Revived After 25 Years: 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S

This 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S spent 25 years dormant in a dry barn until the current owner revived it. He has enjoyed the ownership experience but has decided that the time has come to pass this car on to a new owner. You will find this Cutlass listed for sale here on eBay. Located in New Holland, Ohio, it comes with a clear title. The seller has set a BIN price of $20,900 for this car.

The seller claims that this Cutlass has traveled a mere 27,000 genuine miles, and it appears that he does hold the documentation to verify this. He also has a fair amount of original documentation including the Protect-O-Plate, options list, and even the original hang tags that the car was shipped with. This shot shows one of only two known rust issues with the car, being on the driver’s side lower front fender. He states that the metal behind this is solid.

This is the other known spot, located on the lower rear quarter panel on the driver’s side. Apart from that, the car appears to be in nice original condition. The paint is largely original with only some minor touching-up in the past. All of the external trim, chrome, and glass is present and appears to be in really nice condition.

The interior is also in the sort of state that you would expect for a car that has only clocked 27,000 miles. Everything is original except for the seat cover on the driver’s seat which was replaced due to a seam tear. There also appears to be a small tear on the bottom of the driver’s door trim. Apart from that, it is hard to fault the interior, and everything remains original including the AM/FM radio with optional rear speaker. The only non-functioning item is the fuel gauge, and this appears to be an issue with the sender unit in the tank, so should be easy to fix. The car is fitted with air conditioning and while everything appears to function properly, it doesn’t blow cold so it probably needs re-gassing.

Under the hood is the Rocket 350 4BBL engine matched to an automatic transmission. The car is fitted with power steering and power brakes and everything under here is original from the factory, right down to the original alternator. The car also rolls on nearly new Coker Red Line tires fitted to the original Rally Wheels. The original spare tire resides in the trunk.

At $20,990 this Cutlass is probably valued in about the right area for an average Cutlass. If you factor in options such as the bucket seats, center console, and the low mileage, it starts to make this car seem like quite a reasonable buy. I think that whoever buys this Cutlass is going to get a car that they will enjoy for years to come.

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  1. Jer


    • Ron

      I had a ’68 “Gutless” S coupe in this same awful color combo. Mine was old and worn out, thus it’s why we called it a Gutless.

      Then I got married to a woman with a Mercury Bobcat that was lime green with a white vinyl top and rocker stripes.

      I seem to attract ugly cars

  2. Jeff

    Love the color combo. I prefer this model over the 442 or the Pontiac GTO, by far.

  3. Fred W

    I love cars like this- a potent powerplant, but smaller than the 4-4-2 so without the price premium.

  4. poseur Member

    What a cool looking Cutlass. Love these in green & gold the best.
    More than $20k seems like a lot to ask for what isn’t a ‘true’ muscle car.
    Still, the Olds 350 makes good power on regular gas & they’re only original once.
    Make somebody a nice cruiser for sure.

  5. grant

    Beautiful car, but a note to the seller: get the light behind you….

  6. Beatnik Bedouin

    These cars offered surprisingly good performance without the 442’s insurance premium.

    I guess that the market will decide whether or not $20K is an acceptable price.

  7. Mountainwoodie

    Wow…….beautiful car but I second Beatnik’s implied comment above…..seems like 20 K is the new 5K

  8. Nick

    If it’s as nice as it looks in the pictures, it might be worth that. Buckets and console, AC, really clean, if the mileage looks in person to be original, then someone will pay that price.

  9. Miguel

    It has all the option you could want in a cruiser.

  10. Chris

    Beautiful Oldsmobile. The redlines look so good with that green finish. And 20k seems a bit to high for me, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that it goes for that price. I had a 70 350 Rocket 4 barrel and it was a very strong mill. This car would be a joy to drive. A/C!

  11. mainlymuscle

    Those 2 rust spots should be repaired ,and are small,and low enough that a paint blend should be do-able.Price is not so bad .Those late 60’s greens have made a comeback and are quite desireable right now.

    • Tom Member

      Well said. Fix the rust CORRECTLY and blend it. The green top and interior is not helping – in my opinion. Not being a 442 or a 4 speed does not allow the price to rise. Would like to see the undercarriage.

      Fix the rust THEN ask $20 K, you might get it. Wonder if there are any more nasty dents/imperfections like the one on the trunk lid? Not helping the value.

  12. Fiete T.

    Friend of mine has a ’70-’72 Cutlass S; orange with a 455. He has had it for years

  13. Nostromo

    My uncle owned that era’s Cutlass and I recall it had a similar color scheme. What I really wanted was a ’77 Cutlass Supreme, black exterior, red interior with T-Tops. My dear wife was a hard-sell and she also, wisely, vetoed my wanting a ’77/’78 Bandit Trans Am. She did ultimately get herself an ’80 turbo Monte Carlo which she called her “Princess Car.”; it suited her.

  14. Mark Orton

    Almost hurts my feelings to see the price on this Cutlass S!! I bought a 1968 two tone Cutlass Supreme 2 dr. sedan in 2010. It had been kept in climate controlled dealer collection in California from 1977-2009. I sold it for $8,500. It had original paint, 350 4bbl Rocket motor, auto trans. power steering, power disc brakes, air conditioning, buckets without console, tinted glass, rallye rims, original spare, numbers matching, bill of sale, protecto plate, keys, manuals. Not trying to create sob story, just wished I’d had asked for higher price.
    Thanks for listening!

  15. JimmyinTEXAS

    Price is down to 19.9K and the carper is original. Sounds almost too good to be true.

  16. Mark

    Nice clean car right down to the original radio! Noticed the front and back lic plate do not match in the E-bay pictures.

  17. Chris

    It’s a $16,000 car.

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