1 Of 105: 1971 Plymouth GTX In-Violet 440

Mention “Plymouth GTX” to most motor-heads and they will picture the 1968-70 version, but Plymouth sold the GTX high-performance variant of its popular Satellite one year earlier and later as well. This 1971 Plymouth GTX, offered on eBay out of New Jersey, represents the last year of the GTX as a standalone package, and will be a stunner if fully restored.

The seller (and body tag decoded at MyMopar.com) indicate this sorry-looking hulk left the factory wearing the now-iconic FC7 In Violet paint (know as Plum Crazy on its Dodge siblings). A “V21” performance hood, black stripes, and a white vinyl top lent extra style.

This gaping hole held the 375 HP 440 V8, the stout yet least potent engine available in the GTX which offered the even more wicked 6-barrel 440 and 426 cid street Hemi options.

Picture after picture promises to stun the new buyer’s wallet before this car flexes any muscle on the street. Still with this car’s options, including A/C and console interior, it would bring top dollar for a ’71 GTX.

Thanks to cars-from-uk.com for this picture of a ’71 In Violet GTX with V21 hood. Picture this with black stripes and white vinyl top and you’ll see what this feature car could become. Ten years ago this body style of the GTX got little respect, but that is changing. With two days left, bidding has reached $2,025. If the best time to restore this two-owner pre-smog muscle-car was about 15 year ago, is the second-best time today?

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  1. XMA0891

    I can only begin to appreciate the time, talent and money it would take to bring this beauty back to factory specs. To this ten-cent millionaire, $2,000 doesn’t seem like a bad buy-in – Times 100 to restore?? Hope Jay Leno follows this site and feels like taking on another project.

    • Miguel

      Too bad when they are done they will have an ugly car. I can’t for the life of me figure out why people would waste money on a car like this when there are ’68 to ’70 versions around. I never considered buying one of these and after 35 years of buying cars, I still won’t.

      • Lord Humungous

        I had a huge crush on this car when I was in high school in the early 1980s. It’s not for every taste but taste changes with age with the exception of this car.

  2. Leon

    A car is only original once. If I had money I could only consider such cars in my collection if at least 75% or more of the cars components were original aside from wear items like tires hoses brakes plugs battery and such

  3. Rabbit

    Always liked these & 72’s better than the earlier cars. The ‘fuselage styling’ just appeals to me, thought they had such nice lines. That being said, I know any big block Mopar is going to have a high buy-in. Too rich for me, but I’ve gotta watch & see where it goes. I give the seller props for being brutally honest, too.

  4. Loco Mikado

    A stripped parts car. Need I say more.

  5. glen

    He doesn’t say what happened to the engine. He may still have it, in something else, but no mention of it.

  6. Pa Tina

    Bring a trailer. And a can of gas. And some matches.

    • Tom Member

      oh, one more thing, don’t bring the trailer!

  7. jw454

    While it does look somewhat abused, what is there is not that bad. I wouldn’t be doing it but, I could see this one being put back on the road.

    • Lord Humungous

      It could be really bad rust wise down under. Wheel arches look like a good sign.

  8. Bob

    This would be a spendy restoration, but I’ll bet there is someone out there that would want to take it on. I was never a big Dodge guy, but I still regret that I had an opportunity to buy a factory dual quad Hemi, and I passed on it.
    One man’s garbage is another guy’s gold.

  9. redwagon

    Fly in. Pay money. Show up. Take tags. Leave. Fly out.

    Sorry that’s what it’s worth.

  10. Superdessucke

    In finished form, this would be nothing but a collection of new catalog reproduction parts. And you’d spend a lot more money then if you just bought an original car.

  11. cudaman

    I’d buy it for $2500.00 if it included that aluminum car hauler……

  12. Dan

    Need a parts car for the parts car.


    A headache that would never go away.

  14. John D.

    I feel once the original engine and transmission are separated from the car, there is no obligation to stick to the options tag or build sheet to do a concours restoration. So if I were to take on this as a project, it might end up B5 blue with a Gen 3 hemi for a car that will probably be as fast or faster and better handling. We took a 71 GTX on trade which I drove for a weekend and it was a handful on curves but the Sebring Plus my mother drove was nicely balanced.

  15. Dt 1

    The condition of the car looks deteriorated right down to the bone it will probably be cheaper if you bought one already done

  16. Tom mirand

    My 1st car a used 71 Sebring Plus Bronze /black with black canopy top
    high back form buckets,
    console Am/Fm
    The best
    very private back seat
    perfect for romance at the drive In
    1st design that blended front bumper into body
    Now on every car

  17. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid:US $2,425.00
    [ 22 bids ]

  18. Bob

    I am happy to learn that the car is going to live, but the restoration is going to be expensive. I am not a Chrysler fan, and this Plymouth is not my favourite year, but I am happy that these old muscle cars are being kept alive. They represent the end of an era in mid size performance cars.

  19. Walter Joy

    I’ve seen worse sell for more. There are plenty of people who would endure the tens of thousands of dollars to restore her

    • Loco Mikado

      More like hundreds of thousands.

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