GT was at it’s finest. Looks more like a parts car from here.

    Best of luck to the purchaser, I

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    If you are rich, buy it. If you are a welder, buy it. If you are neither, buy Randy’s car.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m thinking it will be another 20 years before it will be worth it to do all that much sheet metal work on the MGB-GT.

    So, like the Porsche cars are getting big money now, buy this one for a couple grand and stash it until, say, 2039, and people then will go crazy and give you $60,000 for it. Be sure to leave all that 2019 dust on it when you sell it, people like that.

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  5. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice write up Jamie. Great looking cars. The first car I ever painted at the body shop I worked for back in the day was a GT. A color change to black. I will never forget that car. Man, I did a hideous job! And to who ever duct tapes ther seats in the future, please get the matching color tape.

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  6. JagManBill

    I have the clone of this car sitting in my side yard. Similar condition and all and it runs. Paid $350 for it 10 years ago. Good one to watch!

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  7. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    MGBs are $1500.00 cars if they run & they all rusted here & there. Buying one for the experience of driving (it) certainly can be a let down, there’s just nothing exhilarating about its performance. Best to be used playing hookey from high school getting an MG tan.

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  8. Little_Cars

    @JagManBill….I know others are asking silently, but, what do you plan on doing with the one in your side yard? Regardless of what you paid, what do you think it’s going to be worth if it becomes more “yard sour” by the year?

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    • JagManBill

      Well, the oldest daughter got a Cream-sicle for her graduation present that we then together restored. Youngest daughter got the MG at graduation. Unfortunately, shortly after we started she had a wrist injury that she could no longer drive a stick. So to this day we’re (casually) looking for an Austin America for its automatic transmission (same engine was used in the MG and the Austin so its a bolt up). When we find the transmission, we’ll finish the resto and end up with an automatic B GT. I’ve got new fenders and many other parts just sitting here waiting. Fortunately, it doesn’t have rust in the rockers (somehow) but the lower front fenders are eaten away. It’s been a couple of years since its been driven but it should start/drive with little effort.
      Oh…and her wire wheels are body color (BRG)

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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

        Bill, I’m only adding this in case someone can help you — you are looking for an automatic Austin Marina, not America. I’ll keep my eyes out, but I guarantee you that MarinaMan in Alabama has some…

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  9. Del

    Great car. Once owned by Randy Andy but he gave it up for a younger Model.

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