Storage Locker Score: 1987 BMW M6

Somewhere in Arizona, a dusty BMW M6 sits awaiting another shot at living. Apparently somewhat of a Storage Wars-type find, this M6 is offered with very little information on a website apparently specializing in the sell-off of storage unit discoveries like this. The M6 appears quite complete despite the liberal coating of Arizona dust, and looks to be original, right down to the TRX-sized wheels and tires. Find it here on the LockerFox auction site with bidding currently at $810.

Pictures are poor and the M6 likely isn’t being moved out in the daylight for photos. The good news is that the Arizona location likely means rust is a non-issue. The body panels all look reasonably straight with no signs of major dents or other damage. Everything, down to the door trim and plastic bumper covers, look to be in great condition. The interior can be costly to restore if exposed to the desert sun in the past.

The factory rear spoiler is still installed and the rubber edge doesn’t appear to have fallen to pieces. This could mean the M6 didn’t spend much time outdoors before entering into long-term storage, as they are often brittle with age if the car was left exposed. The M6 came standard with the additional aero components, including a front air dam with fog lights and the decklid lip. Photos of the nose aren’t posted.

A picture of registration and insurance documents reveals the car’s listed address was the storage facility, so the M6 has likely been here a while. The tires have given up and are likely flat-spotted beyond repair. The power antenna is the only obvious sign of neglect besides the dust and bad rubber, but the M6-specific S38 engine doesn’t like disuse and will likely require at least some costly repairs to fire again.


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    The picture of the Title and Registration Application shows it is a 1987 model with 117,996 miles. The registration expired in 2007 so it has likely been off the road for a dozen years, maybe it has been in storage for about that long?

    I’m guessing finding a car inside a storage unit isn’t uncommon, but finding one of significant value isn’t very common. That said, since I don’t know anything about these, I went to Hemmings and found that M6’s of similar vintage in good condition are quite expensive. This one of course will need work to make it roadworthy again.

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  2. OhU8one2

    BMW= Bring My Wallet just so ya know…..

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    • Will Irby

      Bring Me a Wrecker, Broke Most of the Week..

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      • Geoff

        Barely Moves in Winter

        (this makes me laugh because I’ve ice raced with the local BMW club!)

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    • Dean

      Blinkers Mostly Worthless

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    • Mike Hawke

      B M Trouble You

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  3. art

    Ah yes, dry desert storage…factor in average 108 degree summer temps in what appears to be a non air conditioned space, which means more like 135 degrees, equals one well baked car. Rubber, leather, gaskets, everything. An inspection should be on anyone’s to do list before bidding unless it is a near give away.
    Love these cars though. Sharp lines and fast but as OhU8one2 says, you will need a surplus of money to restore and a discount card for gasoline.

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  4. ace10

    A shark stored in those conditions, with an unknown mechanical history, could be a serious money pit.

  5. Dennis J

    Had a Euro spec 635 CSi back in the 80s with the CR dogleg tranny. My favorite of all the cars I’ve owned. Elegant, sporty, and fun as hell. Expensive to maintain, even back then.

  6. Bob S

    I own a ’88 635csi, and I love these cars. If I lived closer, I would bid on it, even knowing that it would absorb some coin to get it running right. The advantage to me, is that I have owned a number 6 series coupes.
    I have never owned a M6, but I have driven a couple of them. They feel like a different car when compared to the standard 6 series.
    Just the idea of the cost of having it shipped makes me shudder.

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  7. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Rare car, should make good money.
    Nice find

    • Andys Capped

      Some yank is going to loose his farm on this automobile.

      The bonnet is housing a petrified engine . The inerior will-be dried and its going ti needs quite a few quid to ever be road worthy.

      Cheers 🍻

  8. Bill Howard

    Have a ‘91 M5 with the same S38 motor. A, probably necessary, rebuild is $12-15k.

  9. Mark Evans

    I thought BMW meant Break my Wallet?

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  10. healeydays

    Someone is going to buy it and restore it. These cars are getting stupid money lately.

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  11. Clinton

    Looks like a pretty nasty dent just behind the driver side front wheel on the fender. Bummer the interior is an unknown. If I had some free money to play around with I’d be in on this.

  12. Comet

    This is a real pig-in-a-poke. If it was parked due to engine failure, you could be looking at a real money pit. Is there a reason it wasn’t pushed out and washed or at least blown off with a leaf blower? No effort at all was put into cleaning this car. What horrors lurk beneath that dust? I can tell you with some certainly, it aint gonna be cheap!

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  13. Bob McK Member

    A fool and his money…..

  14. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    To be fair a lot less of these are left than 1960’s/1970’s Mustangs and Camaros?
    People spend fortunes rebuilding those.
    This is far more unusual and exclusive.

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  15. Michael

    Whenever i see a car that has been in a storage container for decades, I think of theft and/otr insurance fraud. What would happen in a case like that? Is there a statute of limitation?

  16. chris lawrence

    bidding already approaching 7k so there is a lot of interest for sure.

  17. jwzg

    Bastard Money Wielders

    Break My Windows

  18. Arby

    If had been left outside it would be fried.
    As it is it’s been baked.

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  19. JS

    I believe the seller should have gone through the DMV abandoned vehicle process in order to legally sell this. In Arizona, you need to have title to the vehicle to sell it. This could become an issue for the buyer who may have to post a bond to get a bonded title.

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