Something Extra! 1962 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

Oldsmobile claimed its 1962 models were “Styled to delight you!” and “Powered to excite you!” in its sales brochures of that year, adding there’s “Something extra” about owning an Olds. This 1962 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Holiday Sports Sedan in Camden, South Carolina represents Olds’ flagship that year, and this one is clean and loaded with options. The $6995 Buy It Now price here on eBay has me reaching for my mouse. I’ve been looking at giant sedans from the late ’50s to the early ’70s. Notice how nicely the bumper integrates with the design of this sedan! Thanks to reader local_sheriff for eyeballing this high-rolling Holiday.

Here’s a trunk you can shove a six-foot Christmas tree into and close the lid. Now that’s practicality! With room for six and ten times the style of a modern SUV, this Oldsmobile is perfect for the 21-st Century family. The single-pane windows in the rear door grant the Sports Sedan a smoother hard-top look compared to other Ninety-Eight four-doors.

The 394 cid (6.5L) Skyrocket V8 made 330 HP with 10.25:1 compression, spinning the interesting “4-S Hydra-Matic” transmission, the evolution of GM’s four-speed Hydramatic. This car runs and drives, and the seller lists good and bad points.

Options installed on this Oldsmobile include air conditioning, power steering, power windows, power locks, power seat, foot-pedal-controlled Wonder-bar radio, and power antenna. The “Safety Sentinel” lights up at a pre-set speed so you can slow down before collecting a ticket.

It might have two extra doors, but it’s one sweet four-door. Between the condition, great styling, and an impressive list of features, this seems like a great find. Where would you take this snappy Oldsmobile to pay tribute to the fabulous early-’60s?


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  1. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    I’d go to Yellowstone, then Vegas.

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  2. Socaljoe

    I’d normally say too many doors but this has a nice style. I’d take it to Palm Springs. Cruise it for Modernism week.

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  3. ccrvtt

    Olds 98’s were actually meant to be 4-doors. If you want a premium 2-door Olds you need a Starfire. The “Sport Sedan” was a bit better looking than the 6-window version.

    This is a beautiful, well-equipped example in a classic 1962 color scheme. Nice find, worth every penny.

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  4. angliagt angliagt Member

    One of our Neighbors had one of these – two door model,
    in a light metallic Purple color.One of the coolest looking cars

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  5. Howard A Member

    I think the ’62 Olds was the most beautiful style of all the GM’s. When I was a kid in HS, the old man had Oldsmobiles like this, a ’63, 98 and a ’65, 98. And it was the 1st ticket my brother got with the ’65. The 394 would burn rubber for a block. Quick correction, I believe the “Safety Sentinel” buzzed, not lit up. My uncle had that on his ’61 Pontiac, and it buzzed, a lot. He had a heavy foot. Best way to get into the hobby with a unique car, right here.

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    • Ken

      Buicks had the buzzer for years.

      As nice as this car is, I’d hold out for the fully-loaded 1962 Electra 225. I had one, and it was the nicest, most reliable car I’ve ever owned.

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    • On and On On and On Member

      True that Howie, as a kid we had a 62 super 88 wagon with the 425ci engine, geez. Then dad bought a ’65 98 sedan with a 425. That was the car I got my drivers license on. I remember the 62wagon had the speedo that was a color changing band I think, cool stuff and well made. Good times.

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      • Will Irby

        I took my driver’s license test in a ’66 98 Luxury Sedan. The examiner seemed impressed with how easily I managed the parallel parking test in that monster. It was a beautiful, comfortable car–light metallic green with slightly darker green interior, 365 hp 425 “Super Rocket” engine. I think it had a (numerically) higher rear end ratio than standard; most of the TurboHydraMatic cars, when left in drive, seemed to make the 1-2 shift at about 55 mph and the 2-3 shift at about 80. Ours shifted at 40 and 70 respectively, and left a long black streak on the 1-2 shift. I surprised and embarrassed several GTOs, Camaros, Mustangs, etc. in that car. I would probably still be driving it had I not gotten too frisky in a driving rain/wind storm in 1974 and spun it, impacting a power pole going about 55 mph backwards and relocating the rear bumper underneath the rear seat.

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  6. art

    This is a nice car and loaded. It is cheap. I hope someone continues the care this car received in the past. Wow, this should sell fast.
    Grab that mouse…and click…fast.

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  7. TimS Member

    Power, options and relative rarity. What a ride.

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  8. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Nice car in and out and even if it has 4 doors, it’s a good-looker. Love the color, too. What’s not to like? Lots of cool options and even though it’s a big car, 330hp is enough for such a nice cruiser. It does need some help here and there but considering the reasonable price, it’s worth putting a few more dollars into it. I like four doors, they’re a welcome change from the over-abundant two doors.

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  9. Dave

    It’s magnificent! Why must you always making disparaging comments about 4-door automobiles. ? I love my vintage 1976 Fleetwood Sixty Special
    Brougham….enormous…fast, luxurious and elegant……133″ wheelbase…I wouldn’t drive anything but a 4-door land yacht. No ..I’m NOT 70 -years old.

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  10. George Mattar

    62 big Oldsmobiles most beautiful ever, especially the Starfire, which is just a dressed up version of the 98 with 500 pounds of aluminum trim. I detail cars professionally and last year got to drive an all orig 62 Starfire conv owned by a woman customer. What power. What design. What a delight in contrast to modern way overpriced computers on wheels. Olds gone 15 years now. Stupid GM killed it. Poor management. This car is a great deal. Not some over priced 69 Camaro.

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  11. local_sheriff

    This excact 98 was featured on BF back in March at $5.300BIN and apparently didn’t sell at that price either as it’s still in Camden.
    It’s an unfortunate time to sell a vintage car considering Xmas is just around the corner and that’ll rule out many potential buyers. Given we already know what it was advertized for previously we get an idea what seller expects. Wouldn’t surprise me if some lucky low-baller get to drive this home

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    • Mountainwoodie

      I am leery of a dealer in South Carolina selling a car HE or SHE bought from a dealer in Washington. Odd. Why not do the work that obviously needs to be done and add value?

      That said I love the car and while I would prefer a Starfire I love this year Olds. Good thing its not on the West Coast because I would surely go and look at it.

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  12. pwtiger

    George, sorry to correct you, the Starfire was built on the shorter 88 platform, that held true for Pontiac, they used the shorter Catalina to build the Gran Prix. Bonneville’s in 1962 used a Hydromatic but the shorter Gp’s and Catalina’s used the “slim-jim”, I think that held true for the Oldsmobiles in 62. I was amazed when I took the tranny out of my GP, there was some sort of a clutch instead of a torque converter. But you are right about the style of the early 60’s GM cars, the best looking cars ever…

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  13. ACZ

    My Father’s Oldsmobile. Well, not my Father’s. His was a 1964. My Uncle had the 1962. You’ll never know what fun is until you stick your right foot hard into the throttle of a 394 with a four barrel. All hell brakes loose. These were some of the greatest cars ever made. I’d love to have another one someday.

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  14. Howard

    I was one of the lucky kids to take driver’s training on an identical car to this cept A/C. This powerful beast was great to drive, when the trans shifted into third, you were at highway speed like right now. Oh, the memories….. I could write a book!

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  15. Andrew Franks

    Dave is right. i own a few 4 Door Hardtops, full sized 60s American Iron, take 300 people to lunch in the things plus all their proud possessions, and even at Hemmings, which is largely overpriced, you don’t pay convertible prices and have lots of fun.

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  16. Sean

    My Pops bought green Oldsmobile Wagons and white Cadillac sedans. The wagons were his work cars because he refused to drive a truck. He and his Brother’s were painting contractors and they owned three GMC trucks with as much chrome as possible. My Pops main job was to put in bids to keep three crews busy. My Pops said rich old women didn’t like trucks in their driveways looking all dirty and disgusting, but high end wagons were acceptable. Keep Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges, and Plymouths in the street if you have to drive one. Anyway my Uncle went and bought himself a new burgundy Olds StarFire. My Pops liked the Olds so much he went and bought jade green Super 88 wagon and a jade green 98 Holiday Sport Coupe. He said the StarFire was way to small and road like a damn lumber wagon. I have four older sisters and the third oldest bought a 64 F85 Cutlass Holiday Coupe, and he just could not understand why She bought half of a car.

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  17. Sean

    I apologize, my time ran out before I could edit in that my Pops and Uncles new Oldsmobiles were 1964’s. My Uncle traded in his 62 StarFire

  18. Ken Cwrney

    Now THERE’S a car for you! Something
    you could stretch out in. Something that
    will cradle you in comfort mile after mile.
    That was my 98 Starfire 2 door HT. Mine
    had the big 394 V-8 with 3 dueces. It was
    big and hairy, yet docile enough for my
    130 pound mother to drive to work when
    she needed to. In fact, my parents liked
    my car so much that they borrowed it for
    the vacation that they and my sisters took while I was playing music over the
    road. Seeing this car makes me want it
    a lot. Wonder if Santa’s still taking requests…hey Santa, I’ve been really good
    this year, is it too late to be put into my
    stocking or under my tree?

    • ACZ

      The Starfire was built on the 88 chassis. Also, a 394 never came with three deuces.

  19. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Sweet !

  20. dr fine

    My cousin was a young bachelor making great money as a welder and always had two new Olds 98’s. They were hot rods to him. In ’62 he decided he deserved a Cadillac, and got only one Olds. He regretted buying the sluggish and clumsy by comparison Caddy so much, he hired someone to steal and torch it!

  21. jimmy the orphan

    These were built for the open road. Drive all day get out not one cramp or pain anywhere. Price is right. lots left to spruce her up. A great ride for someone just starting to buy REAL cars. Later,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,JIMMY

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  22. Michael L Gregory

    We had a ’62 88 my mother drove like a demon. I loved the way the speedometer changed color from green to amber to red as it moved across toward 120 mph. I remember looking over at it one time when we were on a brand-new interstate highway between Joplin and Springfield, Missouri and saw the solid red line bouncing off the right side of the unit. No idea how fast we were going, but that Olds probably still had power left in it.

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  23. Car Nut Tacoma

    I agree. If only today’s cars had speedometers that changed colour when the car increased speed. Anything above 60 mph, it’s red, you’re going too fast.

  24. Ken Cwrney

    Dunno if they were original or not, but
    mine had ’em. It may well have been the only car that did. Only thing I know was
    that thing was fast and comfortable–an
    instant speeding ticket waiting to happen.
    Sure do wish I had it now though. I still
    recall telling Mom to keep her foot out of
    it and she’d do just fine.

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