Split Window Survivor: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

Some classics are so stunning they knock your sox off, and such is the case with this 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe. A one-year-only model, this gem presents superbly, and the optional V8 under the hood ensures it possesses the muscle to match its looks. Adding to its appeal is the fact it is unrestored, meaning that everything is as it was when it rolled off the production line. It needs a new home, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Winchester, Massachusetts. Although the bidding has raced to $82,100, that figure remains below the reserve.

When Chevrolet introduced the C2 Corvette in 1963, the big news was the inclusion of a Coupe version for the first time. It struck a chord, with 10,594 buyers handing over their cash. They were taken by the improved weather protection offered by this version, but not all were thrilled by the distinctive split rear glass. Such was owner backlash that Chevrolet followed a more conventional path in 1964. Some owners so disliked the feature that they had the strip cut away and more conventional glass installed. It’s a safe bet that if they’d known the future value, they would have left well enough alone. This Coupe looks stunning in Daytona Blue, with an incredible depth of shine and no visible flaws. The same is true of the fiberglass panels, while a life spent in a temperature-controlled garage means its frame is rust-free. The immaculate chrome offers a striking contrast to the dark paint, and the glass looks flawless. This classic rolls on a set of aluminum knock-off wheels, but I’m unsure whether these are genuine GM items. At $322.80, they added a staggering 8% premium to the sticker price of a Corvette Coupe. It is unclear how many buyers selected the option, but the general consensus is that not many could justify the cost.

The Dark Blue theme continues when we focus on this Corvette’s interior. Once again, the presentation is excellent. There are some minor seat upholstery wrinkles, but nothing looks too bad. There is no significant wear and no evidence of abuse. The dash looks good, the gauges feature clear lenses, and the brushed aluminum trim is undamaged. I can’t spot any aftermarket additions, with the original owner spending $174.35 on the optional AM/FM radio and $59.20 for power windows.

There were no genuinely slow engine options if a buyer ordered their new Corvette with a manual transmission. The two-speed Powerglide did sap some performance, but it didn’t prevent more than 12% of buyers from selecting that option. However, some V8s were better than others. This Coupe features the L75 version of the 327ci V8 that pumps out 300hp. The power feeds to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission, allowing this classic to cover the ¼ mile in 14.5 seconds before galloping to 129mph. For those considering the investment potential of this Corvette, the news that it is a numbers-matching vehicle is positive. For those seeking more good news, the seller indicates that this unrestored gem starts easily and runs and drives perfectly. It looks like a hot ticket for those seeking a turnkey, investment-grade classic.

It is fair to say that 1963 was a significant year for the Chevrolet Corvette. For the first time, buyers could buy one of these classics in Coupe form, and nearly 50% of the 21,513 buyers selected that path. The Split Window feature received criticism for limiting vision, and it disappeared the following year. Today, the Split Window is one of the most recognizable Corvette models, and tidy examples regularly sell for six-figure sums. I won’t be surprised if that’s where this ‘Vette ventures, and even if it is out of your price range, monitoring the auction could prove fascinating.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member


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  2. RGSmith1 Member

    It’s a shame that this beautiful car will most likely never terrorize the pavements again!

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  3. ruxvette

    Beautiful car. I expect it will go well north of $100k.
    Survivor, in the true sense, it is not. After market shifter for one. I’m guessing a repaint in DAYTONA blue (too much shine) for two.
    Wondering if the wheels are original KO’s?
    Also, the VIN tag looks wonky, but that’s just me.
    Still a beautiful car and would make a good long-term investment.

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    • Scott H Member

      Wonky Vin….saw them in concert!

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      • Paul Sullivan

        what do you mean?

  4. BlondeUXB Member

    Unless I’m mistaken, 1964 was the first year k-o wheels were a factory option. That’s not to say they aren’t a nice addition here…

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    • jim moore

      There was a problem at Kelsey-Hayes, who made them. Not sure what the production problem was, but only a very few wheels were made in 1963 and they were TWO bar spinners, Very Rare!

      • Dennis6605

        @jim moore I’ve always been told they were to porous and wouldn’t hold air.

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  5. J.

    The C2 Corvettes are easy to make into something that looks diff. than when it left the factory. I believe it’s best to have any C2 looked at by someone that knows the in’s and outs of these Corvettes.

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  6. Bamapoppy

    I had a ‘64 Daytona Blue with blue vinyl back in the 80’s. I was the 2nd owner and treated it gingerly. It was bought from the first owner, a USN Rear Admiral. Needless to say it was immaculate and original. Yesterdays memories. Yes, mine had the KO’s.

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  7. JohnfromSC

    @BlondeUXB, You are kind of right on the knock off wheels. Turns out they were orderable in ’63 but there were wheel fitment problems that didn’t get resolved until the ’64 model year. So, no 63’s came from the factory with knock offs, only wheel covers. That said, unless you are competing for an NCRS Top Flight. lots of golks prefer the look ( except me. I keep my original wheel covers on).

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  8. David

    What’s the optional V8, they only came with a 327!

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    • Bamapoppy

      Different HP ratings. I’m thinking that’s what he’s referring to.

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    • Glenn reynolds Member

      All were 327, but in a variety of horsepower

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    • Donnie L Sears

      Base 327 was 250 HP. You wanted more you went option.


    Did you notice that the Knock off wheels have the later three bar knock off instead of the factory two bar for 63 only car. How about that second red taillight where the backup light should be.
    Just things I noticed.

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    • ruxvette

      From the little I know there MAY have been KO’s delivered on ’63 Vettes. GM changed from 2 bar to 3 bar spinner late in the run.
      Backup lights were an option hence two red tailights.

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  10. Nelson 1959

    Price has shot to 120,000 Bucks. won’t be surprized if it goes over 200 Grand.

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  11. Joel S.

    Very nice car but nothing about it is a Survivor at this point other than it still exists. Paint is obviously redone, engine is at least repainted, no frame photos, wheels are aftermarket KOs. As other’s stated 63 are 2 bar and none delivered on customer cars, possibly a race team or so.

    End of the day very nicely restored 63 Split Window!

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  12. George Mattar

    VIN tag looks correct. In 63, GM welded them to the bar that runs beneath glove box. That paint is not original. Plenty of typos in his description. Dakota Blue. Really. Beautiful car but has been refurbished. 63 coupes are bringing insane money of late.

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    • Donnie L Sears

      Daytona Blue. Reading typo. From a distant most people would think black.

  13. Paul Sullivan

    can’t find it on ebay

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      The link is right in the first paragraph.

  14. Grant

    Could you get these with air from the factory in 1963?

    • ruxvette

      Yes, but less than 300 folks checked that box.

  15. Dennis6605

    Brings back a sad memory. It was 1969 and I had just totaled a brand new Vette. A friend told me of a ’63 split window, Daytona Blue, fuel injection that could be bought for $900. I went and looked at it and offered $900. He wanted $1100. I countered with $950. No, he wanted $1100. I went back two days later with $1100 and he had sold it for $900. Thats when I learned the lesson “You snooze, You lose”.

  16. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $155,300.

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