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Road Warrior: 1988 Toyota Motorhome

The compact Toyota pickup-based motorhome has an amazing amount of staying power despite being being a fairly antiquated piece of machinery by this point. They must have an effect on their owners, because the people that own them remain committed to their ongoing maintenance and care. This 1988 Toyota motorhome listed here on eBay features the optional automatic transmission with 87,000 miles and bids to just under $12,000.

This Toyota has clearly been looked after given how clean both the driver’s compartment is and the living space in the camper shell. If there’s one bummer, it’s that this Toyota features the optional automatic transmission. The manual gearbox makes an appearance every once in a while but most campers seemingly come with the two-pedal “upgrade.” The bucket seats are in excellent shape along with the rubber floor mat and the crack-free dashboard. Crank windows and no real creature comforts keep things simple to repair should any component fail.

The camper shell is in good order as well with what look like some sensible updates. I don’t love the shag-style carpeting but it at least looks clean; you’ll note the window on the right is cracked (more on that later). The seller does describe this part of the rig as being “updated” and the pictures that show the floors reveal it has modern plank-style floor boards and even custom tile work throughout. The stainless steel sink is even a recent replacement, and given how many of these budget-friendly motorhomes come with original appliances, it’s nice to see an upgrade in the kitchen department.

See, this is the one area of concern pertaining to that broken window. The seller refers to the driver’s side roof as being scraped and dented, and it makes me wonder if something landed on the  Toyota, like a small tree. It’s equally possible that the driver simply tried to squeeze through a confined space and roughed up the sides, but it’s a question mark no matter what the circumstances. With this bidding activity, however, it’s clear that a bump or two isn’t turning off potential caretakers.


  1. Bick Banter

    You would literally break RADwood with this.

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  2. Car Nut Tacoma Washington

    This is my idea of what a motorhome needs to be, large enough to be comfortable, but small enough to be driveable around town. So this version is “antiquated”, so what? As long as it’s safe to drive and reliable, that should be all that matters.

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  3. Grvlguy

    Should be good if a true 88. 87 and back Owning one of these now, what is mostimportant is not pictured. The rear wheel and axle. If it is the standard five bolt it is a death trap and the reason they stopped making them! Only the upgraded axle is safe. It is six bolt. The five bolts were over weighted and would explode causing the recalls.

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  4. Mark Member

    These are very cool, except try following one in the mountains. I have seen these little truck campers making at least 15 MPH in the Sierra’s. Otherwise, they are great for getaways.

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  5. Mark Ruggiero Member

    The spare mounted on the rear is 6 bolt, prolly a good sign in light of @Grvlguy’s post.

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  6. Chuck Simons

    Look at the rear wheel lug it placement, this is the heavier duty reared. The front wheels show the 6 lug wheels. Grvlguy brings up a very valid point.

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  7. art

    These are very slow contraptions, further slowed by an automatic transmission, so why load up the rig with additional dead weight? Read: Plank flooring and tile surrounds.
    That poor engine is struggling as is, so I would think lightening the load would always be a primary consideration when “upgrading”. Since folks would be “camping” why wood plank floors vs easy to clean vinyl flooring? Maybe not “haute couture” but having owned a cabover camper, I know that dirt, sand, mud and rain clean up far easier. One can always toss a small throw rug down at night to keep feet warm.

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  8. Chuck Simons

    Grvlguy the article does say “…Dash A/C works but needs recharged. 6 Lug true dually rear axle. ”

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    • Grvlguy

      Thanks Chuck. I missed that. Makes it all the more valuable.

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  9. Christopher Benjamin

    Very clean truck. Amazing . I could work with any Mechanical Issues.

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  10. chrlsful

    service one 2 yrs older than this 2, 3 times a yr for two ol gals. One trip they take each yr is to burning man 2,730 mi. Standard transmis tho. In better shape I’d say. Got hit in Fla last winter. We’re still dealing w/the bureaucracy almost a yr later.

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  11. Rw

    Yep,my Dad had one 22re, automatic,me and wife went to Appalachian mountains ,I can relate to 15/ 20 mph on some grades,good times.

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  12. Claudio

    30 years of camper ownership makes an experienced camper
    And i must agree that one must be carefull in choosing an upgrade to the original material used in the construction
    It must be same weight or lighter or otherwise you may end up being overweight
    Ive seen ceramic tiles installed in ultra light campers ?!

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